Undergraduate Admissions

  • College Courses for High School Students

    If you are a high-school student looking to take a college-level course, Worcester State University has options that can help you pursue your educational goals while balancing the demands of a busy schedule.

    High School Scholars Program

    High school students can apply to our High School Scholars Program, which offers courses during our fall, spring, and summer sessions. Worcester State's standard tuition and fees apply.

    100 Males to College: Brotherhood for College Success

    Male high school students in the Worcester Public School System may participate in dual enrollment courses at Worcester State University and Quinsigamond Community College. Classes will be offered during the spring semester and summer session. There is no cost to students who are members of 100 Males to College.

    Latino Education Institute (LEI)

    High school students can be considered for free dual enrollment courses through the Latino Education Institute to jump start their college career. Juniors and seniors are eligible and preference is given to students who attend a Worcester Public School. Students and families are also offered assistance in the college application process.

    Early College Worcester

    Early College Worcester allows Worcester Public Schools students to receive advanced learning opportunities including 12 or more college credits towards an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree while attending high school.

  • High School Scholars Application Process

    To apply:

    If you have questions, contact DGCE at 508-929-8127 or High School Scholars Program Coordinator Deanna Hajos.

    100 Males to College Application Process

    100 Males to College is preparing young high school men for post-secondary education. For more information, contact Zachary Pierce at zpierce1@worcester.edu or 508-929-8380.

    Latino Education Institute (LEI) Application Process

    For more information regarding the Latino Education Institute dual enrollment courses, contact Josephine Falero at jfalero@worcester.edu or 508-798-6507. You can also contact Hilda Ramirez at 508-798-6507.

    Early College Application Process

    To learn more and participate, please review the information available at the link below.

    Early College Worcester: Learn More