• Dean’s List

    At Worcester State University, we recognize students who attain a high grades each semester by announcing the Dean’s List.

    To qualify for the Dean’s List, full- and part-time students must earn a grade point average of 3.5 or better for the semester. Courses taken on a pass/fail basis are excluded from the GPA calculation.

    • Full-time students must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 graded credits.
    • Part-time day and evening students must have an academic load of a minimum of 6 graded credit hours.

    Students are ineligible for the Dean’s List in a semester in which they receive an incomplete grade.

    The criteria for inclusion on the Dean's List are outlined in the University Catalog.

    Students Who Made the 2017 Fall Semester Dean’s List

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    Student (Last Name “A”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Jordan E. Abbott Uxbridge, MA Early Childhood Education
    Ahmed A. Abdeljaber Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Justin L. Abreu New Bedford, MA Undeclared
    Sarah R. Achi Leominster, MA Occupational Studies
    Clara A. Ackason Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Nicole Ackerley Clinton, MA Health Education
    Daniel J. Acuna Paxton, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Alexa K. Adams Auburn, MA Undeclared
    Douglas B. Adu Worcester, MA Nursing
    Waldemar Agostini Milford, MA Business Administration
    Vanessa Aguiar Winchester, MA Public Health
    Jacob J. Aguillard Westborough, MA Computer Science
    Afua A. Agyare Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Teri Akuk Worcester, MA Mathematics
    Lyan Al Khanji Attleboro, MA Nursing
    Alyson R. Alibozek Adams, MA Business Administration
    Amanda I. Allen Raynham, MA Occupational Studies
    Samantha A. Allen Boylston, MA Business Administration
    Ryan J. Almeida Palmer, MA Business Administration
    Philip M. Aloise Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Scarlette Alvarado Worcester, MA Undeclared
    Dominique T. Alves Ludlow, MA Nursing
    Connor W. Amann Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Kayla D. Ambrosino Upton, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Vida Ampofo Worcester, MA Liberal Studies
    Bernice A. Amponsah Worcester, MA Nursing
    Eduardo E. Anaya Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Alexis M. Anderkin Wilbraham, MA Biology
    Benjamin L. Anderson Brookfield, MA Computer Science
    Jillian E. Anderson Spencer, MA Undeclared
    Nyia A. Anderson Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Paige B. Anderson Westfield, MA Criminal Justice
    Robert F. Anderson Auburn, MA Psychology
    Molly F. Andes Worcester, MA Undeclared
    Dexter J. Andrews-Delk Dorchester, MA Health Education
    Kelsey L. Anisko Charlton, MA Criminal Justice
    Tom F. Annan Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Abigail R. Anselmo Ludlow, MA Nursing
    Gina M. Anselmo Ludlow, MA Criminal Justice
    Antoinette Ansong Worcester, MA Sociology
    Olivia I. Antonelli Westford, MA Elementary Education
    Samuel K. Appiah Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Bedros H. Aprahamian Worcester, MA Undeclared
    Henry N. Araujo Worcester, MA Psychology
    Lauren J. Arbec Fairhaven, MA Mathematics
    Angelica M. Arcuri Worcester, MA Psychology
    Chelsea R. Army Southborough, MA Psychology
    Emily B. Arsenault South Barre, MA History
    Nelson E. Artavia Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Maggie Artner Southbridge, MA English
    Owusu Asamoah Worcester, MA Biology
    Danny Asfoura Worcester, MA Biology
    Hala Asfoura Worcester, MA Chemistry
    Kleodor Asllani Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Kerri L. Astrella Auburn, MA Nursing
    Kasey E. Auger Milford, MA Business Administration
    Deirdre M. Augusto North Attleboro, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Noah J. Aurelio Fairhaven, MA History
    Sarah E. Ayala Taunton, MA Public Health
    Ryan M. Ayaz Hampden, MA Economics
    Student (Last Name “B”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Amanda J. Babbitt Dudley, MA Nursing
    Victoria J. Babcock Thompson, CT Biology
    Arian Bacaliu Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Megan E. Bachand Granby, MA Health Education
    Anna P. Bachman Rochdale, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Baylie R. Bacon Southboro, MA Criminal Justice
    Valerie Baez Worcester, MA Psychology
    Danielle M. Bahnan Worcester, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Faraaz M. Baig Shrewsbury, MA Computer Science
    Caroline L. Bailey Scottdale, PA Undeclared
    Emily A. Bak Lincoln, RI Nursing
    Isabell M. Baldrate Plymouth, MA Occupational Studies
    Paul K. Ballard Northbridge, MA Criminal Justice
    Lauren A. Banfield Warren, MA Business Administration
    Christi Bango Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Debra A. Banks Worcester, MA Communication
    Steven C. Barber Oxford, MA Business Administration
    Rachael A. Baril Shrewsbury, MA Communication
    Kayla J. Barnes Chicopee, MA Nursing
    Krystal A. Barrera Auburn, MA Elementary Education
    Jason T. Barrett Spencer, MA Business Administration
    Jamie L. Barrette Thompson, CT Nursing
    Camryn M. Barry Bridgewater, MA Occupational Studies
    Jameson R. Bastarache Leominster, MA Environmental Science
    Ann B. Bastien Woodstock, CT Urban Studies
    Jessica M. Bates Upton, MA Psychology
    Zoe V. Bates Petersham, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Jeannece Batista Worcester, MA Spanish
    Uiara Batista Sharon, MA Public Health
    Danielle R. Bavoux Uxbridge, MA Nursing
    Fay F. Bcharah Worcester, MA Communication
    Caitlyn A. Bean East Brookfield, MA Communication
    Jodi Beaudette Webster, MA Criminal Justice
    Michelle M. Beaulieu Templeton, MA Occupational Studies
    Maggie A. Beauregard Charlton, MA Business Administration
    Kelsey M. Bedard Leominster, MA Elementary Education
    Kathryn A. Belanger Dudley, MA Elementary Education
    Sydney E. Beless Yarmouth Port, MA Nursing
    Leah J. Bellavance Clinton, MA Urban Studies
    Alexandra J. Bellerive Dudley, MA Occupational Studies
    Brittany A. Bellerive Southbridge, MA Business Administration
    Emily R. Belliveau Seekonk, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Jillian R. Bellville Fiskdale, MA Early Childhood Education
    Kaitlin V. Beluzo East Longmeadow, MA Business Administration
    Daniel A. Benavides-Vega Worcester, MA Public Health
    Hannah E. Benincasa Leominster, MA Biology
    Dominick R. Benjamin Milford, MA Criminal Justice
    Atiana A. Benoit Worcester, MA Psychology
    Catherine L. Bergeron Holden, MA Psychology
    Timothy S. Bernard Millbury, MA History
    Julianne Bernazani Chelmsford, MA Public Health
    Kiana N. Besse Leicester, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Monica Bhakhri Shrewsbury, MA Business Administration
    Dadhi Bhattarai Worcester, MA Chemistry
    Benjamin W. Bigelow Princeton, MA Economics
    Parker J. Bigelow Leominster, MA Undeclared
    Nicholas D. Billington Whitinsville, MA Psychology
    Alexandra M. Biro Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Kala B. Bishop Spencer, MA Elementary Education
    Monique D. Bisnette Cherry Valley, MA Health Education
    Rosemary A. Blair Bedford, MA Early Childhood Education
    Kaitlyn M. Blais Berlin, MA Nursing
    Ariana N. Blaisdell Peabody, MA Elementary Education
    Andrea K. Blanchard Haverhill, MA Criminal Justice
    Catherine E. Blatchford Wenham, MA Nursing
    Emily K. Bliss Worcester, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    John D. Blombach Westminster, MA Geography
    Gifty Boatemaah Worcester, MA Mathematics
    Alexa M. Bobbin Carolina, RI Mathematics
    Kayla P. Bobbitt Barre, MA Chemistry
    Brittany A. Boggia Wilmington, MA Psychology
    Brittany Bohn Gardner, MA Sociology
    Diane T. Bolden Worcester, MA Liberal Studies
    Trevor J. Bonaccorsi Saugus, MA Criminal Justice
    Maureen E. Bonner Hudson, MA Early Childhood Education
    Talia D. Borci Worcester, MA Undeclared
    Daniel J. Borella Hudson, MA Geography
    Andrew J. Borus Millbury, MA Business Administration
    Michael S. Boss Auburn, MA Communication
    Justin A. Boucher Holland, MA Mathematics
    Camille G. Bourbeau Sturbridge, MA Business Administration
    Tyler J. Bousquet Hardwick, MA Criminal Justice
    Bailey R. Boutiette Leominster, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Matthew L. Bouvier Oxford, MA History
    Matthew J. Boyd Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Brittany L. Boyle Rutland, MA Psychology
    Abigail J. Brady Westborough, MA English
    Sarah A. Brakenwagen Cumberland, RI Occupational Studies
    Rebecca M. Brandeberry Phillipston, MA Biology
    Bridget E. Braun North Attleboro, MA Elementary Education
    Erin K. Breen Auburn, MA Early Childhood Education
    Mallory J. Breen South Easton, MA Nursing
    Chelsea M. Brefort Rutland, MA Economics
    Caitlyn A. Brennan Dedham, MA English
    Julia R. Brien-Berks Lakeville, MA Business Administration
    Mark K. Brillon Westminster, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Hunter J. Brining Groton, MA Criminal Justice
    Karista J. Brissette Thompson, CT Computer Science
    Marie F. Britou Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Daniel J. Brodeur Auburn, MA Communication
    Emily K. Brogie Shrewsbury, MA Criminal Justice
    Morgan P. Brogie Shrewsbury, MA Public Health
    Nicholas R. Brooks Charlton, MA Criminal Justice
    Nicholas V. Brooks Belchertown, MA Business Administration
    Elizabeth M. Brow Leominster, MA Psychology
    Allison M. Brown Holden, MA Geography
    David A. Brown Norfolk, MA Business Administration
    Haley R. Brown Sutton, MA Nursing
    Jonathan R. Brown Stoneham, MA Business Administration
    Katlyn A. Brown Worcester, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Michael Brunelle Charlton, MA Urban Studies
    Samuel D. Bryan Westborough, MA Computer Science
    Sara Budic Uxbridge, MA Business Administration
    Nam T. Bui Worcester, MA Mathematics
    Emily A. Bumpus Bridgewater, MA Biology
    Matthew T. Bunyon Westford, MA Criminal Justice
    Jessibelle Burgos Leicester, MA Criminal Justice
    Stephen T. Burke Lancaster, MA Computer Science
    Brianna J. Burley Attleboro, MA Biology
    Alivia K. Burns Holden, MA Occupational Studies
    Devin E. Burns Bridgewater, MA Occupational Studies
    Cady E. Butler Marlborough, MA Criminal Justice
    Justine L. Butler Marlborough, MA Nursing
    Taylor A. Butler Spencer, MA History
    Samantha J. Byers Worcester, MA English
    Student (Last Name “C”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Jillian E. Caduto Chepachet, RI Communication Science & Disorders
    Caitlin E. Cafarella Milford, MA Nursing
    Daniel P. Cafferky Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Caitlin M. Cahill Bridgewater, MA Business Administration
    Luke C. Cai Shrewsbury, MA English
    Victoria R. Calandro Palm Harbor, FL Elementary Education
    Colin J. Caliri Milford, MA Criminal Justice
    Anthony A. Camoreyt Worcester, MA English
    Megan E. Campagnone Townsend, MA Public Health
    Autumn D. Campbell Upton, MA Psychology
    Dominique L. Campbell Upton, MA Business Administration
    Travis J. Campbell Holden, MA Mathematics
    Alyson S. Candela Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Emma V. Caneira South Dartmouth, MA Occupational Studies
    Philip G. Cannon Georgetown, MA History
    Jonathan T. Canoy Whitinsville, MA History
    Michael Card Paxton, MA Biology
    Amy J. Cardinal Pembroke, MA Nursing
    Rachel E. Cardogno West Boylston, MA Elementary Education
    Katherine E. Cardone Blackstone, MA Elementary Education
    Emily E. Carens Northborough, MA Mathematics
    Julia C. Caristi North Attleboro, MA Occupational Studies
    Jessica C. Carneiro Northbridge, MA Nursing
    Moira A. Caron Rutland, MA Early Childhood Education
    Jack H. Carrera Rehoboth, MA History
    Julia M. Carrier Oxford, MA Nursing
    Frances M. Cartagena Worcester, MA Urban Studies
    Meghan M. Carter Lynn, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Brandon Carty Hopkinton, MA Criminal Justice
    Katie L. Caruso Barre, MA Business Administration
    Meighan A. Casey Whitinsville, MA Mathematics
    Judemirna Casimir Hudson, MA English
    Anthony S. Casparriello Westborough, MA Communication
    Amanda M. Cassels Leominster, MA Undeclared
    Cassandra L. Cataldo Auburn, MA Health Education
    Quinn P. Cavaco Westminster, MA English
    Gerardo Cazares Shrewsbury, MA Business Administration
    Joseph P. Cecchi Oxford, MA Sociology
    Christian M. Cedullo Worcester, MA Biology
    Kiara Celaj Worcester, MA Communication
    Virginia L. Chacon-Lopez Westborough, MA Nursing
    Amani A. Chambe North Providence, RI Computer Science
    Haley N. Chamberlain Charlton, MA Health Education
    Stephanie R. Chapin Hampden, MA Occupational Studies
    Austin J. Chapski Southborough, MA Criminal Justice
    Emerson R. Chapski Southborough, MA Undeclared
    Sara Charmchi Millbury, MA Business Administration
    Kendall M. Charpentier Leominster, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Samantha K. Chartier Monson, MA Public Health
    Abigail F. Charvat Westfield, MA Nursing
    Hien T. Chau Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Sierra R. Chauncey Attleboro, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Lindsey A. Chausse Southbridge, MA Psychology
    Brenda S. Chaves Hudson, MA Business Administration
    Brayan A. Chavez-Sierra Worcester, MA Communication
    Elena A. Chechile Monson, MA Nursing
    Trisha L. Cheever Revere, MA Geography
    Sophia Chen Westborough, MA Computer Science
    Charlotte M. Cheney Hopkinton, MA Nursing
    Camryn T. Cherella Milford, MA Biology
    Nathan J. Childs Attleboro, MA Business Administration
    Eric A. Chionchio Auburn, MA Criminal Justice
    Nam Y. Cho Northboro, MA Biotechnology
    Wissal Choqri Weymouth, MA Business Administration
    Erik M. Christensen Uxbridge, MA Computer Science
    Cameron J. Christie Worcester, MA Environmental Science
    Anthony G. Christo Peabody, MA Criminal Justice
    Gianni M. Christo Oxford, MA Criminal Justice
    Noah P. Christo Holden, MA Undeclared
    Kylie E. Chupka Charlton, MA Early Childhood Education
    Larry F. Ciarletta Clinton, MA Health Education
    Meagan E. Ciesluk Westminster, MA Psychology
    Brigett D. Ciollo Hyde Park, MA Business Administration
    Danielle J. Cisero Stratford, CT Psychology
    Brandon C. Cisneros Selma, NC Communication
    Brittany A. Clark Haverhill, MA Occupational Studies
    Catherine M. Clark Worcester, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Eugenya M. Clark Auburn, MA Psychology
    Nicholas T. Clark Worcester, MA History
    Nicole A. Clark Milford, MA Business Administration
    Ty C. Clark Pittsfield, MA Criminal Justice
    Tyler J. Clayfield Spencer, MA Economics
    Mark J. Clemente Holden, MA History
    Emily E. Clifford Shrewsbury, MA Business Administration
    Megaen O. Cloutier Ware, MA Elementary Education
    Nicholas J. Coelho North Attleboro, MA Communication
    Julia M. Cohen Canton, MA Nursing
    Julie E. Cohen Westford, MA Public Health
    Emma M. Collings Marion, MA Undeclared
    Cotey J. Collins Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Nilsa M. Colon Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Katie M. Commerford Hopedale, MA English
    Jorge L. Concepcion-Cruz Webster, MA Biology
    Allison R. Confrey Worcester, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Callum D. Connacher Leominster, MA Business Administration
    Christina M. Conrad Pelham, NH Psychology
    Adriana M. Cook Northborough, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Jillian P. Cooper Burlington, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Kayla R. Corcoran Lunenburg, MA Nursing
    Kyle L. Cordeiro New Bedford, MA Business Administration
    Donna J. Cormier Northbridge, MA Business Administration
    Olivia L. Cormier Uxbridge, MA Early Childhood Education
    Marianna Correa Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Erinn T. Correia Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Anthony R. Corrieri Shrewsbury, MA Business Administration
    Allyson C. Corrinne Sterling, MA Biology
    Mackenzie B. Corriveau Brooklyn, CT Psychology
    Amanda S. Cortis Spencer, MA Undeclared
    Carissa M. Coskie Boylston, MA Public Health
    Andrea R. Costa Dartmouth, MA Elementary Education
    Briana M. Costa Clinton, MA Biology
    Danielle L. Cote Somerset, MA Health Education
    Kerry E. Cote Reading, MA Biology
    Amaniya P. Cotten Cambridge, MA Undeclared
    Moises D. Cotto Worcester, MA English
    William J. Coupe Millville, MA Criminal Justice
    Cayley M. Cousineau Ware, MA Elementary Education
    Mia C. Couto North Grafton, MA Psychology
    Kathleen M. Coveno Burlington, MA Business Administration
    Corey T. Covino Hopedale, MA Criminal Justice
    Kaitlyn M. Cox West Springfield, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Patrick M. Cozza Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Carter J. Craft Sutton, MA Psychology
    Jaylen L. Creonte-Baird Fitchburg, MA Public Health
    Christina M. Cronin Worcester, MA English
    Shannon M. Cronin Mansfield, MA Early Childhood Education
    Sarah E. Cross East Douglas, MA Biology
    Hannah N. Croteau Auburn, MA Communication
    Abigail E. Crothers Whitinsville, MA Psychology
    Jessdalis Cruz Otero Webster, MA Biology
    Sofia L. Cruz Milford, MA Psychology
    Kristen C. Cuccoli Westwood, MA Occupational Studies
    Evan T. Culross Sutton, MA Elementary Education
    Tyler J. Culross Sutton, MA Communication
    Andrew M. Cunningham Arlington, MA Criminal Justice
    Madison M. Cuozzi Clinton, MA Occupational Studies
    Elaina M. Curtis Jamaica Plain, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Ciera S. Cutten Warren, MA Communication
    Student (Last Name “D”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Hade Dabbagh Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Gabriela T. Dacosta Marlborough, MA Nursing
    Alexis M. DaCunha Clinton, MA Sociology
    Jared D. Dahlstrom Charlton, MA Business Administration
    Kathleen M. Dallaire Marlborough, MA Criminal Justice
    Deanna A. Dalli Auburn, MA Occupational Studies
    Mary M. Daly Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Ernestina S. Danso Kogbe Webster, MA Chemistry
    Abigail Danso Worcester, MA Public Health
    Dominick P. Daponte Southbridge, MA Business Administration
    Julia M. Darcy Weymouth, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Adriana K. Darko Worcester, MA Public Health
    Nana A. Darkwa West Springfield, MA Sociology
    Tyler C. Darling Danville, CA History
    Sara Darman Worcester, MA Psychology
    Samantha M. Dart Attleboro, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Fernanda C. DaSilva Framingham, MA Public Health
    Thayna D. Dasilva Westborough, MA Psychology
    Sabrina E. Dass Marlborough, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Emily R. Daugherty Hudson, MA Business Administration
    Nicole E. Daury Oxford, MA Environmental Science
    Amalia K. Davis Westport, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Eric M. Davis Hudson, MA Mathematics
    Mikaela M. Davis Brookfield, MA Liberal Studies
    Chandler K. Day Holden, MA Undeclared
    Brianna M. Deacon Fitchburg, MA Early Childhood Education
    Ludmila O. DeAraujo Milford, MA Nursing
    Tasha Deblois Leicester, MA Psychology
    Anna R. Dee Pepperell, MA Occupational Studies
    Patrick J. Deforge Dudley, MA English
    Austin P. Deignan Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Daritxa I. DeJesus Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Cara M. Delaney Leicester, MA Elementary Education
    Ismaely DeLeon Southbridge, MA Criminal Justice
    Cynthia L. Delevante Brockton, MA Public Health
    Brea H. Dell'Aquila Oxford, MA Psychology
    Anders J. Dellasanta Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Laura C. DelleChiaie Bradford, MA Public Health
    Chelsea L. DeMayo North Attleboro, MA Psychology
    Brian J. Dempsey Worcester, MA History
    Matthew H. Dent Ludlow, MA Criminal Justice
    Michael P. DePalo Shrewsbury, MA History
    Rhianna M. DePriest Medford, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Adrianna N. Dereszkiewicz Douglas, MA Biology
    Mary DerKosrofian North Providence, RI English
    Arlind Dervishaj Worcester, MA Biology
    Nicholas R. DeSantis Milford, MA Criminal Justice
    Lancy G. Desir Stoughton, MA Public Health
    Kacie L. DeSousa North Dighton, MA Occupational Studies
    Sydney R. Despres Sterling, MA Criminal Justice
    Kelsey Devine Dorchester, MA Criminal Justice
    Nathaniel I. deVries Uxbridge, MA Mathematics
    Coryn M. Dias Milford, MA Criminal Justice
    Tristian A. Diaz Worcester, MA Communication
    David M. DiBara Rutland, MA Business Administration
    Audrey M. Dibuono Marlboro, MA Communication
    Christen E. DiCarlo Sturbridge, MA Biotechnology
    Ethan C. Dickson Worcester, MA Geography
    Katrina A. Dilorio Worcester, MA Liberal Studies
    Madeleine N. Dimaria Plymouth, MA Criminal Justice
    Nicolette A. DiPilla Sterling, MA Communication
    Monika D. DiTroia Bellingham, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Rachel E. Dixson East Douglas, MA Nursing
    Hannah V. Doherty Dudley, MA Business Administration
    Ryan P. Doherty Worcester, MA Urban Studies
    Matthew J. Doiron Blackstone, MA History
    Philip J. Dombrowski Worcester, MA History
    Patrick H. Donahue Raynham, MA History
    Clothilde M. Donarumo Templeton, MA Biology
    Lindsay G. D'Onofrio Windham, NH Occupational Studies
    Hollie E. Donovan Westborough, MA Biology
    Liam P. Donovan Northborough, MA Undeclared
    Rylee A. Donovan Oxford, MA Psychology
    Emily M. Doran Lancaster, MA Chemistry
    Renette M. Dorval-Mogel Worcester, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Luke Dotto Beecher, IL Business Administration
    Kevin A. Dow Oxford, MA Criminal Justice
    Caitlyn E. Dowd North Attleboro, MA Nursing
    Carly T. Dowen Shrewsbury, MA English
    Ashley A. Downes Springfield, MA Communication
    Megan L. Downing Shrewsbury, MA Criminal Justice
    Stephanie E. Doyle Worcester, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    William T. Doyle Milford, MA Undeclared
    Alicia M. Dryden Oakham, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Melanie A. Dubbs Suffern, NY Occupational Studies
    Mitchell A. Dube Leominster, MA Criminal Justice
    Kylie Dubey Webster, MA English
    Abigail A. DuBois Gardner, MA Psychology
    Sarah E. Duff Warren, MA Nursing
    Ethan G. Duffey Jefferson, MA English
    Kayleen A. Duffy Chicopee, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Patrick H. Duffy Holden, MA Criminal Justice
    Rhiannon L. Dugan Spencer, MA Geography
    Elizabeth C. Dugas Ashburnham, MA Nursing
    Joshua R. Duhamel Clinton, MA History
    Alyssa K. Dumas Norhtbridge, MA Biology
    Katy J. Dumas Gardner, MA Nursing
    Jonathan J. Duncan Rehoboth, MA Communication
    Spencer C. Duncan Warren, MA Criminal Justice
    Jared K. Dunn Rutland, MA Criminal Justice
    Lauren E. Dunn Swansea, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Lauren A. Dunphy Shrewsbury, MA Early Childhood Education
    Nguyen T. Duong Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Torri L. Dupuis Webster, MA Communication
    Julia M. Duquette Auburn, MA Elementary Education
    Stephanie R. Duquette North Grosvenordale, CT Nursing
    Olivia K. Durkin Dracut, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Violet J. Dussault Woodstock, CT Psychology
    Joseph J. Dusza Wales, MA Geography
    Zacharie T. Duvarney Grafton, MA Psychology
    Jessica L. Dwelly New Braintree, MA Psychology
    Jimmy K. Dwobeng Worcester, MA Public Health
    Matthew R. Dwyer Framingham, MA Biology
    Michael G. Dwyer Rutland, MA Biology
    Emma A. Dyer East Greenwich, RI Occupational Studies
    Alexis M. Dylewicz Clinton, MA Business Administration
    Dong L. Dzindolet Spencer, MA Nursing
    Student (Last Name “E”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Khalil E. East Los Angeles, CA Business Administration
    Lacey M. Eaton Fitchburg, MA Criminal Justice
    Charisa K. Ebert Attleboro, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Justin A. Echeverry Methuen, MA Health Education
    Beatrice P. Edmonds Worcester, MA Psychology
    Paul E. Egusquiza Worcester, MA Spanish
    Allison L. Ekstrom Middleboro, MA Occupational Studies
    Jacob E. Elbirt Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Lilianne F. Elicier Worcester, MA Psychology
    Deanna E. Elliott Westminster, MA Environmental Science
    Jeffrey D. Ellis Whitinsville, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Katelyn M. Ellis Worcester, MA Environmental Science
    Samantha E. Ellis Grafton, MA Nursing
    Abdulkader Z. Elogeil Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Ashley A. Emery Shrewsbury, MA Psychology
    Gina M. Endres Worcester, MA History
    Melinda A. Engel Auburn, MA Nursing
    Emily M. English Woburn, MA Nursing
    Joshua M. Enright Hubbardston, MA Biotechnology
    Erik A. Entenmann Northbridge, MA History
    Colleen A. Erba Boylston, MA Business Administration
    Jinean M. Erickson Jefferson, MA Biology
    Laura E. Ernst Holyoke, MA Nursing
    Ashley J. Eskett Ware, MA Nursing
    Nadeschka Essien Worcester, MA Communication
    Harmony Q. Estabrook Uxbridge, MA Mathematics
    Katelyn Estes North Reading, MA Business Administration
    Andrew H. Etheridge Harrisville, RI Environmental Science
    Student (Last Name “F”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Yvette G. Fagan Westminster, MA Liberal Studies
    Marissa J. Falconer Fitchburg, MA Business Administration
    Kendra D. Faldetta Dudley, MA Public Health
    Christina M. Faria Worcester, MA Early Childhood Education
    Sarah E. Farnham Russell, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Emily E. Faulkner Dudley, MA Business Administration
    Kaitlyn A. Favalora Niantic, CT Communication Science & Disorders
    Jamie L. Ferland Wrentham, MA Undeclared
    Shanelle L. Fernandez Marlborough, MA Criminal Justice
    Kristina M. Ferranto Worcester, MA Health Education
    Nicole M. Ferreira Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Anthony J. Fichtner Worcester, MA English
    Michelle E. Fidler Mansfield, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Katelyn L. Figueiredo Hudson, MA Criminal Justice
    Brent M. Filgerleski Webster, MA Economics
    Jesse M. Fimian Brookfield, MA Mathematics
    Emily R. Finnegan Ashland, MA Nursing
    Kayla R. Finnegan Douglas, MA Elementary Education
    Micaela M. Finnegan Old Saybrook, CT History
    Ryan P. Finneran-Gallagher Worcester, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Julia L. Fitzpatrick Charlton City, MA Biology
    Shannon M. Flaherty Leicester, MA Urban Studies
    Jennifer L. Fleming Spencer, MA Biology
    Dylan T. Foden Sterling, MA Psychology
    Erin D. Foley Mansfield, MA Occupational Studies
    Matthew D. Foley Douglas, MA Computer Science
    Megan E. Foley Orange, CT Occupational Studies
    Meghan L. Foley Douglas, MA English
    Rebecca K. Foley Berkley, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Samantha E. Fonseca Plymouth, MA Urban Studies
    Morgan O. Fontana Walpole, MA Nursing
    Patrick R. Ford Worcester, MA Spanish
    Jasmine S. Fouracre Norfolk, MA Elementary Education
    Jessica C. Fournier Franklin, MA Nursing
    Kyle J. Frattasio South Yarmouth, MA Criminal Justice
    Emmanuel G. Freeman Worcester, MA Biology
    Michael C. Frick Holden, MA Criminal Justice
    Melissa A. Fuentes Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Laura L. Fuertes Fitchburg, MA Nursing
    Michael E. Fuhrman Bellingham, MA Economics
    Eric R. Fyrberg Spencer, MA Biology
    Student (Last Name “G”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Nuur H. Gacal Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Nathan J. Gagne Berkley, MA Business Administration
    Stacia M. Gagne Berkley, MA Psychology
    Katherine M. Gagnon Hampden, MA Nursing
    Renee A. Gagnon-Fors Worcester, MA Early Childhood Education
    Sarina C. Gaines Dorchester, MA Criminal Justice
    Cassandra L. Gallagher Spencer, MA Business Administration
    Meghan E. Gallagher Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Angeline P. Gallant Shrewsbury, MA Communication
    Katrina M. Garbacik Forestdale, MA Nursing
    Dominique A. Garceau Rutland, MA Biotechnology
    Dianelys Garcia-Nin Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Clara A. Gatsios Worcester, MA Mathematics
    Corey J. Gatta Sturbridge, MA Health Education
    Amber R. Gaulin Douglas, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Elizabeth A. Gaumond Webster, MA English
    Katherine J. Gauthier Holden, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Chaim M. Gaval Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Keona C. Gavin Worcester, MA Nursing
    Margaret A. Gay Oxford, MA Communication
    Bianca L. Gbale Lowell, MA Urban Studies
    Nancy Gebhardt Ashburnham, MA Public Health
    Noah M. Gebo Dayville, CT Criminal Justice
    Lena Gee West Bridgewater, MA Nursing
    Jessica B. Gelineau Charlton, MA Undeclared
    Brenda M. Gentile Worcester, MA Nursing
    Caleigh M. Geoghegan North Attleboro, MA Public Health
    Benjamin George West Boylston, MA English
    Brianna M. Germain West Boylston, MA Environmental Science
    Courtney M. Germain Rutland, MA Criminal Justice
    Amanda D. Gevry Oxford, MA Elementary Education
    Nicole S. Ghantous Sturbridge, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Leah C. Gibson Northborough, MA Undeclared
    Samantha C. Giguere Whitinsville, MA Early Childhood Education
    Mackenzie R. Gillespie-Slovin Hudson, MA Sociology
    Erica R. Gilman North Brookfield, MA English
    Alexa L. Giordano Stow, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Theodore J. Girard Charlton, MA Public Health
    Michael A. Girardi Millbury, MA Undeclared
    Carrie A. Girardin Auburn, MA Elementary Education
    Madison S. Girouard Fiskdale, MA Public Health
    Janeisa R. Givins Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Steven Gjino Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Mariela Gjylapi Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Thomas G. Gleason Auburn, MA English
    Steven W. Godfrey Wilmington, MA Criminal Justice
    Shannon L. Goldberg Charlton, MA Sociology
    Noah M. Goldfarb Holliston, MA Communication
    Maiden A. Gomez Worcester, MA Biology
    Michael J. Gonya Uxbridge, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Luis A. Gonzalez Dracut, MA Health Education
    Yakaira B. Gonzalez Worcester, MA Spanish
    Jenna R. Goodreau Monson, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Morgan E. Goozey East Douglas, MA Psychology
    Jackson M. Gorgas Shrewsbury, MA Liberal Studies
    Ashley Gorham Upton, MA Public Health
    Emma F. Gosselin Methuen, MA English
    Dominique N. Gould Woodstock, CT Computer Science
    Emily L. Gould Worcester, MA Public Health
    Michelle E. Goulet Grafton, MA Nursing
    Anna Grady Bellingham, MA Undeclared
    Nichole S. Graham Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Alyssa L. Gramstorff Sutton, MA Biology
    Angela M. Grasseschi Oxford, MA Criminal Justice
    Emily A. Graves Westminster, MA Early Childhood Education
    Morgan A. Greaney Springfield, MA Psychology
    Branden L. Greb Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Jordan D. Green Leicester, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Rachel J. Green Worcester, MA Elementary Education
    Rachel M. Green Adams, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Emma K. Greenberg Mansfield, MA Biotechnology
    Austin W. Greene Oxford, MA Business Administration
    Monica S. Greenlaw West Brookfield, MA Early Childhood Education
    Joseph J. Grider Hopedale, MA Public Health
    Cameron J. Griffin Auburn, MA Business Administration
    John J. Griffin Worcester, MA English
    Kyle C. Griffin Marlborough, MA Biology
    Sophia N. Guarino Sandwich, MA Public Health
    Courtney L. Guay Londonderry, NH Biology
    Camila M. Guimaraes Worcester, MA Geography
    Dinesh Gurung Worcester, MA Undeclared
    Haley M. Guyette Meriden, CT Occupational Studies
    Rafael M. Guzman Cambridge, MA Criminal Justice
    Student (Last Name “H”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Brian P. Hackett Paxton, MA Economics
    Brianna L. Hackett Nashua, NH Communication Science & Disorders
    Gretchen M. Hadlock Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Erin L. Haggerty Westford, MA Public Health
    Alexandra N. Haggerty-Rahn Florence, MA History
    Joseph P. Hainsworth Worcester, MA Sociology
    Erin M. Halas Wilmington, MA Nursing
    Allison M. Haley Stoneham, MA Nursing
    Kaitlyn E. Hall Rutland, MA Public Health
    Kelley A. Hall Leicester, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Mystique D. Hall Northborough, MA Elementary Education
    Victoria S. Hallas Worcester, MA Biology
    Keegan Halpin Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Gabrielle M. Hamel West Boylston, MA Spanish
    Melissa V. Hamilton Westborough, MA Public Health
    Melanie P. Hamm Whitinsville, MA Early Childhood Education
    Samer M. Hammoodi Worcester, MA Chemistry
    Ryan J. Hanna Grafton, MA Undeclared
    Katherine A. Hannan Montville, ME Psychology
    Bridget E. Hannigan Lancaster, MA English
    Braxtyn T. Harris Lowell, MA Criminal Justice
    Collin J. Hart Charlton, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Alexa R. Harvey Attleboro, MA Criminal Justice
    Danielle E. Harvey Millville, MA Nursing
    Devon S. Hassan Hudson, MA Biology
    Gabriela Hastings Clinton, MA Spanish
    Jennifer L. Havens Paxton, MA Nursing
    Christopher Hawes Spencer, MA Nursing
    Edward J. Hayes Clinton, MA English
    Megan S. Hayes Shrewsbury, MA Early Childhood Education
    Kyle B. Hayter Helena, MT Biotechnology
    Lauren E. Healy Worcester, MA Sociology
    Stephen W. Healy Mansfield, MA Nursing
    Candace V. Heim Sterling, MA Business Administration
    Haley V. Heim Worcester, MA Psychology
    Stephanie J. Hemenway North Oxford, MA Communication
    Nicole E. Hennessy Lunenburg, MA Elementary Education
    Michelle D. Henry Shrewsbury, MA Psychology
    Brittany M. Herring West Brookfield, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    McKayla M. Hersom Wilmington, MA Elementary Education
    Erin E. Hickey South Easton, MA Chemistry
    Jazmynne D. Hickman Dracut, MA Business Administration
    Alyssa-Anne M. Hicks South Barre, MA Elementary Education
    Brian M. Higgins Northborough, MA Communication
    Elizabeth V. Higgins Worcester, MA Health Education
    Melissa L. Higginson Leominster, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Austin C. Hillsamer Shrewsbury, MA Undeclared
    Dakota R. Hinerth North Brookfield, MA Elementary Education
    Amelia J. Hirtle Rutland, MA Business Administration
    Thinh P. Ho Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Thien V. Hoang Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Vu Hoang Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Nicole L. Hobin Sutton, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Allyson L. Hoffman Shrewsbury, MA Early Childhood Education
    Lindsey Hoggins Harvard, MA Business Administration
    Amber S. Hogue South Grafton, MA Nursing
    Jenna L. Hokanson Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Dejour M. Hollins Methuen, MA Sociology
    Lucille L. Holmes Worcester, MA Sociology
    Vanessa C. Holmes North Chelmsford, MA Nursing
    Colin T. Houle Stafford Springs, CT Sociology
    Sydney K. Howe Sutton, MA Biology
    Ashleigh M. Howland Wilmington, MA Business Administration
    Anjeza Hoxhallari Worcester, MA Biology
    Sarah N. Hrubo Haverhill, MA Criminal Justice
    Jennette K. Hummel Middletown, CT Nursing
    Brian M. Humphrey Dudley, MA Business Administration
    Kylee L. Hurley Franklin, MA Nursing
    Taylor J. Hutchings Brockton, MA Communication
    Heather J. Hutnick Methuen, MA Biotechnology
    Phat T. Huynh Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Student (Last Name “I”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Serena M. Iacovelli Wareham, MA Biology
    Emily A. Ijams Charlton, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Andre S. Ipojuca Saugus, MA Communication
    Student (Last Name “J”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Stephanie J. Jacher Worcester, MA Economics
    Christopher A. Jackson West Brookfield, MA Chemistry
    William J. Jackson Hubbardston, MA Chemistry
    Nicole E. Jacobs Westborough, MA Business Administration
    Rebecca P. Jacobs Lancaster, MA Business Administration
    Kozeta Jano Worcester, MA Nursing
    Marc S. Jansson Charlton, MA Business Administration
    Timothy R. Jarvis Worcester, MA History
    Serena M. Jaskolka Mattapoisett, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Sara N. Jedrzynski Dudley, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Jenna Jenkins Westwood, MA Public Health
    Erica C. John Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Bruce E. Johnson Fitchburg, MA Business Administration
    Kyle J. Johnson West Boylston, MA Business Administration
    Marques A. Johnson West Hartford, CT Biology
    Hayley M. Johnston Charlton, MA Early Childhood Education
    Kathryn L. Johnston Holliston, MA Nursing
    Jacklyn E. Joncas Westford, MA Business Administration
    Amber J. Jones Uxbridge, MA Business Administration
    Emily E. Jones Webster, MA Psychology
    Nikole A. Jones Oxford, MA Psychology
    Robyn S. Jones Natick, MA Elementary Education
    Ryan R. Jones Burlington, MA Criminal Justice
    Rachel A. Jorge Dartmouth, MA Elementary Education
    Meagan M. Jorritsma Worcester, MA Urban Studies
    Zachary G. Jorritsma Spencer, MA English
    James E. Joyce East Brookfield, MA Communication
    Michaela N. Joyce Whitinsville, MA History
    Hannah E. Joyner Waterford, CT Occupational Studies
    Catherine T. Jreije Shrewsbury, MA Elementary Education
    Jamie M. Jurgiel Shrewsbury, MA Math for Elementary Education
    John P. Jwanowski Peabody, MA Business Administration
    Student (Last Name “K”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Michael E. Kadlick Dedham, MA Communication
    Catherine W. Kamwithi Worcester, MA Nursing
    Lauren E. Kane Bolton, MA Public Health
    Sarah N. Kasof Shrewsbury, MA Early Childhood Education
    Maria P. Kearns-Galeano Shrewsbury, MA Communication
    Lily A. Keating Wilmington, MA Occupational Studies
    Breana L. Keegan Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Eric W. Keith Marshfield, MA Criminal Justice
    Daniel M. Keller South Grafton, MA Biology
    Meagan E. Kelley E Bridgewater, MA Occupational Studies
    Michael E. Kelley Auburn, MA Communication
    Sarah M. Kendrick Auburn, MA Psychology
    Delaney K. Kenny Lawrence, MA Biology
    Brian M. Kent West Boylston, MA Public Health
    John D. Kewley Auburn, MA Business Administration
    Masuma M. Khokhar Shrewsbury, MA Business Administration
    Sandy C. Khuu Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Madeline F. Killeen Upton, MA Public Health
    Maxwell R. Kimball Webster, MA Chemistry
    Veronica Kimmens Boylston, MA Math for Elementary Education
    Alexis K. King Lancaster, MA Nursing
    Amari D. King Lawrence, MA Communication
    James R. King Reading, MA Communication
    Mary E. King Sutton, MA Psychology
    Desmond Kissi Leominster, MA Computer Science
    Kaylee A. Kittredge Auburn, MA Health Education
    Kaylee M. Klenk Douglas, MA Environmental Science
    Jason T. Knowles Webster, MA Computer Science
    Arjana Kocollari Worcester, MA Nursing
    Cyrus I. Kohistani Boston, MA Criminal Justice
    Kenan J. Kolanda Sterling, MA Business Administration
    Jessica L. Kollett Uxbridge, MA Psychology
    Victoria R. Konicki Auburn, MA English
    Mariam Konneh Worcester, MA Sociology
    Julia C. Konow Lebanon, CT English
    Kelsey J. Konow Lebanon, CT Nursing
    Matthew L. Kopacko West Brookfield, MA Mathematics
    Andrew D. Koulisis Holden, MA Mathematics
    Jenna E. Kovago Boylston, MA Business Administration
    Benjamin C. Kuebler Dudley, MA History
    Marisa Kulis Dracut, MA Communication
    Prince E. Kumah Worcester, MA Occupational Studies
    Gulshan Kumar Westborough, MA Computer Science
    Bridget L. Kupfer Worcester, MA Nursing
    Katrina L. Kush Webster, MA Psychology
    Madison N. Kuzio Franklin, MA Nursing
    Student (Last Name “L”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Blair M. LaBelle Boylston, MA Communication
    Kelsey B. Laberge Swansea, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Justin M. Labrie Blackstone, MA Business Administration
    Mitchell F. Lacaire East Brookfield, MA Biology
    Shelby L. LaConte Leicester, MA Criminal Justice
    Amanda G. Lacopo East Longmeadow, MA Elementary Education
    Alexandria M. Laflamme Webster, MA Early Childhood Education
    Lynsea D. Lafond Bondsville, MA Nursing
    Alberto Laguna South Grafton, MA Biology
    Sotirios E. Lalos Worcester, MA English
    Stephen H. Lam Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Amanda M. Lambert Oxford, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Caitlin N. LaMonda Worcester, MA Psychology
    Natalia Lamourt Worcester, MA Biology
    Amber M. Lancey Merrimac, MA Psychology
    Kristy L. Landine Fitchburg, MA Psychology
    Ashley A. Landry East Douglas, MA Biology
    Ashlie A. Landry Hudson, MA Nursing
    Kimberly A. Landry Hudson, MA Nursing
    Melyssa R. Langell Dunstable, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Cameron E. Lanier Charlton, MA Undeclared
    Laura A. Lanoue Cumberland, RI Nursing
    Grace M. Lapan Douglas, MA Nursing
    Kimberly R. Lapointe Lunenburg, MA Occupational Studies
    Kyle N. LaPointe Holden, MA Computer Science
    Dominic C. Lapomardo Holden, MA Undeclared
    Andre G. Laska Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Jhan B. LaTulippe Southbridge, MA Computer Science
    Rachel M. Lauzon South Carver, MA Nursing
    Jacob Q. Lawrence Mattapoisett, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Erica L. Lawson Millbury, MA Elementary Education
    Charissa Le Worcester, MA Public Health
    Judy Le Leicester, MA Chemistry
    Michelle A. Le Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Tri M. Le Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Jason P. Leaming Brimfield, MA Criminal Justice
    Megan Leavens West Boylston, MA Psychology
    Joel C. LeBlanc Gardner, MA Health Education
    Marina A. LeBlanc North Oxford, MA Biology
    Tsara J. LeBlanc Leominster, MA Health Education
    Ryan A. LeClair Oxford, MA History
    Michele M. Lefebvre Clinton, MA Nursing
    Jessica C. Leigh Randolph, MA Business Administration
    Marta M. Leitao Uxbridge, MA History
    Elise E. Lemieux Winchendon, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Victoria M. Lemire Winchendon, MA Occupational Studies
    Amber L. Lempke Holyoke, MA Undeclared
    Alyssa M. Lentini Attleboro, MA Business Administration
    Shane T. LeRoy Lancaster, MA Business Administration
    Sara G. Lesack Uxbridge, MA Spanish
    Jacqueline J. Lesniak-Brothers Uxbridge, MA Elementary Education
    Sydney G. LeVasseur Palmer, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Eric M. Levesque Barre, MA Nursing
    Kyle A. Lewis Palmer, MA Criminal Justice
    Anh D. Lieu Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Wesly M. Lima Cranston, RI Public Health
    Amanda L. Lincoln Webster, MA Nursing
    Joseph L. Lindenmayer Rochdale, MA Mathematics
    Madeline M. Lindfors Holden, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Ryan P. Lindsay West Boylston, MA Chemistry
    Morgan H. Lindsey Northboro, MA Health Education
    Carly B. Litchfield Jefferson, MA Sociology
    Hannah S. Litchfield Jefferson, MA Liberal Studies
    Kamai A. Little Worcester, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Lena T. Llanos Maynard, MA Criminal Justice
    Naishmed Llanos Worcester, MA Psychology
    Alyssa C. Llewelyn Northfield, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Jessica M. Lloyd Orange, MA Psychology
    Joseph W. Locatell Sutton, MA Environmental Science
    Hannah A. LoChiatto Harvard, MA Communication
    Matthew W. Lockwood Feeding Hills, MA Nursing
    Corrinne E. Lombardi Wrentham, MA Psychology
    Marisa E. Lombardi Ludlow, MA Public Health
    Olivia L. Long Rutland, MA Biology
    Hailey F. Longbottom Princeton, MA Elementary Education
    Olivia N. Longo Westborough, MA Psychology
    Jake E. Look Dudley, MA Communication
    Andrea Lopez West Boylston, MA Public Health
    Edgardo G. Lopez Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Juan J. Lopez Millbury, MA Public Health
    Justin L. Lopez Leominster, MA Biology
    Lauren A. Lopez West Springfield, MA Occupational Studies
    Emily A. Lottes Boxborough, MA Early Childhood Education
    Rebecca C. Lowe Dracut, MA Criminal Justice
    Jeremy R. Lowell Holden, MA Business Administration
    Eglantina Luarasi-Zguro Worcester, MA Urban Studies
    Sofia I. Lucas Worcester, MA Psychology
    Alexandria F. Lucchese Shrewsbury, MA Psychology
    Devin J. Luce Milford, MA Biology
    Joseph I. Lundberg Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Tam T. Luong Worcester, MA Biology
    Alexis C. Lusignan Ware, MA Business Administration
    Caroline B. Luzi Worcester, MA Sociology
    Hieu M. Ly Worcester, MA Public Health
    Adam S. Lyons Westford, MA Undeclared
    Connor F. Lyons Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Student (Last Name “M”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Andressa F. Macalpine Milford, MA Nursing
    Julie N. MacArthur Northboro, MA Nursing
    Annie Machado Worcester, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Aaron J. Maday Worcester, MA Public Health
    Elisa N. Madden Tewksbury, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Anthony M. Madonna Leicester, MA Environmental Science
    Shannon C. Magner Lynn, MA Business Administration
    Abby M. Magnuson Ellington, CT Communication Science & Disorders
    John E. Maguire Douglas, MA Criminal Justice
    Craig M. Mahan Dudley, MA Natural Science
    Quinn T. Makris Concord, NH Public Health
    Monique S. Manna Southbridge, MA History
    Matthew Manning Novi, MI Business Administration
    Michael H. Manning Bridgewater, MA Business Administration
    Brenna J. Manzello Worcester, MA Communication
    Antonia M. Marashio Leominster, MA Chemistry
    Madison J. Marceau North Adams, MA Elementary Education
    Ryan J. Marcelonis Oxford, MA Computer Science
    Jason W. Marchand Brimfield, MA Business Administration
    Samantha M. Marchetta Northborough, MA Nursing
    Brianna E. Marchetti Providence, RI Biology
    Brittany E. Marchetti Providence, RI Occupational Studies
    Lea M. Markham Lancaster, MA Communication
    Maria Markopoulos Charlton, MA Chemistry
    Michael R. Marques Milford, MA Business Administration
    Cullen W. Mars Cherry Valley, MA Criminal Justice
    Victoria H. Marshall Winchendon, MA Occupational Studies
    Jenna N. Martin Salem, NH Communication
    Kirby W. Martin Barre, MA Criminal Justice
    Brynn M. Massarelli Pepperell, MA Biology
    Jacob E. Massas Hudson, MA Criminal Justice
    Maribel E. Mateo Lawrence, MA Sociology
    Anthony R. Mattero Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    George N. Matthew Auburn, MA Computer Science
    Kyle S. Matthews Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Michael D. Mattox Upton, MA Psychology
    Marikate M. Matys Holyoke, MA Nursing
    Kacey A. Maxner Jefferson, MA Early Childhood Education
    Paul A. Maylott North Grafton, MA Nursing
    Katelyn M. McCarthy Hamilton, MA Occupational Studies
    Lauren M. McCarthy Woburn, MA Nursing
    Meghan E. McCarthy Berkley, MA Public Health
    Nathan P. McCarthy West Boylston, MA Business Administration
    Cheyenne L. McCassie Northborough, MA English
    Elizabeth L. McCormack Gloucester, MA Elementary Education
    Erin M. McCormack South Easton, MA Occupational Studies
    Kenzie M. McCormick Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Ashley M. McCullen North Attleboro, MA Business Administration
    Maeve A. McDonagh Attleboro, MA Undeclared
    Christian C. McDonald Paxton, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Stephanie C. McFadries Burlington, MA Biology
    Molly E. McGovern Milford, MA Communication
    Shannon McIsaac Maynard, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Corrina N. McKelvey Gales Ferry, CT Occupational Studies
    Shelagh R. McKenna Shirley, MA Business Administration
    Theresa E. McMahon Sandwich, MA Nursing
    Christopher M. McNamara New Braintree, MA Biology
    Julia D. McNamara Sutton, MA Business Administration
    Matthew J. McNickles Sutton, MA Communication
    Dante McPherson Maynard, MA Communication
    Makayla D. McShane Manomet, MA Elementary Education
    Brendan P. McShea Holden, MA Criminal Justice
    Brandon T. Meece Dudley, MA Elementary Education
    Samantha J. Meehan Townsend, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Fadwa Mekkaoui Bolton, MA Chemistry
    Haley E. Melanson Westborough, MA Public Health
    Katherine M. Melican Worcester, MA Sociology
    Lindsay A. Mellan Rutland, MA History
    Alexis N. Melton Oxford, MA Biology
    Derek W. Mendes Northbridge, MA Criminal Justice
    Michael H. Mendes Mendon, MA Computer Science
    Bernice K. Mensah Worcester, MA Biology
    Danielle A. Mensah Worcester, MA Public Health
    Joshua L. Mensah Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Angevy Mercado Worcester, MA Psychology
    Elliot B. Mercier Worcester, MA English
    Nicole C. Mercier Worcester, MA Sociology
    Ryan P. Mercier Millbury, MA English
    Zachary A. Merriam Dudley, MA History
    Marissa J. Merrifield Weymouth, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Timothy J. Mesite Douglas, MA Computer Science
    Rachael J. Messier Holden, MA Chemistry
    Anthony T. Messina Sturbridge, MA Public Health
    Redi Metali Worcester, MA Biology
    Jennifer Michaud Worcester, MA Communication
    Jordan L. Miglionico Dudley, MA Biology
    Joseph E. Milius Worcester, MA Communication
    Hannah L. Millen Rockland, MA Nursing
    Megan A. Miller Dracut, MA Nursing
    Kathleen M. Miller-Vickers Worcester, MA History
    Brianna M. Millett Webster, MA Criminal Justice
    Megan E. Milliken Ellington, CT Nursing
    Alyson C. Mills Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Erin M. Miner Charlton, MA Early Childhood Education
    Kaila J. Minucci Ashland, MA Elementary Education
    Mikayla M. Miranda Agawam, MA Occupational Studies
    William J. Mitchell East Brookfield, MA Computer Science
    Mohammed J. Mohammed Worcester, MA Liberal Studies
    Shaymaa A. Mohammed Worcester, MA English
    Justin F. Moir Auburn, MA Communication
    Melchizedek B. Moise Leominster, MA Psychology
    Marissa L. Molinari West Bridgewater, MA Occupational Studies
    Robert M. Moll Auburn, MA Communication
    Daniel J. Mongeon Spencer, MA Health Education
    David M. Monroe Jefferson, MA Business Administration
    Wahina L. Montero Clinton, MA Biology
    Alyssa V. Monti Marlboro, MA Criminal Justice
    Nicholas J. Moore Rutland, MA Psychology
    Jonathan L. Moraes Acushnet, MA Urban Studies
    Angelo G. Moraitis Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Justin Moran Westborough, MA Criminal Justice
    Lea T. Moreau Douglas, MA Public Health
    Tiana R. Moreau Auburn, MA Business Administration
    Sarah B. Moriarty Longmeadow, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Emely I. Morillo Framingham, MA Business Administration
    Olivia A. Morin Westford, MA Occupational Studies
    Tracy R. Morrill Worcester, MA Urban Studies
    Joann Morrison Framingham, MA Nursing
    Kimberly A. Morrissey Dudley, MA Biology
    Cati M. Morse Orange, MA Business Administration
    Nanette E. Moulin Westborough, MA Mathematics
    Pierre F. Mourad Shrewsbury, MA Business Administration
    Elena M. Mouradian Wakefield, MA Occupational Studies
    Rau-Byan Muhammad Lynn, MA Communication
    Alba Muharremi Worcester, MA Biology
    Monika Mularski Auburn, MA Elementary Education
    Timothy P. Mulkern Townsend, MA Communication
    Erisa Mullalli Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Katherine F. Mullane Sterling, MA Communication
    Peter G. Munene Worcester, MA Psychology
    Kayla R. Mungillo Burlington, MA Public Health
    Makenna M. Munro Wilmington, MA Undeclared
    Alexandria R. Murphy Somerset, MA Communication
    Amanda S. Murphy Sterling, MA Elementary Education
    Eleanor A. Murphy Worcester, MA Elementary Education
    Emily R. Murphy Feeding Hills, MA Elementary Education
    Giana C. Murphy Charlton, MA Geography
    Jennifer C. Murphy Westborough, MA Biology
    Lauren N. Murphy Taunton, MA Communication
    Madison M. Murphy Templeton, MA History
    Melissa P. Murphy North Grafton, MA Psychology
    Colleen J. Murray Holden, MA Psychology
    Deanna E. Murray Leicester, MA Business Administration
    Kelly V. Murray Attleboro, MA Business Administration
    Rosemarie I. Murray Norwood, MA Occupational Studies
    Grant E. Murtagh Ware, MA Criminal Justice
    Rachel E. Myra Worcester, MA Health Education
    Student (Last Name “N”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Heather R. Nadeau Rochester, MA Occupational Studies
    Jubilee K. Nale Southbridge, MA History
    Anthony E. Napolitano Massapequa, NY Biology
    Marlies D. Nasella Melrose, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Ayman Nashawi Shrewsbury, MA Biology
    Marie A. Nazaire Worcester, MA Health Education
    Cameron J. Neary Mansfield, MA Business Administration
    Evan P. Nelson Hudson, MA Biology
    Morgan R. Nelson Hudson, MA Biology
    Ashley T. Ngo Millbury, MA Biology
    Quy T. Ngo Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Tina T. Ngo Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Eric T. Nguyen Worcester, MA Mathematics
    Han P. Nguyen Worcester, MA Chemistry
    Isabella A. Nguyen Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Lily T. Nguyen Millbury, MA Undeclared
    Mai T. Nguyen Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Ngoc T. Nguyen Hartford, CT Psychology
    Thomas P. Nguyen Webster, MA Criminal Justice
    Christopher A. Nichols Worcester, MA Undeclared
    Carlos A. Nieves Clinton, MA Biology
    Idalis Y. Nivar Leominster, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Kenneth Njoroge Webster, MA Nursing
    Owen M. Njoroge Dudley, MA Biotechnology
    Micayla I. Noonan Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Kaitlyn A. Nordberg Attleboro, MA Criminal Justice
    Katelyn E. Norsworthy Northborough, MA Elementary Education
    David J. Novack Sturbridge, MA History
    Janet E. Novack Sturbridge, MA Mathematics
    Adrian D. Novas Spencer, MA Biotechnology
    Francis T. Nubuor Auburn, MA Communication
    Avery B. Nugent Mattapoisett, MA Public Health
    Brendan A. Num Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Emily A. Nummelin Paxton, MA English
    Alexis V. Nye East Bridgewater, MA Occupational Studies
    Student (Last Name “O”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Molly V. O'Brien Sutton, MA Mathematics
    Kaighley S. Obuchowski Southbridge, MA Undeclared
    Makenna K. Obuchowski Southbridge, MA Elementary Education
    Millicent A. Ochola Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Nicole M. O'Connell Worcester, MA English
    Victoria R. O'Connor West Boylston, MA Public Health
    Kwame D. Ofori Webster, MA Computer Science
    Kathleen E. O'Grady West Roxbury, MA Public Health
    Briana C. O'Hanlon Manassas, VA Early Childhood Education
    Sworup Ojha Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Ashley E. O'Keefe Worcester, MA Communication
    Steven J. O'Leary Worcester, MA Sociology
    Joshua L. Oliver Shrewsbury, MA Mathematics
    Jennifer L. Olivieri Worcester, MA Biology
    Kaitlyn L. Olmstead Westford, MA Elementary Education
    Alishya M. O'Loughlin Charlton, MA Nursing
    Lauren C. Olsen Chelmsford, MA Health Education
    Cynthia A. O'Neil Worcester, MA English
    Vivian L. Onofre Millbury, MA Business Administration
    Carla E. Orellana Worcester, MA Public Health
    Jacklyn L. Orellana Springfield, MA Nursing
    Daniel J. Orlando Westborough, MA Business Administration
    David O'Rourke Norfolk, MA Nursing
    Ryan R. Orsi Auburn, MA Business Administration
    Francisco Ortiz Fitchburg, MA Business Administration
    Taylor A. Orwig Gardner, MA Biology
    Matthew N. Osborne Blackstone, MA Criminal Justice
    Albion Osmani Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Sean C. Otoole Northbridge, MA Business Administration
    Alissa Ott Upton, MA Business Administration
    Kevin R. Owens Webster, MA Nursing
    Renae M. Owens Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Student (Last Name “P”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Paola M. Pabon Worcester, MA English
    Jacquelyn N. Pack Charlton, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Nicholas W. Packard Oxford, MA History
    Olivia G. Padgett Grafton, MA Elementary Education
    Nicole Pagan Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Scott A. Page Winchendon, MA Business Administration
    Edward D. Painter Northboro, MA Business Administration
    Elizabeth M. Paiva Fall River, MA Nursing
    Veronica A. Paiz Framingham, MA Nursing
    Michael W. Palmer Millbury, MA Criminal Justice
    Nicole E. Paquin Attleboro, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Kay C. Paradis Baldwinville, MA Environmental Science
    Michael P. Paradis Auburn, MA Liberal Studies
    Erin E. Parece Westford, MA Elementary Education
    Davis M. Parella Douglas, MA Business Administration
    Michaila M. Parent Westborough, MA Chemistry
    Faith D. Parker Holden, MA Occupational Studies
    Hannah R. Parker Gardner, MA Nursing
    Kayla A. Parker Saugus, MA Business Administration
    Michelle L. Paspe Upton, MA Nursing
    Sarah A. Passamonti Worcester, MA Early Childhood Education
    Parth S. Patel Charlton, MA Business Administration
    Kyle J. Patton Leominster, MA Computer Science
    Kathryn W. Paul Swansea, MA Health Education
    Sabrina N. Paulson N. Dartmouth, MA Biology
    Cory J. Pavao Uxbridge, MA Business Administration
    Andrew Pawlowski Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Aaron M. Pearl Sturbridge, MA Elementary Education
    Kayla J. Pearson Bellingham, MA Psychology
    Ashley M. Peck Auburn, MA Business Administration
    Elizabeth A. Pedone Spencer, MA Psychology
    Iris G. Pelaez Southbridge, MA Criminal Justice
    Victor A. Pellegrino Shrewsbury, MA Geography
    Ameilia M. Pelletier Gill, MA Nursing
    Mackenzie E. Pelletier Westfield, MA Nursing
    Madison R. Pelletier Westfield, MA Nursing
    Peter J. Peloquin Dudley, MA Urban Studies
    Maura E. Pelrine Melrose, MA Psychology
    Anelise C. Pena Milford, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Juan J. Pena Salem, NH Health Education
    Taylor M. Pena Holden, MA Criminal Justice
    Claire R. Pendergast Berlin, MA Business Administration
    April T. Pepin Auburn, MA Criminal Justice
    Madison M. Peralta Maynard, MA Elementary Education
    Meghan E. Pereira Ludlow, MA Elementary Education
    Olivia L. Pereira Lowell, MA Psychology
    Jennie L. Perez Dudley, MA Psychology
    Roshanna Y. Perez Worcester, MA Chemistry
    Danielle E. Perkins Upton, MA Criminal Justice
    Sarah R. Perreault Oxford, MA Early Childhood Education
    Meagan M. Perro Leicester, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Tiffany J. Perron Brookfield, MA Biology
    Brenna K. Perry Sutton, MA Criminal Justice
    Gabrielle C. Perry Sutton, MA Psychology
    Ashley M. Perugini Watertown, CT Public Health
    Tina L. Peters Worcester, MA Sociology
    Jacob B. Peterson West Boylston, MA Criminal Justice
    Saige M. Peterson Worcester, MA Early Childhood Education
    Olivia I. Petrucci Wilmington, MA Occupational Studies
    Sarah E. Pettine Somerset, MA Nursing
    Andy T. Pham Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Brian Phan Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Philip H. Phan Worcester, MA Biology
    Quoc M. Phan Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Brady S. Phillips Uxbridge, MA Health Education
    Richard W. Phillips Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Katrina R. Piangerelli Russell, MA Psychology
    Morgan B. Pichel Littleton, MA Urban Studies
    Briana Pingitore Rutland, MA Elementary Education
    Lauren T. Pinkham Oxford, MA Business Administration
    Andrea G. Pires Fall River, MA Nursing
    Andrea J. Plichta Uxbridge, MA Health Education
    Jessica A. Pohl West Boylston, MA Psychology
    Bogumila J. Polska Everett, MA Business Administration
    Julianne E. Polson Auburn, MA Liberal Studies
    Theresa A. Porter East Falmouth, MA Occupational Studies
    Liliana M. Portillo Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Nathan D. Posterro Sutton, MA Computer Science
    Ryan M. Potvin Leominster, MA Health Education
    Breann N. Powell Everett, MA Public Health
    Gwendolyn C. Power Billerica, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Sarah F. Powers Attleboro, MA Nursing
    Sean T. Powers Worcester, MA Spanish
    Jesus A. Prado Alzamora Worcester, MA Sociology
    Kathryn N. Proulx Swansea, MA Occupational Studies
    Melissa A. Prudhomme Whitinsville, MA Psychology
    Caleb L. Pruitt Spencer, MA Computer Science
    Leira Z. Puente Worcester, MA English
    Shaylee J. Puleo Tewksbury, MA Mathematics
    Mitchell J. Purdie Cavan Business Administration
    Nicole J. Putnam Worcester, MA Elementary Education
    Student (Last Name “Q”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Alex T. Quang Worcester, MA Biology
    Isabella M. Quattrucci Petersham, MA Psychology
    Rebecca S. Quinn Braintree, MA Psychology
    Michael P. Quirion Shrewsbury, MA Economics
    Student (Last Name “R”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Robert J. Racicot Oxford, MA English
    Christopher J. Radkowski Shrewsbury, MA Computer Science
    Paul N. Raheb Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Emma M. Rainville Reading, MA Nursing
    Antonio Ramirez Hudson, MA Criminal Justice
    Isaiah S. Ramirez Milford, MA Health Education
    Josue E. Ramirez Worcester, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Alexis L. Ramos Attleboro, MA Occupational Studies
    Jacob F. Ramos North Grafton, MA Criminal Justice
    Augustine R. Ramstrom Natick, MA Criminal Justice
    Kristen M. Rando Milford, MA Sociology
    Alana M. Ranney Framingham, MA Liberal Studies
    Samantha J. Rantakyto Fitchburg, MA Psychology
    Audrey Ratliff N. Grosvenordale, CT Elementary Education
    Andrew D. Ravenelle North Oxford, MA Environmental Science
    Melanie A. Ravesi Marlborough, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Cameron J. Raymond Athol, MA Business Administration
    Maylin L. Raymondo Swansea, MA Nursing
    Jennifer A. Rearick Pembroke, MA Nursing
    Ryan A. Redmond Charlton, MA Business Administration
    Elisabeth B. Reed Weymouth, MA Occupational Studies
    Marco M. Rego Webster, MA Spanish
    Daniel J. Reidy Worcester, MA Communication
    Erika K. Reinertson Shrewsbury, MA Computer Science
    Arden L. Reinhardt Worcester, MA Undeclared
    Joshua L. Reinstein Woodland Hills, CA Business Administration
    Erica D. Remillard Millville, MA Spanish
    Renae M. Renihan Auburn, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Lianaliz E. Reynoso Leominster, MA Nursing
    Anna P. Ribeiro Attleboro, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Olivia M. Ribeiro East Taunton, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Michael J. Ricci Peabody, MA Criminal Justice
    Jenise Richard Dudley, MA Nursing
    Isabel M. Richards Rutland, MA Business Administration
    Jared K. Richards Leominster, MA Criminal Justice
    Rielley T. Richards Athol, MA Psychology
    Shannon K. Richards Rochdale, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Shelby D. Richards Sutton, MA Psychology
    Amber Ricker Hampstead, NH Psychology
    Johanna E. Riddle Shrewsbury, MA Liberal Studies
    Cody A. Riedle Rutland, MA Urban Studies
    Keri A. Riefenhauser Southbury, CT Occupational Studies
    Diana L. Riggieri Worcester, MA Biology
    Rebecca L. Rigoli Burlington, MA Occupational Studies
    Stephanie F. Rinaldi Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Olivia K. Ripa Sterling, MA Nursing
    Alyssa M. Ritacco Shrewsbury, MA Early Childhood Education
    Joshua A. Rivera-Watson Shrewsbury, MA Biology
    Ryan D. Rizzuto West Boylston, MA Biology
    Taylor H. Roberts Dracut, MA Undeclared
    Paige F. Robidoux Leicester, MA Environmental Science
    Carissa M. Rodriguez Worcester, MA Liberal Studies
    McDavid Rodriguez Worcester, MA Nursing
    Nilka Rodriguez Worcester, MA Psychology
    Mia T. Rogers North Dighton, MA Computer Science
    Sarah A. Rogers Northborough, MA Business Administration
    Wyatt R. Rogers Brimfield, MA English
    Priscilla M. Rojas Worcester, MA Biology
    Grace F. Romero Rey Worcester, MA Psychology
    Victoria L. Ronayne Billerica, MA Public Health
    Jacquelynn K. Rondeau North Uxbridge, MA Nursing
    Shane R. Rookey Leicester, MA Computer Science
    Jared M. Rooney Plymouth, MA Business Administration
    Tanner P. Ropiak Northbridge, MA Nursing
    Joanna R. Rosa Stoughton, MA Biology
    Willian Rosales Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Emma J. Rose Worcester, MA Elementary Education
    Michael A. Rose Southbridge, MA Computer Science
    Andrew J. Rossi Barre, MA English
    Megan E. Rouillard Barrington, NH Biology
    Michael R. Rouleau Athol, MA English
    Matthew H. Rowan West Roxbury, MA Criminal Justice
    Emily R. Rowell Oxford, MA Early Childhood Education
    Madison B. Rowland Swansea, MA Occupational Studies
    Jordyn E. Rowtham Springfield, MA Nursing
    Elise Roy Chicopee, MA Nursing
    Heidi L. Roy-Choquette Sterling, MA Biology
    Grant H. Royek Pembroke, MA Business Administration
    Claudia R. Ruble Westford, MA Business Administration
    Linette Ruiz Worcester, MA Early Childhood Education
    David C. Russell North Prince George, VA Biology
    Lisa M. Russo Shrewsbury, MA Health Education
    Kimberly M. Ryan Shrewsbury, MA Psychology
    Tessa M. Ryan Norwood, MA Elementary Education
    Daniel P. Ryder West Boylston, MA Computer Science
    Kara M. Rys Ware, MA Elementary Education
    Student (Last Name “S”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Jennica M. Sablak Palmer, MA Mathematics
    Maida Sabotic Worcester, MA Undeclared
    Matthew M. Sabourin Stow, MA Business Administration
    Maneerat Saengphuang Webster, MA Business Administration
    Veronica Salamea Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Jessica V. Salles Clinton, MA Public Health
    Erin E. Salmon Mendon, MA Spanish
    Katelyn A. Salsgiver Shrewsbury, MA Elementary Education
    Bradleigh R. Saltsman Ayer, MA Business Administration
    Sarah J. Salvado Bellingham, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Brooklyn Samolinski Blackstone, MA Nursing
    Adam M. Sanborn Jefferson, MA Business Administration
    Edward J. Sanchez Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Madison R. Sandler Maple Grove, MN Psychology
    Jaime O. Santagate Bradford, MA Nursing
    Katelyn R. Santos Acushnet, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Richard A. Santosuosso Middleton, MA Criminal Justice
    Dianne M. Sargent Spencer, MA Chemistry
    Sumavatey S. Sarin Lowell, MA Nursing
    Jennifer L. Saunders Franklin, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Maria C. Savignano Bridgewater, MA Environmental Science
    Johnathan J. Savoie Blackstone, MA Criminal Justice
    Sarah B. Savoy Gardner, MA Nursing
    Kathryn L. Scanlon Holden, MA Public Health
    Sean M. Scannell Webster, MA English
    Patrick K. Scheeler Wakefield, MA Business Administration
    Haley E. Schiavone Webster, MA Communication
    Margaret C. Schmitz Great Barrington, MA Occupational Studies
    Shayla B. Schoeneberger Vernon, CT Communication
    Mairead J. Schofield Leominster, MA Business Administration
    Mary V. Schroth Pepperell, MA English
    Michael R. Schroth Pepperell, MA English
    Kailyn E. Schulman Leicester, MA Undeclared
    Megan A. Schultze Westminster, MA Criminal Justice
    Tyler P. Schwalbe Charlton, MA Public Health
    Jacob S. Scott Charlton, MA Business Administration
    Maggie-Anne Scott Northborough, MA Elementary Education
    Samantha J. Sealey Cherry Valley, MA Early Childhood Education
    Haley L. Sears Mansfield, MA Occupational Studies
    Laura C. Sears Natick, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Katelyn S. Seguin Sturbridge, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Sophia Sekyere Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Paige E. Senatore Ayer, MA Biology
    Olivia K. Senneville No. Reading, MA Elementary Education
    Jasmin E. Serrano Orange, CT Occupational Studies
    Herman E. Servatius Worcester, MA Geography
    Steven C. Setaro Worcester, MA History
    Matthew F. Severin Amherst, MA Communication
    Rachel K. Sharp Northborough, MA Public Health
    Riley E. Shaughnessy New Bedford, MA Occupational Studies
    Jeremy J. Shays Leicester, MA Business Administration
    Logyn M. Shea Rutland, MA Business Administration
    Bridget D. Sheehan Westminster, MA Nursing
    James R. Sheehan Oxford, MA Business Administration
    Maura C. Sheehan Westminster, MA Liberal Studies
    Oren R. Shoemaker Boylston, MA Computer Science
    Emily A. Shorey Whitinsville, MA Nursing
    John P. Shugrue Worcester, MA Elementary Education
    Alexis A. Silk Greenfield, MA Communication
    Juliana A. Silva Northborough, MA Criminal Justice
    Meghan L. Silva Oakham, MA Public Health
    Paige O. Silveira Attleboro, MA Occupational Studies
    Jack T. Simone North Easton, MA Nursing
    Ian C. Simpson Holden, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Kimberly L. Sinclair Plymouth, MA Occupational Studies
    Mikayla M. Singas Jefferson, MA Health Education
    Aviya T. Singer Charlton, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Alexander P. Sinni Dudley, MA Criminal Justice
    Sandra M. Sisko Auburn, MA Chemistry
    Jeffrey G. Sjauw Holden, MA Business Administration
    Elizabeth K. Skaza Ludlow, MA Mathematics
    Gabrielle R. Sklar Shrewsbury, MA History
    Viktoriya Skuz Worcester, MA Communication
    Connor E. Slattery Fitchburg, MA Communication
    William J. Slavinskas Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Kristen J. Sleight Auburn, MA History
    Stephen D. Smialek Dartmouth, MA Business Administration
    Courtney A. Smith Attleboro, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Gregory W. Smith Dudley, MA Business Administration
    Sean P. Smith Auburn, MA Psychology
    Zach Smith Westborough, MA Communication
    Dakota M. Smith-Porter Montague, MA Psychology
    Michaela R. Smyth Chelmsford, MA Health Education
    Abigail F. Sniegocki Melrose, MA Nursing
    Kelsey S. Snodgrass Bristol, CT Occupational Studies
    Samantha A. Snopkowski Charlton, MA Public Health
    Brittney Soares Fall River, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Michelle Solano Worcester, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Ashley J. Solares-Depaz Westborough, MA Business Administration
    Cherry A. Soreial Milford, MA Business Administration
    Wendy Soto Fitchburg, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Joseph D. Soucy Holliston, MA Psychology
    Morgan B. Soucy Blackstone, MA Nursing
    Raquel J. Sousa Rehoboth, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Samantha R. Sousa Spencer, MA English
    Jaymi-Lyn Souza Leicester, MA History
    Paige L. Specker Holden, MA Business Administration
    Joan Spinazola Framingham, MA English
    Christina J. Spinos Wilmington, MA Criminal Justice
    Meghan K. St. Jean Millbury, MA Business Administration
    Brett J. St.Onge Ware, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Grace G. Stafford Sutton, MA Public Health
    Leah G. Stanley Charlton, MA Environmental Science
    Libbey P. Stearns Worcester, MA Communication
    Taylor J. Stepka Attleboro, MA Computer Science
    Evan N. Sterling Great Falls, VA Business Administration
    Molly S. Sterns Danvers, MA Business Administration
    Lucas T. Stevens Charlton, MA Criminal Justice
    Matthew W. Stewart Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Rachel O. Stier Mansfield, MA Nursing
    Abigail M. Stone Charlton, MA English
    Jarrett S. Stone Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Brianna M. Stordy Kingston, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Alyssa M. Strapponi Franklin, MA Nursing
    Mandi Strzelewicz Webster, MA English
    Hannah C. Stuart Southbridge, MA Public Health
    Pawel Stypulkowski Webster, MA Computer Science
    Amber E. Suarez Miramar, FL Business Administration
    Enida Sulaj Worcester, MA Environmental Science
    Deanna K. Sullivan Paxton, MA Business Administration
    Jaime C. Sullivan Hubbardston, MA Public Health
    Laura M. Sullivan Rutland, MA Elementary Education
    Mikaela R. Sullivan Worcester, MA Early Childhood Education
    Ryan A. Sullivan Leominster, MA Business Administration
    Clark Sun Shrewsbury, MA Liberal Studies
    Prakhyat Sunuwar Worcester, MA Biology
    Alexandria L. Supernor Hudson, MA Public Health
    Katelyn D. Surprenant Pelham, NH Occupational Studies
    Rachel E. Sutton East Douglas, MA Elementary Education
    Joseph M. Swalec West Boylston, MA Nursing
    Courtney M. Swanson North Dighton, MA Occupational Studies
    Julia A. Swanson Westford, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Anita J. Swift Brimfield, MA Nursing
    Marta Szczubelek Worcester, MA Nursing
    Student (Last Name “T”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Alexander J. Taddeo Franklin, MA Business Administration
    Juliana R. Tambolleo Clinton, MA Public Health
    Briana C. Tammaro East Bridgewater, MA Nursing
    Louisa N. Tannous Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Mohamad K. Tanta Worcester, MA Biology
    Ayeh Tanteh Worcester, MA Nursing
    Lindsey A. Tarbox Braintree, MA Sociology
    Cameron J. Tarini Auburn, MA Business Administration
    Shannon M. Tarpey South Easton, MA Health Education
    Emily C. Tavares Berkeley, MA Elementary Education
    Andrews Tawiah Worcester, MA Biology
    Monica K. Teeven Northborough, MA Psychology
    Jordan Tekelis Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Justin W. Terry Stow, MA Undeclared
    Allison E. Tevis Pocasset, MA Nursing
    Tuyen Ngo M. Than Worcester, MA Health Education
    Katelyn A. Thebado Northborough, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Urban S. Theum Lowell, MA Business Administration
    Jolane F. Thibault Douglas, MA Public Health
    Dennis To Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Johnny To Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Rachel H. To Shrewsbury, MA Elementary Education
    Kelly N. Tobin Fiskdale, MA Nursing
    Joseph R. Tocio Billerica, MA Business Administration
    Samantha M. Toli Taunton, MA Business Administration
    Justine C. Tomaso Milford, MA English
    Viet N. Ton Nu Worcester, MA Biology
    Sara A. Toomey Worcester, MA Undeclared
    Tasha L. Totas Oakham, MA Health Education
    Annette K. Tran Leicester, MA Mathematics
    Cindy Tran Oakham, MA Chemistry
    Loan K. Tran Millbury, MA English
    Monica K. Tran Auburn, MA Occupational Studies
    Lauren E. Trant Chicopee, MA Nursing
    Saja M. Traoui Worcester, MA Biology
    Kayla E. Trask Mansfield, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Matthew J. Travers Southbridge, MA Communication
    Karla D. Travieso Springfield, MA Psychology
    Stephanie A. Traylor Clinton, MA Early Childhood Education
    Mercedes R. Tredeau Upton, MA Elementary Education
    Casey M. Trefry Stow, MA Nursing
    Danielle R. Tremblay Lancaster, MA Business Administration
    Mary D. Tremblay Worcester, MA Sociology
    Kali M. Trepanier Plainfield, CT Communication Science & Disorders
    Lacey A. Treveloni Ashland, MA Nursing
    Joseph P. Tricomi Worcester, MA Nursing
    Christopher J. Trotta Rowley, MA Criminal Justice
    Jason T. Truax Northborough, MA Mathematics
    Tammy N. Truong Worcester, MA Psychology
    Duy Thuc D. Truong Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Forrest N. Tsarhopoulos Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Meghan L. Tucker Dudley, MA History
    Erin M. Tully Dunstable, MA Nursing
    Patrick F. Tuohy Peabody, MA Business Administration
    Alysia D. Turner Oxford, MA Sociology
    Caroline C. Tuttle Longmeadow, MA Nursing
    Ryan D. Tuttle Worcester, MA Psychology
    Nicole M. Twombly Hull, MA Liberal Studies
    Eleni Tzikas Worcester, MA Communication
    Student (Last Name “U”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Bryan Urbina Sterling, MA Chemistry
    Diego J. Urbina Worcester, MA Biology
    Matthew M. Urella Shrewsbury, MA Elementary Education
    Student (Last Name “V”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Samantha Valach Jefferson, MA Early Childhood Education
    Monica S. Valente Worcester, MA English
    Yesenia Valentin Worcester, MA Chemistry
    Jared S. Valentine Douglas, MA Communication
    Brandon P. Valle Worcester, MA Biology
    Julia L. VandenAkker Whitinsville, MA History
    Haley R. VanderSea Holden, MA Spanish
    Brittany L. VanVleck Gardner, MA Public Health
    Shaye K. Vanvleck Worcester, MA Early Childhood Education
    Jasmine Vardigans Shrewsbury, MA Biology
    Nicholas P. Vea Shrewsbury, MA Mathematics
    Sarah E. Vedrani Hudson, MA Public Health
    Ashley Veras Worcester, MA Elementary Education
    Bianca P. Verdolino Dudley, MA History
    Jackson S. Vickery Lunenburg, MA History
    Olivia R. Vigliatura Rutland, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Lauren B. Vigneault Worcester, MA Geography
    Renz Carlo Villegas Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Anne M. von Zweck Beverly, MA Public Health
    Kim Anh Vu Worcester, MA Chemistry
    Derek Vue Leominster, MA Undeclared
    Rhea V. Vyas Shrewsbury, MA Elementary Education
    Student (Last Name “W”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Michele Wade Bolton, MA Urban Studies
    Allison H. Walker Charlton, MA Psychology
    Emily A. Walker West Boylston, MA Undeclared
    Anne M. Wall Norton, MA Elementary Education
    Jennifer A. Wallace Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Patrick J. Wallace Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Akilah J. Waller Stoughton, MA Undeclared
    Christopher A. Walles Feeding Hills, MA Criminal Justice
    Ryan M. Walsh Westborough, MA Business Administration
    Grace W. Wambui-Campagna Lunenburg, MA Nursing
    Eric J. Ward Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Molly R. Ware North Grosvenordale, CT Sociology
    Rachel J. Ware Attleboro, MA Criminal Justice
    James M. Warner Warren, MA Communication
    Alex W. Washburn Sterling, MA Environmental Science
    Ashley D. Wassel Shrewsbury, MA Criminal Justice
    Lauren M. Waters Mansfield, MA Public Health
    Eric M. Watiri Worcester, MA Biology
    Miranda T. Watkins Southbridge, MA Biology
    Thomas B. Watson North Grosvenordale, CT Criminal Justice
    Claudia A. Webb Burlington, MA Nursing
    Samuel R. Webb South Grafton, MA Communication
    Thomas K. Wedge Plymouth, MA Elementary Education
    Tracy L. Weeks-Gariepy Fort Mill, SC Health Education
    Alyssa C. Welch East Falmouth, MA English
    Michael A. Weston Worcester, MA Health Education
    Sarah E. Weston Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Owen T. Wetherell Pepperell, MA Business Administration
    Amanda N. Whalen Weymouth, MA Communication Science & Disorders
    Jillian C. Wheaton N. Dartmouth, MA Psychology
    Laura E. Wheeler Paxton, MA Urban Studies
    Matthew E. Wheeler Leominster, MA Elementary Education
    Michaela L. White Dudley, MA Psychology
    Colin B. Whitt Southlake, TX Business Administration
    Elisabeth N. Wichser-Krajcik Norwich, CT History
    Catherine A. Wielock Dudley, MA Health Education
    Cameron Wilcox Shrewsbury, MA History
    Jessica P. Wilding Somerset, MA Psychology
    Kelley A. Willard Auburn, MA Public Health
    Danielle M. Williams Worcester, MA Visual & Performing Arts
    Rebecca A. Williams Russell, MA Nursing
    Sarah A. Williams Shrewsbury, MA Psychology
    Sean E. Williams-Ruibal Shrewsbury, MA Business Administration
    Jared Wimberly East Brookfield, MA Criminal Justice
    Lukasz S. Wisniewski Uxbridge, MA Computer Science
    Ahmadee E. Witherspoon Southbridge, MA Criminal Justice
    Olivia C. Wittkop Rutland, MA Undeclared
    Allison J. Woeller Auburn, MA Health Education
    Derek R. Wood Uxbridge, MA Communication
    Olivia C. Wood Chelmsford, MA Health Education
    Angela M. Woodford Douglas, MA English
    Moriah R. Worlds Worcester, MA Biology
    John J. Worthington Lancaster, MA Business Administration
    Sarah A. Wozniak Rutland, MA Public Health
    Rachel M. Wright Brockton, MA Early Childhood Education
    Kendra N. Wynn Chelmsford, MA Communication
    Student (Last Name “X”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Lonnie S. Xavier Northborough, MA Business Administration
    Ligor Xega Worcester, MA Biology
    Tea Xharja Worcester, MA Sociology
    Student (Last Name “Y”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Michael D. Yates Marlboro, MA Criminal Justice
    Michael A. Yazhari Shrewsbury, MA English
    Karuna Yi Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Fuverion Ymeri Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Shavonne Yoho Millbury, MA Nursing
    James R. Young Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Student (Last Name “Z”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Lauren M. Zajac Webster, MA Psychology
    Benjamin D. Zakarian Shrewsbury, MA Business Administration
    Tory E. Zalauskas North Brookfield, MA Psychology
    Maria L. Zammarelli Worcester, MA Biology
    Alexandra Z. Zapantis Clinton, MA English
    Carmen M. Zayas Worcester, MA Nursing
    Allison P. Zeena Jefferson, MA Psychology
    Nicholas P. Zekos Shrewsbury, MA Business Administration
    Nicolle M. Zenaro Rutland, MA Elementary Education
    Lixia Zhang Westborough, MA Nursing
    Polina A. Zhdanova Worcester, MA Biology
    Carly M. Zielinski Monson, MA Psychology
    Jamie R. Zolkoske Central Point, OR Communication Science & Disorders
    Zachary D. Zupko Leominster, MA Communication
    Mandifadza M. Zuvaradoka Dracut, MA Business Administration