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    As a student in Earth, Environment, and Physics at Worcester State University, you will establish a strong foundation in the environmental, natural, and physical sciences. You also will develop important analytical and problem-solving skills that are relevant to a wide range of scientific careers. Our comprehensive geography curriculum will help you understand the earth as a set of dynamic, interconnected physical and human systems. We will challenge you to consider current environmental issues like climate change from both geoscience and social science perspectives.

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  • Our department offers a geography major and an interdisciplinary environmental science major as well as minors in both geography and physics. As a geography major, you will specialize in 1 of 3 concentrations: earth system science, environmental studies, or geographic information systems. The environmental science major provides students with a well-rounded education in scientific techniques, analyses and tools to assess environmental impacts and changes. It is an interdisciplinary science program that spans biology, chemistry, and computer science in addition to geography.

    The environmental science program gives you a foundation in several scientific disciplines—biology, chemistry, and earth science—and helps you hone important laboratory and analytical skills and techniques. If you are interested in continuing your education in a health-care field, we provide a strong foundation for further studies. As a high-achieving environmental science student, you may qualify for an accelerated pharmacy program through our partnership with the MCPHS University.

    Beyond the classroom, you’ll put theory into practice through hands-on experimentation and research alongside your professors in our GIS and earth science laboratories. You also will gain real-world experience through valuable off-campus internships and research opportunities with local community organizations. We host a chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon, the international geography honor society for outstanding majors, and we encourage you to take part in WSU’s Environmental Advocacy Group or Astronomy Club.