• 4-Plus Programs

    Accelerate your path to a master's degree

    Enrolled undergraduate students can make a seamless—and strategic—transition from undergraduate to graduate study at Worcester State University. Our 4-Plus programs encourage our strongest undergraduate students to pursue their graduate degree at WSU, while reducing the time and cost to obtain a master’s degree.

    Combined bachelor’s/master’s degree programs offered:

    If you are a WSU undergraduate student majoring in biotechnology, business administration, nursing, sociology, or urban studies, then you are eligible for one of our 4-Plus programs. During your junior year, you’ll be able to apply to the appropriate graduate program based on your undergraduate major.

    • For the M.S. in Nonprofit Management and M.S. in Management programs, the GRE or GMAT is waived for students with a 3.0 GPA or higher.
    • The M.S. in Nursing program no longer requires GRE scores for any applicant.
    • For the M.S. in Biotechnology program, the GRE is waived for students with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

    If you’re accepted into a 4-Plus graduate program, you can enroll in 500-level courses as an undergraduate student. For full-time, day students, taking a 500-level course will not increase your undergraduate costs. For part-time, evening undergraduates, taking a 500-level course results in an additional charge of approximately $300—a savings of $550 because the class double-counts for both degrees.

    For additional details, visit the listing of our graduate programs and select the program you're interested in.

  • Graduate Program 

    Eligible Undergraduate Major(s) 

    Number of Courses Eligible for Graduate & Undergraduate Degrees 

    Benefits to Students 

    Program Coordinator 

    M.S. in Nonprofit Management

    Sociology or Urban Studies

    3 courses (up to 9 credits)

    Waive GRE with 3.0+ GPA; reduce time to master’s degree by 9 credits

    Shiko Gathuo

    M.S. in Management

    Business Administration

    2 courses (up to 6 credits)

    BA960, BA962, BA915, or BA912

    Waive GMAT with 3.0+ GPA; reduce time to master’s degree by 6 credits

    Elizabeth Wark  

    M.S. in Nursing


    2 courses

    NU551, NU525

    Reduce time to master’s degree by 6 credits

    Stephanie Chalupka

    Melissa Duprey  

    M.S. in Biotechnology


    3 courses: (up to 10 credits)

    BI921, BI927, BI9xxx (elective)

    Waive GRE with 3.0+ GPA; reduce time to master’s degree by 10 credits

    Ellen Fynan