Continuing Education

  • Courses and Registration

    Summer 2017
    The last day to register for a Summer Session I course is May 22, and registration for Summer Session II courses is open until July 5.

    • Summer I classes run May 22 - June 30
    • Summer II classes run July 5 - August I5
    Register Online

    PDF icon Summer 2017 Grad/Undergrad Registration Form
    PDF icon Summer 2017 Calendar
    PDF icon Summer 2017 Special Topic Course Descriptions
    Course Adjustment Information
    Once you register, you may find that you will need to adjust your course schedule. You will need to submit a Course Adjustment Form to the Division of Graduate and Continuing Education.

    PDF icon Summer 2017 Course Adjustment Form 

  • Financial Information - Tuitions & Fees

    Undergraduate Tuition= $130 per credit
    Graduate Tuition= $150 per credit

    Administrative Fee and Capital Improvement Fee

    • Undergraduate = $146.50 per credit
    • Graduate = $148.00 per credit 

    Undergraduate 3 credit course cost = $829.50
    Graduate 3 credit course cost = $894.00

    Other Fees as Applicable
    • Student Teaching = $75.00 per course
    • Lab Fee = $90.00 per course
    • Art Model Fee = $25.00 per course
    • Field Work Supervision = $15.00 per credit
    • Internship / Practicum = $15.00 per credit
  • Other Courses
    Additional workforce training certificates and courses are available through the Center for Business and Industry.

    Discover the inside world of authors. Every June, our Children’s Literature Institute features influential writers who present to graduate students and teachers from across New England.