• Dean’s List

    At Worcester State University, we recognize students who attain a high grades each semester by announcing the Dean’s List.

    To qualify for the Dean’s List, full- and part-time students must earn a grade point average of 3.5 or better for the semester. Courses taken on a pass/fail basis are excluded from the GPA calculation.

    • Full-time students must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 graded credits.
    • Part-time day and evening students must have an academic load of a minimum of 6 graded credit hours.

    Students are ineligible for the Dean’s List in a semester in which they receive an incomplete grade.

    Note: Some names have been intentionally omitted from the Dean's List at the student's request. Any unintended omissions will be gladly corrected by contacting the Registrar's Office at 508-929-8035 or

    Students Who Made the 2018 Fall Semester Dean’s List

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    Student (Last Name “A”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Emily M Aanensen Rochester, MA Undeclared
    Ward Abdulky Worcester, MA Sociology
    Eric J Abreu Lancaster, MA Sociology
    Nicholas E Abruzzise Webster, MA Psychology
    Neneeh N Achalu Lowell, MA Nursing
    Sarah R Achi Fitchburg, MA Business Administration
    Nicole Ackerley Clinton, MA Health Education
    Alexa Acosta Chelsea, MA Criminal Justice
    Daniel J Acuna Paxton, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Alexa K Adams Auburn, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Albertha Adwetewa-Badu Worcester, MA Nursing
    Nana K Afranie Worcester, MA Biology
    Thayna A Aguiar Leominster, MA Communication Disorders
    Jacob J Aguillard Westborough, MA Computer Science
    Dominic N Agyei Worcester, MA Chemistry
    William P Ahearn Charlestown, MA Business Administration
    Evelyn Ahenkan Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Naema Ahmed Northboro, MA Business Administration
    Ifunanyachukwu O Akanegbu North Easton, MA Nursing
    Jarid T Aker Webster, MA Computer Science
    Erika M Akerson Worcester, MA English
    Zuhair Al Haddad Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Sofia T Alberini Ashland, MA Criminal Justice
    Stella D Alege Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Emily M Alera Leominster, MA Early Childhood Education, Sociology
    Isabelle C Alera Leominster, MA History
    Alyson R Alibozek Hudson, NH Business Administration
    Sara A Al-Janabi Braintree, MA Nursing
    Taif A Aljobore Worcester, MA Psychology
    Brian A Allard Gardner, MA Business Administration
    Dominique T Alves Ludlow, MA Nursing
    Emily R Amaral Tewksbury, MA Business Administration
    Haroon Amarkhail Worcester, MA Public Health
    Zakaria Amellal Worcester, MA Biology
    Denzel O Amoah Worcester, MA Urban Studies
    Vida Ampofo Worcester, MA Psychology
    Audrey J Anderson Stratford, CT Communication Disorders
    Benjamin L Anderson Brookfield, MA Computer Science
    Jillian E Anderson Spencer, MA Mathematics
    Nyia A Anderson Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Quintyn A Anderson North Smithfield, RI Criminal Justice
    Molly F Andes Worcester, MA Liberal Studies
    Anna R Andrews Fitchburg, MA Business Administration, Mathematics
    Jacquelyn R Andry Westford, MA Nursing
    Amy E Angell Oxford, MA History
    Madisyn R Angelo Holden, MA Biology
    Kingsley Anim-Addo Worcester, MA Sociology
    Rachel N Annan Worcester, MA Communication
    Tallia E Annese Webster, MA Biotechnology
    Olivia I Antonelli Westford, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Shadya B Aphram Webster, MA Nursing
    Kelsey Aponte Southbridge, MA Biology
    Henry N Araujo Worcester, MA Psychology
    Elizabeth A Armstrong Harvard, MA Biology
    Shawnessey R Army North Grafton, MA Communication
    Emma J Arsenault Tewksbury, MA Elementary Education
    Jasmine A Asassy Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Danny Asfoura Worcester, MA Biology
    Monika A Asomugha Brockton, MA Public Health
    Megan S Aucoin Holden, MA History
    Noah J Aurelio Fairhaven, MA History
    Kelly N Austin Brimfield, MA Nursing
    Sandra M Avalos Guzman Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Brandon M Aviles Sturbridge, MA Criminal Justice
    Shelby E Ayres Leicester, MA Criminal Justice
    Student (Last Name “B”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Amanda J Babbitt Dudley, MA Nursing
    Christine A Babbitt Canton, CT Occupational Studies
    Vanessa L Babiy Northbridge, MA Psychology, Criminal Justice
    Arian Bacaliu Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Vildana Bacaliu Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Dea Bace Worcester, MA Elementary Education, History
    Baylie R Bacon Southboro, MA Criminal Justice, Sociology
    Weronika Z Baczek Paxton, MA Public Health
    Genevive Baddoo Worcester, MA Biology
    Isabel K Badeau Cumberland, RI Occupational Studies
    Danielle M Bahnan Worcester, MA Communication Disorders
    Caroline L Bailey Scottdale, PA Undeclared
    Emily A Bak Lincoln, RI Nursing
    Katherine A Baker Longmeadow, MA Communication Disorders
    Kara M Balboni East Longmeadow, MA Nursing
    Isabell M Baldrate Plymouth, MA Occupational Studies
    Hailey R Baldwin Whitinsville, MA Nursing
    Lauren A Banfield Warren, MA Business Administration
    Christi Bango Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Mendrick O Banzuela Worcester, MA Sociology
    Sami C Barbosa Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Glauciene Barcelos Northborough, MA Nursing
    Rachael A Baril Shrewsbury, MA Communication
    Matthew S Barnes Chicopee, MA Criminal Justice
    Krystal A Barrera Auburn, MA Elementary Education, Visual and Performing Arts
    River M Barrett Quincy, MA Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education
    Brandon M Barry Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Camryn M Barry Bridgewater, MA Occupational Studies
    Jameson R Bastarache Leominster, MA Environmental Science
    Graham Bateman Berlin, MA Business Administration
    Zoe V Bates Petersham, MA Communication Disorders
    Sean M Battista Oxford, MA Criminal Justice
    Fay F Bcharah Worcester, MA Communication, Sociology
    Jennifer A Beam Worcester, MA Health Education
    Caitlyn A Bean East Brookfield, MA Health Education
    Nina E Beauvais North Attleboro, MA Nursing
    Catherine Becerra Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Tatihana K Beckford Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Kelsey M Bedard Leominster, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Allison M Belanger Mansfield, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Haley Belanger Oxford, MA Communication Disorders
    Kathryn A Belanger Southbridge, MA Elementary Education, Sociology
    Megan A Belanger Worcester, MA Health Education
    Alexandra J Bellerive Dudley, MA Occupational Studies
    Emily R Belliveau Seekonk, MA Communication Disorders
    Megan C Bellve Hubbardston, MA Mathematics
    Jillian R Bellville Fiskdale, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Daniel A Benavides-Vega Worcester, MA Public Health
    Hannah E Benincasa Leominster, MA Public Health
    Dominick R Benjamin Milford, MA Criminal Justice
    Max A Bergman Worcester, MA Communication
    Kaitlyn R Berkel Waterford, CT Psychology
    Nicole A Berthiaume Auburn, MA Communication Disorders
    Rachael R Berthiaume Northborough, MA Communication
    Kelly M Beverly Lunenburg, MA Public Health
    Corrine Bianco Uxbridge, MA Biology
    Benjamin W Bigelow Princeton, MA Economics
    Cooper J Bigelow Leominster, MA Business Administration
    Parker J Bigelow Leominster, MA Business Administration
    Matthew A Bigos New Braintree, MA History
    Alexandra M Biro Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Brendan J Bishop Charlotte, NC Business Administration
    Kaitlynn M Bishop North Brookfield, MA Psychology
    Monique D Bisnette Cherry Valley, MA Health Education
    Kristin L Blair Northbridge, MA Psychology
    Rosemary A Blair Bedford, MA Early Childhood Education, Visual and Performing Arts
    Ariana N Blaisdell Peabody, MA Elementary Education, Sociology
    Melinda M Blanchard Worcester, MA Health Education
    James W Blash Auburn, MA Computer Science
    John D Blombach Westminster, MA Geography
    Jennifer Boakye Worcester, MA Public Health
    Alexa M Bobbin Charlestown, RI Mathematics
    Paige M Boisvert Thompson, CT Undeclared
    Joshua A Bolduc Brookfield, MA Liberal Studies
    Trevor J Bonaccorsi Saugus, MA Criminal Justice
    Ethan Borchetta-Platt Westborough, MA Psychology
    Emily Borda Saugus, MA Business Administration
    Jacqueline F Borella Worcester, MA Psychology
    Amanda R Borelli Worcester, MA Psychology, Criminal Justice
    Andrew J Borus Millbury, MA Business Administration, Economics
    Michael S Boss Auburn, MA Communication
    Justin A Boucher Holland, MA Mathematics
    Taylor J Boufford Lancaster, MA Psychology
    Kaelyn M Bourgeois Fairhaven, MA Communication Disorders
    Cassandra M Bousquet Worcester, MA Psychology
    Bailey R Boutiette Leominster, MA Visual and Performing Arts, Business Administration
    Matthew L Bouvier Oxford, MA History
    Matthew J Boyd Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Peter S Boyd Charlton, MA Psychology
    Beatrice M Boyden Townsend, MA Criminal Justice
    Alexis D Bradley Dracut, MA Nursing
    Abigail J Brady Westborough, MA English
    Olivia P Brancato Dedham, MA Nursing
    Haley M Brann Marshfield, MA Psychology
    Camden D Brannon Northborough, MA Undeclared
    Bryan W Brasil Williamsburg, MA Psychology
    Bridget E Braun North Attleboro, MA Elementary Education, History
    Michele E Bravo-Moran Worcester, MA Public Health
    Colby S Brennan Spencer, MA Psychology
    Julia R Brien-Berks Lakeville, MA Business Administration
    Victoria R Brien-Berks Lakeville, MA Nursing
    Hunter J Brining Groton, MA Criminal Justice
    Marie F Britou Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Lilly A Brochu Spencer, MA Psychology
    Marta J Brodeur Worcester, MA Undeclared
    Morgan P Brogie Shrewsbury, MA Public Health
    Nicholas V Brooks Belchertown, MA Business Administration
    David A Brown Norfolk, MA Business Administration
    Katlyn A Brown Worcester, MA Communication Disorders
    Kyler P Brown Andover, MA History
    Robert J Browne Taunton, MA Criminal Justice
    Lyndsey R Broxton Enfield, CT Occupational Studies
    Michael Brunelle Charlton, MA Urban Studies
    Darrege M Bruny Northborough, MA Biology
    Alena N Bruso Hudson, MA Communication Disorders
    Samuel D Bryan Westborough, MA Computer Science
    Cinthya M Bucaro Westborough, MA Public Health
    Matas V Buivydas Southborough, MA Business Administration
    Ryan J Bulak Douglas, MA Business Administration
    Emily A Bumpus Bridgewater, MA Biology
    Gail J Bunch Oxford, MA Undeclared
    Mandie S Burdett Worcester, MA Nursing
    Stephen T Burke Lancaster, MA Computer Science
    Brianna J Burley Attleboro, MA Biology
    Shane M Burlingame Charlton, MA Economics
    Alivia K Burns Holden, MA Occupational Studies, Psychology
    Devin E Burns Bridgewater, MA Occupational Studies
    Susan Burtchell Charlton, MA Liberal Studies
    Taylor A Butler Spencer, MA History
    Student (Last Name “C”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Caitlin E Cafarella Milford, MA Nursing
    Kathleen M Cafarelli Webster, MA Business Administration
    Caitlin M Cahill Bridgewater, MA Business Administration
    Olivia N Cahill Worcester, MA Nursing
    Luke C Cai Shrewsbury, MA English, Sociology
    Angela J Caiani Paxton, MA Business Administration
    William A Caiquo Holden, MA Chemistry
    Michelle V Calderon Worcester, MA Biology
    Elizabeth O Callan Worcester, MA Sociology
    Megan E Campagnone Townsend, MA Public Health
    Elizabeth D Campbell Hudson, MA Public Health
    Meaghan E Campbell Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Lori L Canane Sturbridge, MA Criminal Justice
    Emma V Caneira South Dartmouth, MA Occupational Studies
    Amber J Cannalonga Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Philip G Cannon Georgetown, MA History
    Zoe M Cannon South Grafton, MA Undeclared
    Brandon T Caouette Cumberland, RI Criminal Justice
    Ryker X Capielo Charlton, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Caitlyn A Caplette Rochdale, MA Nursing
    Gianna C Caprioli Worcester, MA Psychology
    Michael Card Paxton, MA Biology
    Rachel E Cardogno West Boylston, MA Elementary Education, Spanish
    Breena E Carey Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Bellalorraine M Carey-Hicks Dudley, MA English, Visual and Performing Arts
    Julia C Caristi North Attleboro, MA Occupational Studies
    Patrick T Carleton Tewkbury, MA Business Administration
    Samantha J Carlo Douglas, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Lindsay J Carlson Rutland, MA Nursing
    Judith A Carmody Hopkinton, MA Nursing
    Jessica C Carneiro Northbridge, MA Nursing
    Preston A Carr Ware, MA Biology
    Dariel J Carrasco Westford, MA Business Administration
    Rebecca A Carrillo Norwell, MA Occupational Studies
    Brandon Carty Hopkinton, MA Criminal Justice
    Ariana R Casasanta Auburn, MA Mathematics
    Bridget K Casey Tewksbury, MA Psychology
    Meighan A Casey Whitinsville, MA Mathematics
    Amanda M Cassels Leominster, MA Communication
    Sean M Castagna Wilmington, DE Undeclared
    Gabriel A Castanon Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Jaymely Castillo Worcester, MA Public Health
    Kayla V Causey Auburn, MA Undeclared
    Christian M Cedullo Worcester, MA Biology
    Lediana Cerri Worcester, MA Nursing
    Rebecca J Chamberlain Charlton, MA Economics, Business Administration
    Mousa Chamoun Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Stephanie R Chapin Hampden, MA Occupational Studies
    Austin J Chapski Southborough, MA Criminal Justice
    Emerson R Chapski Southborough, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Emily R Charbonneau Spencer, MA Business Administration
    Hien T Chau Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Sierra R Chauncey Attleboro, MA Communication Disorders
    Marcela B Chavez Worcester, MA Spanish
    Trisha L Cheever Revere, MA Geography
    Angelica R Chenard Oakham, MA Psychology
    Brooks A Chernisky Sturbridge, MA Nursing
    Jordyn A Chionchio Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Jillianne M Chippendale Swansea, MA Communication Disorders
    Hawraa H Chreim Leicester, MA History
    Cameron J Christie Worcester, MA Environmental Science
    Anthony G Christo Peabody, MA Criminal Justice
    Noah P Christo Holden, MA Undeclared
    Kylie E Chupka Charlton, MA Psychology
    Grace E Ciampa Abington, MA Computer Science
    Larry F Ciarletta Clinton, MA Health Education
    Madelyn N Cinelli Mansfield, MA Communication Disorders
    Brandon C Cisneros Selma, NC Communication
    Jason E Clark Milford, MA Communication
    Kasey F Clark Dudley, MA Nursing
    Nicole A Clark Milford, MA Business Administration
    Taylor F Clark East Douglas, MA Business Administration
    Marilyn Claudio Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Emily S Clemente Wilmington, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Mark J Clemente Holden, MA History
    Allison B Coelho Chicopee, MA Communication Disorders
    Allyson C Coggswell Wakefield, MA Nursing
    Sara E Cohen Charlton, MA Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Stefanie Cole Worcester, MA Early Childhood Education
    Emma M Collings Marion, MA Undeclared
    Christopher K Colon-Canales Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Erika L Comfort Upton, MA Nursing
    Katie M Commerford Hopedale, MA English, Liberal Studies
    Samuel D Commito Shrewsbury, MA English
    Jessica A Cone Holden, MA Psychology
    Aidan J Conlon Lowell, MA Business Administration
    Gabrielle G Conlon Worcester, MA Economics
    Kiersten A Connolly North Easton, MA Nursing
    Ryan J Connolly Braintree, MA Communication
    Sydney C Connor Douglas, MA Communication Disorders
    Thomas E Conroy Worcester, MA History
    Courtney E Conway Marshfield, MA Communication
    Grace Coogan Longmeadow, MA Undeclared
    Jillian P Cooper Burlington, MA Communication Disorders
    Kyle L Cordeiro New Bedford, MA Business Administration
    Maria P Correa Sutton, MA Business Administration
    Marianna Correa Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Mackenzie B Corriveau Brooklyn, CT Psychology
    Christine Corrow Brimfield, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Sydney E Cortes Sutton, MA Business Administration
    Carissa M Coskie Boylston, MA Public Health
    Andrea R Costa Dartmouth, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Kerry E Cote Reading, MA Biology
    Kira M Cotter Worcester, MA Psychology
    Ashley N Cotting Holden, MA Nursing
    Brodin P Coughlin North Brookfield, MA Business Administration
    Timothy P Courtney Worcester, MA English
    Kelly A Coutu Uxbridge, MA Psychology
    Caitlin M Couture Longmeadow, MA Communication Disorders
    Nicholas M Couture Leominster, MA Communication
    Corey T Covino Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Alexandra B Cowher Dudley, MA Psychology
    Amanda L Cox Wilmington, MA Nursing
    Kaitlyn M Cox West Springfield, MA Communication Disorders
    Carter J Craft Sutton, MA Psychology
    Kyle E Cravatis Beverly, MA Business Administration
    Sean P Creighton Uxbridge, MA Criminal Justice
    Jaylen L Creonte-Baird Fitchburg, MA Public Health
    Emily Cristofolini Holyoke, MA Biology
    Christina M Cronin Worcester, MA Communication
    Shannon M Cronin Mansfield, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Sarah E Cross East Douglas, MA Biology
    Hannah N Croteau Auburn, MA Communication
    Kelly R Croteau Millbury, MA Nursing
    Abigail E Crothers Whitinsville, MA Psychology
    Jamie T Cruz Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Leslie Cruz Marlborough, MA Criminal Justice
    Sofia L Cruz Milford, MA Psychology
    Debra A Cuadro Worcester, MA Communication
    Tyler J Culross Sutton, MA Communication
    Madison M Cuozzi Clinton, MA Occupational Studies
    Rachael E Curley Marlborough, MA Nursing
    Sydney S Curpenski Middleboro, MA Nursing
    Kamara J Curry Worcester, MA Psychology
    Sarah B Curry Webster, MA English
    Ciera S Cutten Warren, MA Communication
    Dawid R Cwalinski Holden, MA Biotechnology
    Caroline A Cyr Granby, MA Nursing
    Tyler H Cyr Holden, MA Undeclared
    Alexis M Da Cunha Clinton, MA Urban Studies, Sociology
    Student (Last Name “D”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Hade Dabbagh Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Ruba Dabbagh Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Gabriela T Dacosta Marlborough, MA Nursing
    Dominic J D'Acri Auburn, MA Criminal Justice
    Jeanette D'Agostino Tully, NY Public Health
    Christopher D Dahrouj Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Nicholas J Dalaklis Berlin, MA Public Health
    Emily L Daley Shrewsbury, MA Environmental Science
    Margaret M Daley Coventry, RI Occupational Studies
    Deanna A Dalli Auburn, MA Occupational Studies
    Kennedy M Damoah Worcester, MA Psychology
    Mathew D Dansereau Westfield, MA Criminal Justice
    Jodi R Darby Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Adriana K Darko Worcester, MA Public Health
    Sara Darman Worcester, MA Psychology
    Julia S DaSilva Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Sabrina E Dass Marlborough, MA Communication Disorders
    Nicole E Daury Oxford, MA Environmental Science
    Emily E Davio Ashland, MA Communication Disorders
    Mikala M Davis Uxbridge, MA Business Administration
    Tyler J Davis North Brookfield, MA Biotechnology
    Katherine M Dawson Northborough, MA Nursing
    Keri M De Almeida Marlborough, MA Business Administration
    Clifford A De Melo-Shay West Boylston, MA Communication
    Brianna M Deacon Fitchburg, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Haley E Deane Spencer, MA Elementary Education, English
    Gabriella R DeAngelis Wareham, MA Communication
    Anna R Dee Pepperell, MA Occupational Studies, Psychology
    Austin P Deignan Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Ismaely DeLeon Southbridge, MA Criminal Justice
    Laura C DelleChiaie Bradford, MA Public Health, English
    Jaclyn I Delmonico Milford, MA Communication
    Chelsea L DeMayo North Attleboro, MA Psychology
    Mary Demchenko Sharon, MA Nursing
    Casey M Demers Sandy Hook, CT Occupational Studies
    Shannon M Demers Ware, MA Biology
    Brian J Dempsey Worcester, MA History
    Ryan E D'Entremont Grafton, MA Computer Science
    Michael P DePalo Shrewsbury, MA History
    Sophia M Depasquale Worcester, MA Communication
    Samantha V Dercole Framingham, MA Communication Disorders
    Mary DerKosrofian North Providence, RI Communication, English
    Arlind Dervishaj Worcester, MA Biology
    Logan J Desilets Shrewsbury, MA Biology
    Sarah E Deslauriers North Smithfield, RI Occupational Studies
    Sean T Desmond Groveland, MA History
    Kacie L DeSousa North Dighton, MA Occupational Studies
    Elizabeth C Devaney Leominster, MA Biology
    Brandon W Devin Lynn, MA Criminal Justice
    Sean P Devin Lynn, MA Business Administration
    Nicholas J Devine Foxborough, MA Criminal Justice
    Nathaniel I deVries Uxbridge, MA Mathematics
    Maria Deyette Dudley, MA Business Administration
    Monika D Di Troia Bellingham, MA Communication Disorders
    Brian D Dias Sharon, MA Business Administration
    Coryn M Dias Milford, MA Criminal Justice
    Sara E DiBello Rutland, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Christen E DiCarlo Sturbridge, MA Biotechnology
    Jacqueline S Dickmann Mansfield, MA Public Health
    Kelly T Diep Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Veronika C Dilba Billerica, MA Nursing
    Kelsey A Dilling Gardner, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Douglas E Dillon Leicester, MA Geography
    Katrina A Dilorio Worcester, MA Liberal Studies
    Madeleine N Dimaria Plymouth, MA Criminal Justice
    Brooke E Dionne Spencer, MA Psychology, Early Childhood Education
    Rachel E Dixson East Douglas, MA Nursing
    Quynh D Doan Auburn, MA Business Administration
    Matthew L Doane Mattapoisett, MA Criminal Justice
    Matthew D Dogali Oxford, CT Mathematics
    Erin R Doherty Leicester, MA Biology
    Hannah V Doherty Dudley, MA Business Administration
    Shealagh K Doherty Tewksbury, MA Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Jillian M Dombroski Sutton, MA Elementary Education
    Julia R Donabed Grafton, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Raquel A Donaldson Southborough, MA Nursing
    Clothilde M Donarumo Templeton, MA Biology
    Victoria M Donarumo Templeton, MA Criminal Justice
    Lindsay G D'Onofrio Windham, NH Occupational Studies
    Apphia M Donoghue Rowley, MA Occupational Studies
    Morgan A Donohue North Grafton, MA Communication
    Kaitlyn Dore Linwood, MA Psychology
    Dallas Dores Worcester, MA History
    Jared M Dotts Westborough, MA Urban Studies
    Pasquale J Doucimo Worcester, MA Mathematics
    Meaghan K Dougherty Attleboro, MA Mathematics
    Michael J Dow Spencer, MA Elementary Education, History
    Callie L Dowd Ludlow, MA Undeclared
    Kerri J Dowd Auburn, MA Nursing
    Carly T Dowen Shrewsbury, MA English
    Ashley A Downes Springfield, MA Communication
    Megan L Downing Shrewsbury, MA Criminal Justice
    Mary E Doyle Northbridge, MA Psychology
    Kate Drabato Webster, MA Communication Disorders
    Timothy E Drevitch Oxford, NJ Computer Science
    Ailish Driscoll Salem, MA Nursing
    Alicia M Dryden Oakham, MA Communication Disorders
    Amanda T Dryden Oakham, MA Communication Disorders
    Stephanie H Dryden Leicester, MA Criminal Justice
    Abigail A DuBois Leominster, MA Psychology
    Lauren M DuBois Ware, MA Public Health
    Ali P Duchemin Holden, MA Psychology
    Patrick H Duffy Holden, MA Criminal Justice
    Simone R Dufresne Barre, MA Biology
    Rhiannon L Dugan Leicester, MA Geography
    Joshua R Duhamel Clinton, MA History
    Jared K Dunn Rutland, MA Criminal Justice
    Lauren A Dunphy Shrewsbury, MA Early Childhood Education, Liberal Studies
    Claire T Duong Worcester, MA Public Health
    Nguyen T Duong Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Michaela L Dupuis West Brookfield, MA Business Administration
    Brianna M Durkin Sudbury, MA Communication Disorders
    Olivia K Durkin Dracut, MA Communication Disorders
    Oresti Duro Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Ren Dutczak Boylston, MA Computer Science
    Zacharie T Duvarney Southbridge, MA Psychology
    Jessica L Dwelly New Braintree, MA Psychology
    Matthew R Dwyer Framingham, MA Biology
    Allison J Dyberg Millbury, MA Public Health
    Emma A Dyer East Greenwich, RI Occupational Studies
    Alexis M Dylewicz Clinton, MA Business Administration
    Student (Last Name “E”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Charisa K Ebert Attleboro, MA Communication Disorders
    David S Echavarria Uxbridge, MA Business Administration
    Matthew R Edwards Attleboro, MA Business Administration
    Allison L Ekstrom Middleboro, MA Occupational Studies
    Jacob E Elbirt Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Anton Elkomos Milford, MA Criminal Justice
    Annette G Ellis Millbury, MA Business Administration
    Samer El-Sayed Worcester, MA Nursing
    Ashley A Emery Shrewsbury, MA Psychology
    Gina M Endres Rochdale, MA History
    Melinda A Engel Auburn, MA Nursing
    Joshua M Enright Hubbardston, MA Biotechnology
    Caitlin A Entwistle West Boylston, MA Psychology
    Samuel R Errara Grafton, MA Undeclared
    Juan Espinal Lawrence, MA Nursing
    Alejandro M Espino Webster, MA Economics
    Nadeschka Essien Worcester, MA Communication
    Racieli Estrella Worcester, MA Health Education
    Andrew H Etheridge Harrisville, RI Environmental Science
    Student (Last Name “F”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Yvette G Fagan Westminster, MA Liberal Studies
    Nicole J Faherty Webster, MA English
    Brandon J Fairbanks Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Jessica P Fama Peabody, MA Communication Disorders
    Emilia K Fanelli Leominster, MA Nursing
    Yliza L Fantauzzi Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Ryan J Farrell Bellingham, MA Criminal Justice
    Andrew P Farrington Worcester, MA History
    Emily E Fassett Rutland, MA Public Health
    Emily E Faulkner Dudley, MA Business Administration
    Dorota Feinzeig Worcester, MA History
    Marcos A Felipe East Freetown, MA Computer Science
    Letisha A Ferabolli Worcester, MA Sociology
    Isaac A Fernandes Berlin, MA Public Health
    Lauren E Ferraro Londonderry, NH Occupational Studies
    Monica L Ferrazzani No. Reading, MA Business Administration
    Mariana R Ferreira Clinton, MA English
    Quinn C Ferreira Tewksbury, MA Nursing
    Jessica D Ferris Auburn, MA Elementary Education
    Anthony J Fichtner Worcester, MA English
    Lillian Figueroa Worcester, MA Chemistry
    Brent M Filgerleski Webster, MA Economics
    Jesse M Fimian Brookfield, MA Mathematics, Economics
    Emily R Finnegan Ashland, MA Nursing
    Ryan P Finneran-Gallagher Worcester, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Hailey P Fitch Lowell, MA Communication
    Colin J Fitzgerald Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Leah A Fitzgerald Upton, MA Nursing
    Seth A Fitzgerald Paxton, MA Biology
    Julia L Fitzpatrick Charlton City, MA Biology
    Maeve E Flaherty Milford, MA Chemistry
    Michaela A Florio Brockton, MA Early Childhood Education
    Shannon N Florio Boylston, MA Business Administration
    Sarah R Flynn Hardwick, MA English
    Megan E Foley Orange, CT Occupational Studies, Public Health
    Meghan L Foley Douglas, MA Elementary Education, English
    Rebecca K Foley Berkley, MA Communication Disorders
    Madelyn Fong Norton, MA Business Administration
    Samantha E Fonseca Plymouth, MA Urban Studies
    Patrick R Ford Worcester, MA Spanish
    Andrew M Fottler Chelmsford, MA Undeclared
    Jasmine S Fouracre Norfolk, MA Psychology
    Stacy B Francis Brockton, MA Communication Disorders
    Kyle J Frattasio South Yarmouth, MA Criminal Justice, History
    James D Frederick Auburn, MA Nursing
    Emmanuel G Freeman Worcester, MA Biology
    Carina J Frontiero Ipswich, MA Biology
    Eric R Fyrberg Spencer, MA Biology
    Student (Last Name “G”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Nuur H Gacal Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Megan E Gage Worcester, MA English
    Nathan J Gagne Berkley, MA Business Administration
    Nicholas G Gagne Westborough, MA Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Stacia M Gagne Berkley, MA Psychology
    Amanda A Gaines Medway, MA Elementary Education, Geography
    Sarina C Gaines Dorchester, MA Criminal Justice
    Rochelle Gallant Worcester, MA Sociology
    Bianca H Gallati Cherry Valley, MA Public Health
    Patrick J Galvin Shrewsbury, MA Business Administration
    Katrina M Garbacik Forestdale, MA Nursing
    Michael W Gardner Woodstock, CT Criminal Justice
    Andre C Garner New London, CT Criminal Justice, Psychology
    Emily E Garon Monson, MA Elementary Education, English
    Faramielis Garrido Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Hannah E Garrity Attleboro, MA Criminal Justice
    Megan F Gatsogiannis Dudley, MA Public Health
    Brandon M Gatta Sturbridge, MA Communication
    Tyler J Gaudette Shrewsbury, MA Business Administration
    Katherine J Gauthier Holden, MA Communication Disorders
    Dangelo R Gedeon Worcester, MA Psychology
    Kristina M Geer Worcester, MA Sociology
    Brianna M Germain West Boylston, MA Environmental Science
    Amanda D Gevry Oxford, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Hannah L Gianfriddo Hudson, MA Sociology
    Alexandra E Giaquinto Auburn, MA Criminal Justice
    Arianna R Giasson Somerset, MA Occupational Studies
    Sophia R Gibbs Rutland, MA Health Education
    Karoline Gildemeister Worcester, MA Sociology
    Mackenzie R Gillespie-Slovin Hudson, MA Sociology
    Erica R Gilman North Brookfield, MA English, Sociology
    Theodore J Girard Charlton, MA Public Health
    Carrie A Girardin Auburn, MA Psychology
    Andrew M Girouard Sutton, MA Business Administration
    Erin Girouard Middleboro, MA Nursing
    Melissa Girouard Spencer, MA Biology
    Alvis Gitaka Worcester, MA Communication
    Felicia T Givins Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Janeisa R Givins Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Steven Gjino Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Mariela Gjylapi Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Abigail L Glazebrook Sturbridge, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Thomas G Gleason Auburn, MA English
    Sara A Gluchacki Millbury, MA Psychology
    Molly A Glynn Abington, MA Early Childhood Education
    Steven W Godfrey Wilmington, MA Criminal Justice
    Alexander C Godfrin Woonsocket, RI History
    Janusz A Golemo Paxton, MA Business Administration
    Ester Golgota Durres Biology
    Danielle S Gomes Rutland, MA Nursing
    Mariah C Gomes Webster, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Melquisedez Gomez Roxbury, MA Criminal Justice
    Samantha P Gomez Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Alexys D Gonelli West Boylston, MA Public Health
    Ian M Gonyea Millbury, MA Business Administration
    Matthew R Gonzalez Worcester, MA Nursing
    Charles J Goodacre Rutland, MA Criminal Justice, Business Administration
    Jenna R Goodreau Monson, MA Communication Disorders
    Morgan E Goozey East Douglas, MA Psychology
    Valerie J Gordon Lowell, MA Public Health
    Ashley Gorham Upton, MA Public Health
    Kayla R Gorham Rutland, MA Business Administration
    Daria A Goryaynova Shrewsbury, MA Business Administration
    Emma F Gosselin Methuen, MA English
    Anna Grady Bellingham, MA Psychology
    Margaret L Grady Worcester, MA Chemistry
    Rose M Grady Leicester, MA Nursing
    Ashley M Gravelle Ashburnham, MA Communication Disorders
    Emily A Graves Westminster, MA Early Childhood Education, Visual and Performing Arts
    Jacklyn A Gray Lunenburg, MA Elementary Education
    Kayla R Gray Sutton, MA Psychology
    Morgan A Greaney Monson, MA Psychology
    Jordan D Green Leicester, MA Communication Disorders
    Rachel M Green Mattapoisett, MA Communication Disorders
    Emma K Greenberg Mansfield, MA Biotechnology
    Austin W Greene Oxford, MA Business Administration
    Heather Greene Oakham, MA Nursing
    Sonia N Greene Hopkinton, MA Public Health
    Monica S Greenlaw West Brookfield, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Molly E Greenwood Marshfield, MA Nursing
    Adam M Gregoire Jefferson, MA History
    Joseph J Grider Hopedale, MA Public Health
    John J Griffin Worcester, MA English
    Kyle C Griffin Marlborough, MA Biology
    Rachel A Griffin Auburn, MA Health Education
    Courtney L Guay Londonderry, NH Biology
    Christine M Guerin-Lampila Hubbardston, MA Urban Studies
    Michael J Guertin Spencer, MA Business Administration
    Margaret E Gurney Douglas, MA Nursing
    Suraj Gurung Shrewsbury, MA Computer Science
    Haley M Guyette Meriden, CT Occupational Studies
    Niko Q Guzman-Jerry Worcester, MA Sociology
    Student (Last Name “H”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Gretchen M Hadlock Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Razeen F Haider Shrewsbury, MA Biology
    Joseph P Hainsworth Worcester, MA Sociology
    Mariam Hajjo Shrewsbury, MA Sociology
    Kaitlyn E Hall Rutland, MA Public Health
    Mystique D Hall Auburn, MA Elementary Education, Visual and Performing Arts
    Adam M Hamdan Worcester, MA Health Education
    Gabrielle M Hamel West Boylston, MA Spanish
    Melissa V Hamilton North Grafton, MA Public Health
    Samer M Hammoodi Worcester, MA Chemistry
    Emily P Hamparian Belchertown, MA Elementary Education, English
    Hadeel S Hamza Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Matthew B Hanlon Hudson, MA Biology
    Kalie E Harding North Brookfield, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Megan Harding Shirley, MA Communication
    Danny T Harper Ware, MA Criminal Justice
    Julia C Harrington Pepperell, MA Communication Disorders
    Riley M Harrington Ludlow, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Amanda Harris Holden, MA Biology
    Braxtyn T Harris Lowell, MA Criminal Justice, Psychology
    Nichole Hart Framingham, MA Urban Studies
    Devon S Hassan Hudson, MA Chemistry
    Emily J Hastings Cherry Valley, MA English
    Gabriela Hastings Clinton, MA Spanish
    Jennifer L Havens Paxton, MA Nursing
    Edward J Hayes Clinton, MA English
    Heidi E Hazzard Charlton, MA Undeclared
    Stephen W Healy Mansfield, MA Nursing
    Avery C Heenan Paxton, MA Psychology
    Christopher R Heintz South Yarmouth, MA Criminal Justice
    Juliet L Helock Dudley, MA Chemistry
    Michelle D Henry Shrewsbury, MA Psychology
    Timothy M Herbst Bolton, MA Computer Science
    Andy A Hernandez Worcester, MA Biology
    Brittany M Herring West Brookfield, MA Communication Disorders
    McKayla M Hersom Wilmington, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Cali P Hetherman Oxford, MA Sociology
    Alyssa-Anne M Hicks South Barre, MA Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Melissa L Higginson Holden, MA Communication Disorders
    Austin C Hillsamer Shrewsbury, MA Public Health
    Lisa M Hilton W. Boylston, MA Business Administration
    Dakota R Hinerth North Brookfield, MA Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Michael J Hinkley Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Amelia J Hirtle Rutland, MA Business Administration
    Alexander J Hoban Millbury, MA Communication
    Aleah J Hodge Feeding Hills, MA Communication Disorders
    Amanda M Hoffey Oakham, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Allyson L Hoffman Shrewsbury, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Julia K Hoffman Shrewsbury, MA Undeclared
    Breana D Hogan Shrewsbury, MA Early Childhood Education
    Lindsey Hoggins Harvard, MA Business Administration
    Hannah V Holgate Boylston, MA Occupational Studies
    Laura J Holland Millbury, MA Communication Disorders
    Shakisha C Holley Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Dejour M Hollins Methuen, MA Sociology
    Nina Hong Worcester, MA Communication
    Sydney J Horanzy Auburn, MA Criminal Justice
    Dillon J Horgan Stoneham, MA Criminal Justice
    Colin T Houle Stafford Springs, CT Sociology
    Tajana N Howard Leominster, MA Biology
    Emma G Howe Dudley, MA Biology
    Sydney K Howe Sutton, MA Biology
    Amanda Hoxha Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Denise Hoxha Worcester, MA Undeclared
    Nichole Hubert Millbury, MA Health Education
    Katherine H Huff Clinton, MA Business Administration
    Kendall V Hughes Tolland, CT Early Childhood Education
    Jennette K Hummel Middletown, CT Nursing
    Brian M Humphrey Dudley, MA Business Administration
    Yu-Chieh Hung Worcester, MA Public Health
    Kacie A Huntley Chicopee, MA Early Childhood Education, Sociology
    Kristen E Huston Spencer, MA Criminal Justice
    Taylor J Hutchings Brockton, MA Communication
    Student (Last Name “I”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Serena M Iacovelli Wareham, MA Biology
    Hanan R Ibraheim Worcester, MA Mathematics
    Emily A Ijams Charlton, MA Communication Disorders, Spanish
    Emily Ikonen Hubbardston, MA English
    Melissa C Ingerson Worcester, MA Sociology
    Alfred Iraola Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Bethany A Irish Charlton, MA Nursing
    Karen B Israel Worcester, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Student (Last Name “J”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Mohammad A Jaber Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Stephanie J Jacher Worcester, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Christopher A Jackson West Brookfield, MA Chemistry, Computer Science
    Shadroy A Jackson Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Nicole E Jacobs Westborough, MA Business Administration
    Deanne I Jacobson Worcester, MA Early Childhood Education
    Lillian K Jacobson East Bridgewater, MA Nursing
    Adama Jalloh Worcester, MA Sociology
    Michael L Jameson West Boylston, MA Biology
    Francesca A Jandrow Holden, MA Business Administration
    Melanie M Janse Ashland, MA Nursing
    Timothy R Jarvis Worcester, MA History, Liberal Studies
    Serena M Jaskolka Mattapoisett, MA Communication Disorders
    Marie A Jean-Francois Shrewsbury, MA Health Education
    Julia Jennison Sutton, MA Public Health
    Ellen R Jewart Worcester, MA English
    Elizabeth M Jezierski Thompson, CT Urban Studies
    Erica C John Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Abigail R Johnson Holden, MA English
    Aiyana J Johnson W Barnstable, MA Public Health
    Ciara A Johnson Rutland, MA Biology
    Colleen R Johnson Oxford, MA Psychology
    Isabella N Johnson Dudley, MA Environmental Science
    Hayley M Johnston Charlton, MA Early Childhood Education, Sociology
    Kathryn L Johnston Holliston, MA Nursing
    Jacklyn E Joncas Westford, MA Business Administration
    Emily E Jones Webster, MA Psychology
    Robyn S Jones Natick, MA Elementary Education, Visual and Performing Arts
    Rachel A Jorge Dartmouth, MA Elementary Education, Sociology
    Brian R Jorritsma Spencer, MA Communication
    Amaireny Jose Worcester, MA Public Health
    James E Joyce East Brookfield, MA Communication, Visual and Performing Arts
    Julia E Joyce E Brookfield, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Hannah E Joyner Waterford, CT Occupational Studies
    Jamie M Jurgiel Shrewsbury, MA Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Student (Last Name “K”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Michael E Kadlick Dedham, MA Communication
    Alesia Kalaja Worcester, MA Economics
    Jacqueline M Kamins Worcester, MA Biology
    Yaw O Kanin Worcester, MA Biology
    Parthenopi M Kapiris Auburn, MA Psychology
    Efstathia Kapoukranidis Leicester, MA Undeclared
    Konstantina Kapoukranidis Leicester, MA Undeclared
    Mercy W Karanja Worcester, MA Urban Studies
    Sophia W Karanja Taunton, MA Psychology
    Julie A Karlowicz Dudley, MA Biology
    Nathan R Karpowich Worcester, MA Communication
    Sarah N Kasof Shrewsbury, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Jenna C Katinas Rutland, MA Elementary Education, English
    Huda Kayal Oxford, MA Chemistry
    Lily A Keating Wilmington, MA Occupational Studies
    Joseph A Keddy Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Jack N Kellard St Albans Economics
    Daniel M Keller South Grafton, MA Biology
    Evan S Kelley Holden, MA Biology
    Meagan E Kelley E Bridgewater, MA Occupational Studies
    Erika R Kelly Peachtree Corners, GA Psychology
    Sarah M Kendrick Auburn, MA Psychology
    Alexa M Kennedy Auburn, MA Early Childhood Education, Sociology
    Delaney K Kenny Lawrence, MA Biology
    Brian M Kent West Boylston, MA Public Health
    Destiny A Keough Rutland, MA Undeclared
    Nathalie Khafaga Auburn, MA Chemistry
    Abraham Y Khafaja Auburn, MA Business Administration
    Sarah H Khallady Leominster, MA Nursing
    Masuma M Khokhar Shrewsbury, MA Business Administration
    Monika M Kicilinska Dudley, MA Mathematics
    Maxwell R Kimball Southbridge, MA Chemistry
    Veronica Kimmens Boylston, MA Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Alexis K King Lancaster, MA Nursing
    Lindsey A King Beverly, MA Nursing
    Max J King Sutton, MA Mathematics
    Christopher M Kirwan Whitinsville, MA Health Education
    Raissa O Kitenge Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Theofanis Klarakis Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Kaylee M Klenk Douglas, MA Environmental Science
    Nicholas B Knight Wrentham, MA History
    Paul F Koffi Warren, MA Biology
    Megi Kola Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Kenan J Kolanda Sterling, MA Business Administration
    Jessica L Kollett Uxbridge, MA Psychology, Economics
    Esther O Konadu Worcester, MA Psychology
    Manasseh A Konadu Worcester, MA History
    Victoria R Konicki Auburn, MA English
    Mary E Konola Boxborough, MA Public Health
    Julia C Konow Lebanon, CT English
    Kelsey J Konow Lebanon, CT Nursing
    Henrietta Koramoah Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Calli N Korbey Hopkinton, MA Undeclared
    Lewis C Kotros Worcester, MA Liberal Studies
    Jenna E Kovago Boylston, MA Business Administration
    Joshua T Kozicki Willington, CT Criminal Justice
    Sara E Krusper Tewksbury, MA Nursing
    Michael C Kubicki Worcester, MA Liberal Studies
    Benjamin C Kuebler Dudley, MA History
    Joseph K Kum Worcester, MA Nursing
    Prince E Kumah Worcester, MA Psychology
    Bridget L Kupfer Worcester, MA Nursing
    Heather M Kupstas Dudley, MA Public Health, Urban Studies
    Omar A Kurdi Worcester, MA Mathematics
    Leah M Kurr Salem, NH Occupational Studies
    Student (Last Name “L”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Blair M LaBelle Boylston, MA Communication
    Jacob D Labonte Pascoag, RI Biology
    Emily N Labrie Blackstone, MA Occupational Studies
    Hannah Lachapelle Whitinsville, MA Communication
    Brianna L Laflamme Charlton, MA Criminal Justice
    Lynsea D Lafond Belchertown, MA Nursing
    Alberto Laguna South Grafton, MA Biology
    Jorge Laguna South Grafton, MA Business Administration
    Jennifer R LaHair Millbury, MA Psychology
    Sotirios E Lalos Worcester, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Sang Q Lam Auburn, MA Biology
    Nehemie Lamarre Clinton, MA Biology
    Amanda M Lambert Oxford, MA Communication Disorders
    Elizabeth L Lambert Oxford, MA Psychology
    Emily A Lamica Worcester, MA Communication Disorders
    Caitlin N LaMonda Worcester, MA Psychology
    Brooke K Lamothe Tewksbury, MA Nursing
    Megan L Lane Littleton, MA Occupational Studies
    Cameron E Lanier Charlton, MA Undeclared
    Grace M Lapan Douglas, MA Nursing
    Kyle N LaPointe Holden, MA Computer Science
    Dominic C Lapomardo Holden, MA Undeclared
    Jessica L Lascom Spencer, MA Undeclared
    Marc Latta Marlborough, MA Biology
    Jhan B LaTulippe Southbridge, MA Computer Science
    Stefanie A Lauretano Webster, MA Liberal Studies
    Ryan Z Laurie Wales, MA Communication
    Emily C Lavin North Brookfield, MA English
    Ashley Lavoie Sutton, MA Biology
    Kathleen M Law Dudley, MA Computer Science
    Jacob Q Lawrence Mattapoisett, MA Communication Disorders
    Christopher V Lazzaro Millbury, MA Occupational Studies
    Alexander M Le Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Charissa Le Worcester, MA Public Health
    Dana T Le Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Judy Le Leicester, MA Chemistry
    Nhu T Le Auburn, MA Chemistry
    Vy A Le Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Jason P Leaming Brimfield, MA Criminal Justice
    Emily I LeBeau Auburn, MA Criminal Justice
    Tsara J LeBlanc Leominster, MA Health Education
    Eric M Lebrasseur Lowell, MA Business Administration
    Katelyn R Ledwith N Chelmsford, MA Nursing
    Dominique G Lee Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Samuel J Legasey Spencer, MA Mathematics
    Morgan E Leger Peterborough, NH Occupational Studies
    Kylie M LeGrow Plymouth, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Patrick S Lehane Milford, MA Business Administration
    Marta M Leitao Uxbridge, MA History
    Joseph R LeMay North Grafton, MA History
    Elise E Lemieux Winchendon, MA Communication Disorders
    Austin K Lemire Douglas, MA Environmental Science
    Victoria M Lemire Winchendon, MA Occupational Studies
    Amber L Lempke Holyoke, MA Undeclared
    Alyssa M Lentini Attleboro, MA Business Administration
    Susan A Lenz Ludlow, MA Spanish
    Felicia M Leriche Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Sara G Lesack Uxbridge, MA Psychology
    Jade S Letendre Uxbridge, MA Biology
    Jenna M Letizia Milford, MA Sociology
    Kaitlyn M Letourneau Berlin, MA Nursing
    Sydney G LeVasseur Palmer, MA Communication Disorders
    Kyle A Lewis Palmer, MA Criminal Justice
    Kevin J Libby Hudson, MA Criminal Justice
    Madison E Lima East Falmouth, MA Elementary Education
    Katherine C Lindberg Holden, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Joseph L Lindenmayer Rochdale, MA Mathematics
    Morgan H Lindsey Northboro, MA Health Education
    Rachel A Little Monson, MA Public Health
    David A Livengood Southbridge, MA Computer Science
    Lena T Llanos Maynard, MA Criminal Justice
    Alyssa C Llewelyn Northfield, MA Communication Disorders, Public Health
    Tucker D Llewelyn Northfield, MA Business Administration
    Jessica M Lloyd Orange, MA Psychology
    Nicholas J Lloyd Worcester, MA English
    Matthew W Lockwood Feeding Hills, MA Undeclared
    Ryan M Logan Dracut, MA Criminal Justice
    Eh K Loh Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Alexander J Lombardi Foxboro, MA Business Administration
    Olivia N Longo Westborough, MA Psychology
    Kelly J Lopriore Shrewsbury, MA Undeclared
    Aaron M Lorusso Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Aidan P Lorusso Worcester, MA Undeclared
    Katherine M Lottes Boxborough, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Owakina E Louis Worcester, MA Public Health
    Rebecca C Lowe Dracut, MA Criminal Justice
    Jeremy R Lowell Holden, MA Business Administration
    Marissa D Luchini Hopedale, MA Spanish
    Haley J Lucier Longmeadow, MA Occupational Studies
    Rebecca A Lulu Leicester, MA Geography
    Jonathan A Luna Jefferson, MA Criminal Justice
    Emily M Lunn Dudley, MA Nursing
    Minh C Luong Worcester, MA Biology
    Tam T Luong Worcester, MA Biology
    Mai N Ly Worcester, MA Nursing
    Jordan R Lyons Shrewsbury, MA Early Childhood Education, Sociology
    Student (Last Name “M”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Santina M MacGregor Douglas, MA English
    Annie Machado Worcester, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Sofia R Macias Westfield, MA Communication Disorders
    Rachel J Maciejewski Douglas, MA English
    Haleigh J MacKinnon Mendon, MA Nursing
    Liberty H MacMillan Worcester, MA Undeclared
    Erin P Macora Marlborough, MA Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Aaron J Maday Worcester, MA Public Health
    Elisa N Madden Tewksbury, MA Communication Disorders
    Anthony M Madonna Leicester, MA Environmental Science
    Hannah J Maffeo Tewksbury, MA Sociology
    John E Maguire Douglas, MA Criminal Justice
    Sean M Mahan Woburn, MA Business Administration
    Ann M Maher Mansfield, MA Nursing
    Kevin E Mahoney Holden, MA Environmental Science
    Megan R Mahoney Sutton, MA Nursing
    Brennan J Mailloux Orange, MA Criminal Justice
    Kurt R Maiser Holden, MA Computer Science
    Jonathan L Maisoh Cranston, RI Criminal Justice
    Julia B Malcolmson Leominster, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Emily A Mallinson Durham, CT Health Education
    Kailey M Mangion Norfolk, MA Elementary Education
    Nicole C Mankowska Holden, MA Nursing
    Michael H Manning Bridgewater, MA Business Administration
    Sarah A Manning Hope Valley, RI Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Sophia R Manzi Longmeadow, MA Business Administration
    Madison J Marceau North Adams, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Ryan J Marcelonis Oxford, MA Computer Science
    Jason W Marchand Brimfield, MA Business Administration
    Alvin Marchena Boston, MA Business Administration
    Brianna E Marchetti Providence, RI Biology
    Brittany E Marchetti Providence, RI Occupational Studies
    Erika R Markham Chelmsford, MA Occupational Studies
    Lea M Markham Lancaster, MA Communication
    Michael V Marotta Cheshire, CT History
    Danielle L Marrier Webster, MA Business Administration
    Heidi A Marrier Dudley, MA Biology
    Cullen W Mars Cherry Valley, MA Criminal Justice
    Rachel M Marsh Westminster, MA Occupational Studies
    Victoria H Marshall Winchendon, MA Occupational Studies
    Derek L Marszalek Worcester, MA Communication
    Jenna N Martin Salem, NH Communication
    Tyler T Martin Northfield, MA Undeclared
    Vanessa Martinez Worcester, MA Early Childhood Education
    Madeline R Martin-Mills Worcester, MA Psychology
    Erin Masciangioli Dudley, MA Nursing
    Emma L Massa Sterling, MA Criminal Justice
    Jacob E Massas Hudson, MA Criminal Justice
    Amelia F Massinger Lancaster, MA Communication Disorders
    Maxwell Masters Westborough, MA Sociology
    Elena A Mastrodomenico Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Maribel E Mateo Lawrence, MA Sociology, Criminal Justice
    Aneudy Matos Worcester, MA English
    Anthony R Mattero Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Emily Mattson Dudley, MA Biotechnology
    Marikate M Matys Holyoke, MA Nursing
    Brooke K Maxfield West Tisbury, MA Business Administration, Urban Studies
    Kacey A Maxner Jefferson, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Richard W Mayne Spencer, MA English
    Kyle S Mayou Holden, MA Psychology
    Rebeca W McCann West Warren, MA Psychology, Criminal Justice
    Laura M McCarthy Pembroke, MA Occupational Studies
    Lauren M McCarthy Woburn, MA Nursing
    Timothy J McCarthy Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Cheyenne L McCassie Northborough, MA English
    Adam B McCluskey Marlborough, MA Biology
    Cameron S McCormack Leicester, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Dermot T McCormack Worcester, MA Mathematics
    Erin M McCormack South Easton, MA Occupational Studies
    Kenzie M McCormick Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Ashley M McCullen North Attleboro, MA Business Administration
    Maeve A McDonagh Attleboro, MA Undeclared
    Patrick W McDonald Auburn, MA Business Administration
    Stephanie C McFadries Burlington, MA Biology
    Erin N McGinley Shrewsbury, MA Public Health
    William T McGlynn Thompson, CT Undeclared
    Kerry K McGrath Sutton, MA Occupational Studies
    Stephanie A McGrath Worcester, MA Sociology
    Shannon McIsaac Maynard, MA Communication Disorders
    Corrina N McKelvey Gales Ferry, CT Occupational Studies
    Sydney M McKinlay Sutton, MA Nursing
    Dante McPherson Maynard, MA Communication
    Makayla D McShane Manomet, MA Elementary Education, Spanish
    Glorivee Medina Worcester, MA Early Childhood Education
    Brandon T Meece Dudley, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Haley N Melanson Mendon, MA Business Administration
    Lindsay A Mellan Rutland, MA History
    Sarah P Mellyn Stoughton, MA Nursing, Public Health
    Alexis N Melton Oxford, MA Biology, Chemistry
    Derek W Mendes Northbridge, MA Criminal Justice
    Michael H Mendes Mendon, MA Computer Science
    Bernice K Mensah Worcester, MA Biology
    Joshua L Mensah Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Marissa J Merrifield Weymouth, MA Communication Disorders
    Ian J Merry West Brookfield, MA Health Education
    Danielle J Meservey North Grafton, MA Nursing
    Anthony T Messina Sturbridge, MA Public Health
    Redi Metali Worcester, MA Biology
    Bridget N Mias Oxford, MA Sociology
    Giana M Michelson Millbury, MA Nursing
    Arren M Mierzejewski Gardner, MA Business Administration
    Juan N Mieses Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Eric F Miller Longmeadow, MA History
    Megan A Miller Dracut, MA Nursing
    Kathleen M Miller-Vickers Worcester, MA History
    Rhiannon Millier Ware, MA History
    Kaila J Minucci Ashland, MA Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Tavian M Miranda Harwich, MA Sociology
    Brynn E Mitchell Upton, MA Public Health
    Adam T Moeckel Westminster, MA Business Administration
    Mohammed J Mohammed Worcester, MA Liberal Studies
    Justin F Moir Auburn, MA Communication
    Carla Mojica-Fructuoso Worcester, MA Public Health
    Marissa L Molinari West Bridgewater, MA Occupational Studies
    Ryann P Molinari Grafton, MA Nursing
    Jon J Monge Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Nicole E Mongeau Sterling, MA Liberal Studies
    John Monterroso Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Kyle E Montville Auburn, MA Business Administration
    Jessica N Moore Dudley, MA Psychology
    Nicholas J Moore Rutland, MA Psychology
    Rebecca E Moore Dudley, MA Biology
    Jonathan L Moraes Acushnet, MA Urban Studies
    Emily N Morais Marlborough, MA Sociology
    Angelo G Moraitis Wilmington, MA Business Administration
    Angie H Morales Worcester, MA Elementary Education, Visual and Performing Arts
    Eric R Morales Gonzalez Milford, MA Business Administration
    Justin Moran Westborough, MA Criminal Justice
    Daniel N Morey Fitchburg, MA Business Administration
    Bemnet Morgan Springfield, MA Business Administration
    Constance C Morgan-Poirier East Brookfield, MA Criminal Justice
    Benjamin R Morin New Braintree, MA Psychology
    Olivia A Morin Westford, MA Occupational Studies
    Jennifer M Morrissey Spencer, MA Business Administration
    Patrick E Mortimer Clinton, MA Criminal Justice
    Trevor V Mott Leicester, MA Mathematics
    Pierre F Mourad Shrewsbury, MA Business Administration
    Elena M Mouradian Wakefield, MA Occupational Studies
    Lauren R Mowles Salisbury, MA Public Health
    Morgan A Mucciarone Attleboro, MA Psychology
    Monika Mularski Auburn, MA Communication Disorders
    Molly V Mulhern Worcester, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Timothy P Mulkern Worcester, MA Communication
    Erisa Mullalli Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Charlotte R Mullane Sterling, MA Health Education
    Roy S Murillo West Roxbury, MA Biotechnology
    Amanda S Murphy Sterling, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Audra L Murphy Vernon, CT Business Administration
    Caitlin E Murphy Natick, MA Nursing
    Eleanor A Murphy Worcester, MA Elementary Education, English
    Emily R Murphy Feeding Hills, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Madison M Murphy Templeton, MA History
    Colleen J Murray Holden, MA Biology
    Emma P Murray Northborough, MA Communication
    Kelly V Murray Attleboro, MA Business Administration
    Rosemarie I Murray Norwood, MA Occupational Studies
    Grant E Murtagh Ware, MA Criminal Justice
    Amir Mustafa Northborough, MA Computer Science
    Syed A Mustafa Shrewsbury, MA Urban Studies
    Rachel E Myra Worcester, MA Health Education
    Kelly J Myrto Waitsfield, VT Occupational Studies
    Student (Last Name “N”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Heather R Nadeau Rochester, MA Occupational Studies
    Gabrielle M Nader Marlborough, MA Biology
    Eden M Najarian Worcester, MA Sociology
    Rania Y Najjar Holden, MA Psychology
    Jubilee K Nale Southbridge, MA History
    Leah B Nankwanga Framingham, MA Nursing
    Monineath Nann Worcester, MA Communication
    Kallie A Napolitano Ashburnham, MA Nursing
    Marie A Nazaire Worcester, MA Public Health
    Delice K Ndaie Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Cameron J Neary Mansfield, MA Business Administration
    Parker B Nellis Sutton, MA Business Administration
    Evan P Nelson Hudson, MA Biology
    Morgan R Nelson Hudson, MA Biology
    Grace E Nemphos Wilbraham, MA Psychology
    Alexis M Nevalsky Sutton, MA Business Administration
    Tereza Ngendahoruri Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Donna T Nguyen Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Eric T Nguyen Worcester, MA Mathematics, Computer Science
    Han P Nguyen Worcester, MA Chemistry
    James P Nguyen Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Khoa V Nguyen Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Lisa Nguyen Worcester, MA Undeclared
    Michelle T Nguyen Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Ngoc T Nguyen Hartford, CT Psychology
    Quy H Nguyen Worcester, MA Mathematics
    Selena T Nguyen Attleboro, MA Business Administration
    Son M Nguyen Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Thuy N Nguyen Worcester, MA Nursing
    Uyen V Nguyen Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Christopher A Nichols Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Caroline C Nicolao Rutland, MA Public Health
    Carlos A Nieves Clinton, MA Biology
    Tori L Nikki Westminster, MA Business Administration
    Murtaza S Nipplewala Malden, MA Computer Science
    Elizabeth C Niquette Ware, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Idalis Y Nivar Leominster, MA Communication Disorders
    Karly E Nivison Tolland, CT English
    Franklin M Nkwenti Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Micayla I Noonan Shrewsbury, MA Nursing
    Nicole L Norcross Southborough, MA Nursing
    Kaitlyn A Nordberg Attleboro, MA Criminal Justice
    Dominic J Notaro Clinton, MA Business Administration
    David J Novack Sturbridge, MA History
    Mackenzie B Novick Shrewsbury, MA Biology
    Linda Nti Worcester, MA Sociology
    Mayralejandra Nunez Southbridge, MA Psychology
    Alivia C Nutter Ashby, MA Nursing
    Emmanuel T Nyerebo Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Mary K Nystedt Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Student (Last Name “O”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Meghan A O'Brien Shrewsbury, MA Criminal Justice
    Joan A Ochieng Worcester, MA Public Health
    Nicole M O'Connell Worcester, MA English, History
    James T Odorski Shrewsbury, MA Public Health
    Steve N Ofori-Osafo Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Kennadi E Ohman Auburn, MA Sociology
    John E Ojukwu Stow, MA Health Education
    Steven J O'Leary Worcester, MA Sociology
    Tayla M O'Leary Salem, MA Liberal Studies
    Joshua L Oliver Shrewsbury, MA Mathematics
    Kaitlyn L Olmstead Westford, MA Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Kara L Olson Millbury, MA English
    Liam J OMalley Mansfield, MA Criminal Justice
    Julie A O'Melia Woburn, MA Communication
    Emily A O'Neil Hudson, MA Occupational Studies
    Mary Onstott Worcester, MA Biology
    Alexandra Orn Whitinsville, MA Criminal Justice
    David O'Rourke Norfolk, MA Nursing
    Pamela O Osaighale Brockton, MA Nursing
    Edona Osmani Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Jessica A Otoo Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Alissa Ott Upton, MA Business Administration
    Marina E Ottaviano Westford, MA Nursing
    Haylee L Ouellette Bellingham, MA Psychology
    Randi L Ouillette Douglas, MA Nursing
    Michael Y Owusu Worcester, MA Psychology
    Tracy Owusu-Appiah Worcester, MA Public Health
    Student (Last Name “P”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Paige E Pacheco Assonet, MA Nursing
    Jacquelyn N Pack Charlton, MA Communication Disorders
    Nicholas W Packard Oxford, MA History
    Scott A Page Winchendon, MA Business Administration
    Joshua P Pageau Millbury, MA Sociology
    Benjamin E Palatino Hudson, MA Business Administration
    Daphne M Palermo Leominster, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Alicia M Palmer Grafton, MA Nursing
    Brianna Panzini Clermont, FL Criminal Justice
    Alisha L Papadakis East Wareham, MA Biology
    Alexander W Papageorgiou Tewksbury, MA Business Administration
    Cayce R Pappas Oxford, MA Elementary Education
    Theodora A Pappoe Worcester, MA Biology
    Jessica M Paquin Grafton, MA Business Administration
    Nicole E Paquin Attleboro, MA Communication Disorders, Psychology
    Kay C Paradis Baldwinville, MA Environmental Science
    Katherine E Parent Paxton, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Faith D Parker Holden, MA Occupational Studies
    Kayla A Parker Saugus, MA Business Administration
    Madison J Parker North Brookfield, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Russell W Parker South Barre, MA Mathematics
    Anthony C Parretti Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Aubrey Parsons Westminster, MA Psychology
    Michelle L Paspe Upton, MA Nursing
    Sarah A Passamonti Worcester, MA Early Childhood Education, Education
    Isha A Patel Ellington, CT Public Health
    Tanvi V Pathrikar Westborough, MA Biotechnology
    Nick F Patullo Doylestown, PA Biology
    Chressentina V Paul Hyde Park, MA Public Health
    Marc-Kendy Paul Sharon, MA Business Administration
    Sabrina N Paulson N. Dartmouth, MA Biology
    Cory J Pavao Uxbridge, MA Business Administration
    Andrew Pawlowski Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Katrena M Pecci Sutton, MA Communication
    Ashley M Peck Auburn, MA Business Administration
    Elizabeth A Pedone Spencer, MA Psychology
    Vincent T Pellegrino Shrewsbury, MA Undeclared
    Mackenzie E Pelletier Westfield, MA Nursing
    Maura E Pelrine Melrose, MA Psychology
    Anthony Pen Worcester, MA Geography
    Claire R Pendergast Berlin, MA Business Administration
    Emma J Pendergast Berlin, MA Communication Disorders
    Katrina A Peppler Leominster, MA History
    Madison M Peralta Maynard, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Olivia L Pereira Lowell, MA Psychology
    Kylie J Perez Worcester, MA Mathematics
    Meagan M Perro Leicester, MA Communication Disorders
    Zachary M Perro Whitinsville, MA Criminal Justice, Sociology
    Tiffany J Perron Brookfield, MA Biology
    Brenna K Perry Sutton, MA Criminal Justice
    Michelle E Perry Hudson, MA Criminal Justice
    Saige M Peterson Worcester, MA Early Childhood Education, Sociology
    Olivia A Petras Peabody, MA Psychology
    Lisa R Petrowski Tewksbury, MA Communication Disorders
    Olivia I Petrucci Wilmington, MA Occupational Studies
    Beryl Pettiford Worcester, MA Urban Studies
    Andy T Pham Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Vinh H Pham Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Brian Phan Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Quoc V Phan Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Amiya L Phillips Springfield, MA Psychology
    Chyanna P Phillips Fall River, MA Communication
    Mambo S Phiri Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Katrina R Piangerelli Russell, MA Psychology
    Benjamin C Picard Jefferson, MA Undeclared
    Xhuliana Picari Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Victoria L Picotte Uxbridge, MA Liberal Studies
    Kalista Pierre Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Gloris Pina Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Briana Pingitore Rutland, MA Sociology
    Lauren T Pinkham Oxford, MA Business Administration
    Ava K Pintal Dracut, MA Occupational Studies
    Melanie M Pinto Worcester, MA Communication Disorders
    Maegan E Pittsley Hopedale, MA Early Childhood Education
    Miranda C Pizarro North Attleboro, MA Criminal Justice
    Joshua M Place Sutton, MA Biotechnology
    Gabrielle V Plainte Sterling, MA Psychology
    Colin M Plante Auburn, MA History
    Andrea J Plichta Uxbridge, MA Health Education
    Lynne M Pochesci Worcester, MA Psychology
    Brian M Poillucci North Attleboro, MA Business Administration
    Benjamin R Poirier Gardner, MA Criminal Justice
    Madison L Poirier Uxbridge, MA Business Administration
    Jacob R Poitras Harwich, MA Business Administration
    Bogumila J Polska Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Joshua A Ponce De Leon Charlton, MA Health Education
    Emma C Poplawski Rowe, MA Undeclared
    Joseph Popowski Springfield, MA Business Administration
    Theresa A Porter East Falmouth, MA Occupational Studies
    Jaimie A Poske Worcester, MA Elementary Education, English
    Briana M Postale Shrewsbury, MA Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Faith O Potts Holden, MA English
    Christopher A Pou Holyoke, MA Liberal Studies
    Kyle J Powers Worcester, MA Undeclared
    Sean T Powers Worcester, MA Spanish
    Mackenzie A Pratt Sturbridge, MA Biology
    Brandon A Premo Charlton, MA Communication
    Sean J Prendergast Northborough, MA Undeclared
    Tabbatha R Prescott West Brookfield, MA Criminal Justice
    Jake G Price Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Marissa B Proia Framingham, MA Health Education
    Andrew T Proietti West Boylston, MA Business Administration
    Kathryn N Proulx Swansea, MA Occupational Studies
    Gail F Provo Woburn, MA Undeclared
    Melissa A Prudhomme Whitinsville, MA Psychology
    Shaylee J Puleo Tewksbury, MA Mathematics
    Mitchell J Purdie Cavan Business Administration
    Katelyn M Putt Bridgewater, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Student (Last Name “Q”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Kyle F Quadarella Dudley, MA Computer Science
    Isabella M Quattrucci Petersham, MA Psychology
    Megan M Quigley North Brookfield, MA Elementary Education, English
    Brendan J Quinlan Sutton, MA Health Education
    Megan E Quinlan Dartmouth, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Collin J Quinn Westfield, MA Communication
    Rebecca S Quinn Braintree, MA Psychology
    Student (Last Name “R”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Christopher J Radkowski Shrewsbury, MA Computer Science
    Paul N Raheb Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Antonio Ramirez Hudson, MA Criminal Justice
    Isaiah S Ramirez Milford, MA Health Education
    Josue E Ramirez Worcester, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Gabriel H Ramos Gardner, MA Business Administration
    Timothy J Ramstrom Natick, MA Criminal Justice
    Alana M Ranney Marlborough, MA Liberal Studies
    Audrey Ratliff N. Grosvenordale, CT Elementary Education, English
    Andrew D Ravenelle North Oxford, MA Environmental Science
    Cameron J Raymond Athol, MA Business Administration
    Joshua M Raymond Lancaster, MA Business Administration
    Elisabeth B Reed Weymouth, MA Occupational Studies
    Michael E Reed Feeding Hills, MA Criminal Justice
    Marco M Rego Webster, MA Spanish
    Arden L Reinhardt Worcester, MA Communication
    Joshua L Reinstein Woodland Hills, CA Business Administration
    Stephanie M Rekowski North Grosvenordale, CT Criminal Justice
    Anna J Rembetsy-Brown Westminster, MA Occupational Studies
    Brian G Remmes Paxton, MA Business Administration
    Renae M Renihan Auburn, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Lucia V Revetria Fitchburg, MA Nursing
    Camiron L Reyes Worcester, MA English
    Manuel O Reyes-Ponce Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Delia Rhodes Lawrence, MA Criminal Justice, Sociology
    Olivia M Ribeiro East Taunton, MA Communication Disorders
    Michael J Ricci Peabody, MA Criminal Justice
    Cameron J Richards Northbridge, MA Criminal Justice
    Isabel M Richards Rutland, MA Business Administration
    Jared K Richards Leominster, MA Criminal Justice
    Nathaniel A Richards Sterling, MA Business Administration
    Caroline J Ricupero Uncasville, CT Occupational Studies, Psychology
    Meaghan L Riedle Rutland, MA Elementary Education, Visual and Performing Arts
    Rebecca L Rigoli Burlington, MA Occupational Studies
    Victoria A Rigopoulos Lunenburg, MA Undeclared
    Alyssa M Ritacco Shrewsbury, MA Early Childhood Education, History
    Michelle D Rivas Northbridge, MA Spanish
    Anum R Rizvi Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Ryan D Rizzuto West Boylston, MA Biology
    Abbey T Robichaud Leominster, MA Communication Disorders
    Ryan E Robichaud Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Paige F Robidoux Auburn, MA Environmental Science
    Tyrelle C Robinson Marlboro, MA Health Education
    John E Rocheleau Holden, MA Sociology
    Alexandra N Rodgers Leominster, MA Business Administration
    Demi M Rodriguez Greenfield, MA Public Health, Sociology
    Jonathan Rodriguez Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Mia T Rogers North Dighton, MA Computer Science
    Priscilla M Rojas Worcester, MA Biology
    Jacob A Rolfe Westborough, MA Environmental Science
    Kianaliz Roman Westfield, MA Psychology
    Alessandro G Romeo Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Jacquelynn K Rondeau North Uxbridge, MA Nursing, Psychology
    Caroline M Root Worcester, MA Elementary Education, Sociology
    Joanna M Rosa Ashland, MA Criminal Justice
    Joanna R Rosa Stoughton, MA Biology
    Sonializ Rosario Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Emma J Rose Worcester, MA Elementary Education, Visual and Performing Arts
    Michael A Rose Southbridge, MA Computer Science, Mathematics
    Maxwell D Roth Wilmette, IL Business Administration
    Kevin T Rothermich Sutton, MA Computer Science
    Haley A Rouleau Warwick, RI Elementary Education, Liberal Studies
    Michael R Rouleau Athol, MA English
    Amanda N Roux Auburn, MA Biology
    Emily R Rowell Oxford, MA Early Childhood Education, Sociology
    Judith A Roy Leicester, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Heidi L Roy-Choquette Sterling, MA Biology
    Claudia R Ruble Westford, MA Business Administration
    Kelsey G Rustin Marlborough, MA Mathematics, Computer Science
    Tessa M Ryan Norwood, MA Elementary Education, Sociology
    Daniel P Ryder West Boylston, MA Computer Science
    Student (Last Name “S”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Jennica M Sablak Palmer, MA Mathematics
    Maida Sabotic Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Selma Sabotic Worcester, MA Communication Disorders
    Matthew M Sabourin Stow, MA Business Administration
    Veronica Salamea Worcester, MA Criminal Justice, Sociology
    Serafina Salazar Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Katelyn A Salsgiver Shrewsbury, MA Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Bradleigh R Saltsman Ayer, MA Business Administration
    Sarah J Salvado Bellingham, MA Communication Disorders
    Brielle A Salvo Danvers, MA Public Health
    Imane H Samari Leominster, MA Biology
    Lauren E Sampson Foxborough, MA Public Health
    Ibraheem Sandakli Northborough, MA Communication Disorders
    Christian J Santana Worcester, MA Spanish
    Katelyn R Santos Acushnet, MA Communication Disorders
    Sumavatey S Sarin Lowell, MA Business Administration
    Benita Sarno Southborough, MA Nursing
    Erez Sarousi Clinton, MA Criminal Justice
    Jennifer L Saunders Franklin, MA Communication Disorders, Psychology
    Maria C Savignano Bridgewater, MA Environmental Science
    Ariana M Savluk Lebanon, CT Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Ashley R Sawyer Royalston, MA Nursing
    Asala S Sbeih Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Michael J Scala Shrewbury, MA Business Administration
    Kathryn L Scanlon Holden, MA Public Health
    Ian T Scarlett North Grafton, MA Undeclared
    Haley E Schiavone Webster, MA Communication
    John W Schiloski Mendon, MA Criminal Justice
    Timothy S Schroeder Douglas, MA History
    Michael R Schroth Pepperell, MA English
    Lisa M Sciannameo Sutton, MA Urban Studies
    Haley A Scola Worcester, MA Psychology
    Maggie-Anne Scott Northborough, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Samantha J Sealey Cherry Valley, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Haley L Sears Mansfield, MA Occupational Studies
    Laura C Sears Natick, MA Communication Disorders
    Jessica M Seery Worcester, MA Psychology
    Christopher C Semanki Shrewsbury, MA History
    Brad N Senckowski Brimfield, MA History
    Alison P Senecal Brimfield, MA Undeclared
    Gabriela S Serafim Worcester, MA Economics
    Christian T Shadis Oxford, MA Mathematics, Computer Science
    Maia Shalev Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Sarah M Shaughnessy Worcester, MA Elementary Education, History
    Elizabeth L Shaw Holden, MA Communication Disorders
    Madison L Shaw Fiskdale, MA Criminal Justice
    Andrew T Shays North Brookfield, MA Business Administration
    Cassandra N Shea Braintree, MA Communication Disorders
    Maura C Sheehan Westminster, MA Liberal Studies
    Alexandra M Shepard Shrewsbury, MA Sociology
    Henley A Shipley Fitchburg, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Migena Shkurti Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Oren R Shoemaker Boylston, MA Computer Science
    Emily A Shorey Whitinsville, MA Nursing
    Kali S Shortsleeves Leominster, MA Occupational Studies
    Hannah K Silberman Franklin, MA Psychology
    Abigail T Silbert Mansfield, MA Public Health
    Juliana A Silva Northborough, MA Criminal Justice
    Meghan L Silva Oakham, MA Public Health
    Paige O Silveira Attleboro, MA Occupational Studies, Psychology
    Jessica A Simons Marblehead, MA Geography
    Aviya T Singer Charlton, MA Communication Disorders
    Viktoriya Skuz Worcester, MA Communication
    Amanda R Slarve Mansfield, MA Early Childhood Education
    Erin J Slason Grafton, MA Public Health
    William J Slavinskas Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Kristen J Sleight Auburn, MA History
    Delaney A Small Bridgewater, MA Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Mariah Small West Boylston, MA Criminal Justice
    Aidan B Smith Paxton, MA English
    Brendan S Smith Grafton, MA Communication
    Courtney A Smith Attleboro, MA Communication Disorders
    Dalton C Smith Boca Raton, FL History
    Zach Smith Westborough, MA Communication
    Abigail F Sniegocki Melrose, MA Nursing
    Kelsey S Snodgrass Litchfield, CT Occupational Studies
    Abigail M Snopkowski Charlton, MA Elementary Education
    Yulissa A Solano Worcester, MA Business Administration, Psychology
    Jenna K Solimine Milford, MA Public Health
    Adam Solloway Northbridge, MA Computer Science
    Haoru Song Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Saelly E Soriano Lawrence, MA Criminal Justice
    Nicole A Sosvielle Oxford, MA Undeclared
    Wendy Soto Fitchburg, MA Communication Disorders
    Raquel J Sousa Rehoboth, MA Communication Disorders
    Samantha R Sousa Spencer, MA English, History
    Alexa L Souza Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Jaymi-Lyn Souza Leicester, MA History
    Ryann N Souza New Bedford, MA Communication Disorders
    Madeleine R Specht Princeton, MA Biotechnology
    Paige L Specker Holden, MA Business Administration
    Christina J Spinos Wilmington, MA Criminal Justice
    Jocelyn M St Onge Ware, MA Business Administration
    Caroline C St Peter Chelmsford, MA Communication, Liberal Studies
    Meghan K St. Jean Millbury, MA Business Administration
    Brett J St.Onge Ware, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Jack S Stafford Lynn, MA Criminal Justice
    Kathryn E Staples Sturbridge, MA Communication
    Libbey P Stearns Worcester, MA Communication
    Joseph P Stella Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    Rachel E Stelmach Auburn, MA Nursing
    Evan N Sterling Great Falls, VA Business Administration
    Molly S Sterns Danvers, MA Business Administration
    Lucas T Stevens Charlton, MA Criminal Justice
    Sara Stoja Worcester, MA Psychology
    Brianna L Stomski Auburn, MA Elementary Education, Sociology
    Abigail M Stone Charlton, MA Business Administration
    Elise L Stone Worcester, MA Biology
    Jarrett S Stone Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Brianna M Stordy Kingston, MA Communication Disorders
    Brett J Stuart Derry, NH Business Administration
    Nicholas C Stukonis Hudson, MA History
    Samantha A Sturzo Lowell, MA Occupational Studies
    Jamie N Suarez Worcester, MA Psychology
    Caitlyn E Sullivan Auburn, MA Psychology, History
    Jennifer R Sullivan Wakefield, MA Psychology
    Laura M Sullivan Rutland, MA Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Mikaela R Sullivan Worcester, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Nadine J Sullivan Lunenburg, MA Elementary Education, Visual and Performing Arts
    Ryan A Sullivan Leominster, MA Business Administration
    Greyson T Suppa Lunenburg, MA Nursing
    Katelyn D Surprenant Pelham, NH Occupational Studies
    Rachel E Sutton East Douglas, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Emi Suzuki Worcester, MA Undeclared
    Julia A Swanson Westford, MA Communication Disorders
    Catherine Sweeney Salem, NH Sociology
    Patrick D Sweeney Northbridge, MA Business Administration
    Zachary J Sweet Holliston, MA Public Health
    Taylor M Swenson Shrewsbury, MA Early Childhood Education, Sociology
    Nichole Szatkowski Worcester, MA Nursing
    Marta Szczubelek Worcester, MA Nursing
    Student (Last Name “T”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Kelly A Tabb Longmeadow, MA Criminal Justice
    Briana C Tammaro East Bridgewater, MA Nursing
    Tom Tandetnik Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Louisa N Tannous Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Lindsey A Tarbox Braintree, MA Sociology, Spanish
    Shannon M Tarpey South Easton, MA Health Education
    Zoe A Tarter Worcester, MA Psychology
    Autumn E Tata Leominster, MA Psychology, Elementary Education
    Shauna R Tavakolnia Paxton, MA Nursing
    Dylan R Taylor West Boylston, MA Business Administration
    Jessica V Telfort Taunton, MA Business Administration
    Joseph T Tetreault Millbury, MA Criminal Justice
    Diana Thabet Leominster, MA Psychology
    Katelyn A Thebado Northborough, MA Communication Disorders
    Chantal M Thomas Worcester, MA Psychology
    Cheryl M Thomas Westborough, MA Urban Studies
    Tete B Thomas Worcester, MA Biology
    Michaela M Thompson Barre, MA Business Administration
    Keira R Thornton East Longmeadow, MA Criminal Justice
    Sarah E Tierney Mendon, MA Communication
    Dennis To Worcester, MA Biotechnology
    Rachel H To Shrewsbury, MA Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Valerie A Tocco Pelham, NH Communication Disorders
    Joseph R Tocio Billerica, MA Business Administration
    Laura A Tolic Oxford, MA Business Administration
    Viet N Ton Nu Worcester, MA Biology
    Melody Tong Brockton, MA Nursing
    Sarah E Tonkin Dudley, MA English
    David M Toombs Worcester, MA Urban Studies
    Theresa E Toombs Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    William R Toombs Jr Worcester, MA Urban Studies
    Jillian M Torres Methuen, MA Communication
    Freddy S Torres-Cabrera Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Christopher H Tran Worcester, MA Communication
    Duyen N Tran Worcester, MA Biology
    Monica K Tran Auburn, MA Occupational Studies
    Nhi T Tran Worcester, MA Communication
    Quoc Tran Worcester, MA Chemistry
    Samantha K Tran Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Lauren E Trant Chicopee, MA Nursing
    Tia A Trapasso Worcester, MA Elementary Education, English
    Karla D Travieso Springfield, MA Psychology
    Mercedes R Tredeau Upton, MA Elementary Education, Visual and Performing Arts
    Kali M Trepanier Plainfield, CT Communication Disorders
    Lacey A Treveloni East Sandwich, MA Nursing
    Christopher J Trotta Rowley, MA Criminal Justice
    Madison F Troy Sutton, MA Urban Studies
    Jason T Truax Northborough, MA Mathematics
    Tammy N Truong Worcester, MA Psychology, Sociology
    Thanh Q Truong Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Mary K Trychon Sterling, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Robert J Tucci Leominster, MA Psychology
    Emily R Tuccillo Medway, MA Psychology
    Meghan L Tucker Millbury, MA History
    Alysia D Turner Oxford, MA Sociology
    Jay M Turner Upton, MA Chemistry, Biotechnology
    Ryan D Tuttle Worcester, MA Psychology
    Brian M Twomey Hudson, MA Business Administration
    Leelle A Tyler Longmeadow, MA Biology
    Eleni Tzikas Worcester, MA Communication
    Student (Last Name “U”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Lindsay M Urban Millbury, MA Psychology
    Gladys E Urzua Ashland, MA Nursing
    Student (Last Name “V”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Samantha Valach Jefferson, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Julia L VandenAkker Whitinsville, MA History
    Haley R VanderSea Holden, MA Spanish, Business Administration
    Jonathan S VanderSea Holden, MA Business Administration
    Ingris Vargas Worcester, MA Psychology
    Keyla M Vargas Worcester, MA Urban Studies
    Michaella Vecchiarelli West Boylston, MA Nursing
    Lishneris Vega Worcester, MA Criminal Justice
    John R Veneziano Sudbury, MA Environmental Science
    Ashley Veras Worcester, MA Elementary Education, Sociology
    Bianca P Verdolino Dudley, MA History
    Rebecca L Vessella Worcester, MA Mathematics
    Jackson S Vickery Lunenburg, MA History
    Marcus A Vieira Peabody, MA Criminal Justice
    Lauren B Vigneault Worcester, MA Geography
    Renz Carlo Villegas Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Jordan N Viner North Scituate, RI Occupational Studies
    Andrew C Vizzachero Charlton, MA Computer Science
    Hoang D Vo Worcester, MA Biology
    Anne M von Zweck Beverly, MA Public Health
    Renae L Voyer Fitchburg, MA Public Health
    Kim Anh Vu Worcester, MA Chemistry
    Rhea V Vyas Shrewsbury, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Student (Last Name “W”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Michele Wade Bolton, MA Urban Studies
    Julian J Wagner Boylston, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Katherine R Wagner Chicopee, MA Elementary Education
    Savannah J Walckner Webster, MA Psychology
    Taylor J Walker Newburyport, MA English
    Jennifer A Wallace Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Celeste Walsh Worcester, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Paul J Walsh Bridgewater, MA Business Administration
    Molly R Ware North Grosvenordale, CT Sociology
    Rachel J Ware Attleboro, MA Criminal Justice
    James M Warner Warren, MA Communication
    Johanna R Warner Dracut, MA Early Childhood Education, Psychology
    Melanie P Warren Boston, MA English
    Alex W Washburn Sterling, MA Environmental Science
    Ashley D Wassel Shrewsbury, MA Criminal Justice
    Miranda T Watkins Southbridge, MA Biology
    Thomas B Watson North Grosvenordale, CT Sociology
    Caleigh M Weafer Shrewsbury, MA Undeclared
    Elizabeth Weeks Worcester, MA Psychology
    Elias R Wehbe Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Brittany A Welch East Falmouth, MA Elementary Education, Psychology
    Owen T Wetherell Pepperell, MA Business Administration
    Amanda N Whalen Weymouth, MA Communication Disorders, Liberal Studies
    Daniel F Wheeler Attleboro, MA Communication
    Katherine C Wheeler Milford, MA Nursing
    Michael Wheeler Rutland, MA Undeclared
    Michaela L White Dudley, MA Psychology
    Kelsi S Whittemore Leominster, MA Liberal Studies
    Taylor R Whittredge Sturbridge, MA Psychology
    Elisabeth N Wichser-Krajcik Norwich, CT History
    Catherine A Wielock Dudley, MA Health Education
    Ryan A Wiinikka Rutland, MA Business Administration
    Mia E Wilbur Brookfield, MA English
    Cameron Wilcox Shrewsbury, MA History
    Jessica P Wilding Somerset, MA Psychology, Criminal Justice
    Carolynn E Williams Webster, MA Elementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Danielle M Williams Worcester, MA Visual and Performing Arts
    Sarah A Williams Shrewsbury, MA Psychology
    Sean E Williams-Ruibal Shrewsbury, MA Business Administration
    Russell S Wise Uxbridge, MA Environmental Science, Biology
    Ahmadee E Witherspoon Southbridge, MA Criminal Justice
    Matthew J Wnek Holden, MA History
    Allison J Woeller Auburn, MA Health Education
    Julia M Wolf South Windsor, CT Occupational Studies
    Christian J Wood Lincoln, RI Public Health
    Derek R Wood Uxbridge, MA Communication
    Angela M Woodford Douglas, MA English
    Chloe S Wozniak Barre, MA Computer Science
    Sarah A Wozniak Rutland, MA Public Health
    Julia A Wright Longmeadow, MA Communication
    Rachel M Wright Brockton, MA Early Childhood Education, Liberal Studies
    Julie L Wyman Spencer, MA English
    Kendra N Wynn Chelmsford, MA Communication
    Student (Last Name “X”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Lonnie S Xavier Northborough, MA Business Administration
    Tea Xharja Worcester, MA Sociology
    Student (Last Name “Y”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Michael A Yazhari Shrewsbury, MA English
    Karuna Yi Worcester, MA Business Administration
    Shavonne Yoho Millbury, MA Nursing
    Brandie Young Hudson, MA Nursing
    Hailie A Young Lunenburg, MA Business Administration
    James R Young Worcester, MA Computer Science
    Kaitlin E Young Palmer, MA Biotechnology
    Marissa A Young Sterling, MA Psychology
    Patrick B Young North Grafton, MA English
    Student (Last Name “Z”) Home Town MajorBack to top
    Benjamin D Zakarian Shrewsbury, MA Business Administration
    Tory E Zalauskas North Brookfield, MA Psychology
    Alexandra Z Zapantis Clinton, MA English
    Allison P Zeena Jefferson, MA Psychology
    Nicolle M Zenaro Rutland, MA Elementary Education, History
    Lixia Zhang Westborough, MA Nursing
    Polina A Zhdanova Worcester, MA Biology
    Carly M Zielinski Monson, MA Psychology
    Andre Zink Auburn, MA Undeclared
    Pavlina Ziso Worcester, MA Business Administration, Economics
    Amanda M Zoebisch Hull, MA Psychology


    Prior Dean’s Lists

  • 2018 Spring Semester

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    Student (Last Name “A”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Justin L AbreuNew Bedford, MACriminal Justice
    Nourhan M AbuSalahLeicester, MABusiness Administration
    Kelvin A Acquah-MarfoWorcester, MABiology
    Elmer E AcunaWest Newton, MACriminal Justice
    Alexa K AdamsAuburn, MAPsychology
    Godslove A AdjapongFramingham, MABusiness Administration
    Dominic N AgyeiWorcester, MAChemistry
    Jarid T AkerWebster, MAComputer Science
    Kimberly A AkuffoWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Lyan Al KhanjiAttleboro, MANursing
    Sofia T AlberiniAshland, MACriminal Justice
    Isabelle C AleraLeominster, MAHistory
    Alyson R AlibozekWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Taif A AljoboreWorcester, MAPsychology
    Samantha R AllenLancaster, MAPsychology
    Ryan J AlmeidaPalmer, MABusiness Administration
    Philip M AloiseWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Dominique T AlvesLudlow, MANursing
    Joshua T AlvesOxford, MACriminal Justice
    Connor W AmannWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Zakaria AmellalWorcester, MABiology
    Alexis M AnderkinWilbraham, MABiology
    Audrey J AndersonStratford, CTCommunication Disorders
    Benjamin L AndersonBrookfield, MAComputer Science
    Molly F AndesWorcester, MALiberal Studies
    Kelsey L AniskoCharlton, MACriminal Justice
    Abigail R AnselmoLudlow, MANursing
    Antoinette AnsongWorcester, MASociology
    Olivia I AntonelliWestford, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Henry N AraujoWorcester, MAPsychology
    Lauren J ArbecFairhaven, MAMathematics
    Angelica M ArcuriWorcester, MAPsychology
    Cecilia ArguetaWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Madison M ArmstrongNorthbridge, MAPsychology
    Chelsea R ArmySouthborough, MAPsychology
    Jasmine A AsassyWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Danny AsfouraWorcester, MABiology
    Hala AsfouraWorcester, MAChemistry
    Kerri L AstrellaAuburn, MANursing
    Danielle C AttardoCumberland, RIOccupational Studies
    Kasey E AugerMilford, MABusiness Administration
    Kelly N AustinBrimfield, MANursing
    Sarah E AyalaTaunton, MAPublic Health
    Michael J AyersWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Shelby E AyresLeicester, MACriminal Justice
    Student (Last Name “B”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Amanda J BabbittDudley, MANursing
    Arian BacaliuWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Dea BaceWorcester, MAElementary Education, History
    Megan E BachandGranby, MAHealth Education
    Anna P BachmanRochdale, MACommunication Disorders
    Baylie R BaconSouthboro, MACriminal Justice
    Danielle M BahnanWorcester, MACommunication Disorders
    Caroline L BaileyScottdale, PAUndeclared
    Suzanne E BaileyLeicester, MANursing
    Emily A BakLincoln, RINursing
    Tasneem K BakerWorcester, MABiology
    Isabell M BaldratePlymouth, MAOccupational Studies
    Lauren A BanfieldWarren, MABusiness Administration
    Christi BangoWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Mendrick O BanzuelaWorcester, MASociology
    Melani BardhiAuburn, MABusiness Administration
    Rachael A BarilShrewsbury, MACommunication
    Kayla J BarnesChicopee, MANursing
    Krystal A BarreraAuburn, MAElementary Education, Visual and Performing Art
    Jason T BarrettSpencer, MABusiness Administration
    Jamie L BarretteThompson, CTNursing
    Camryn M BarryBridgewater, MAOccupational Studies
    Amanda L BartonNorth Uxbridge, MABusiness Administration
    Aileen C BatesEast Longmeadow, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Jessica M BatesUpton, MAPsychology
    Zoe V BatesPetersham, MACommunication Disorders
    Danielle R BavouxUxbridge, MANursing
    Jennifer BeamWorcester, MAHealth Education
    Caitlyn A BeanEast Brookfield, MAHealth Education
    Jodi BeaudetteWebster, MACriminal Justice
    Michelle M BeaulieuTempleton, MAOccupational Studies
    Maggie A BeauregardCharlton, MABusiness Administration
    Kelsey M BedardLeominster, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Julia E BehmMarshfield, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Megan A BelangerWorcester, MAHealth Education
    Sydney E BelessYarmouth Port, MANursing
    Nicholas P BelleyDracut, MABiology
    Emily R BelliveauSeekonk, MACommunication Disorders
    Ivana G BelloradoWinchendon, MABusiness Administration
    Jillian R BellvilleFiskdale, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Kaitlin V BeluzoEast Longmeadow, MABusiness Administration
    Hannah E BenincasaLeominster, MABiology
    Dominick R BenjaminMilford, MACriminal Justice
    Catherine L BergeronHolden, MAPsychology
    Kaitlyn R BerkelWaterford, CTPsychology
    Alexandra M BiroWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Kaitlynn M BishopNorth Brookfield, MAPsychology
    Monique D BisnetteCherry Valley, MAHealth Education
    Kelsea M BlairNorthborough, MANursing
    Kristin L BlairNorthbridge, MAPsychology
    Rosemary A BlairBedford, MAEarly Childhood Education, Liberal Studies
    Ariana N BlaisdellPeabody, MAElementary Education, Sociology
    Andrea K BlanchardHaverhill, MACriminal Justice
    Catherine E BlatchfordWenham, MANursing
    Jennifer BoakyeWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Josephine O BoatengWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Yaw BoatengGrafton, MAPublic Health
    Alexa M BobbinCharlestown, RIMathematics
    Kayla P BobbittBarre, MAChemistry
    Brittany A BoggiaWilmington, MAPsychology
    Zane A BohnertAustin, TXVisual and Performing Art
    Robert K BolivarWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Trevor J BonaccorsiSaugus, MACriminal Justice
    Ethan Borchetta-PlattWestborough, MAPsychology
    Emily BordaSaugus, MABusiness Administration
    Amanda R BorelliWorcester, MAUndeclared
    Andrew J BorusMillbury, MABusiness Administration, Economics
    Judy C BoschAshby, MABiology
    Justin A BoucherHolland, MAMathematics
    Cassandra M BousquetWorcester, MAPsychology
    Bailey R BoutietteLeominster, MAVisual and Performing Art, Business Administration
    Matthew L BouvierOxford, MAHistory
    Jillian K BradyWorcester, MAHistory
    Sarah A BrakenwagenCumberland, RIOccupational Studies
    Erin K BreenAuburn, MACommunication Disorders
    Mallory J BreenSouth Easton, MANursing
    Colby S BrennanSpencer, MAPsychology
    Julia R Brien-BerksLakeville, MABusiness Administration
    Mark K BrillonWestminster, MAVisual and Performing Art
    Hunter J BriningGroton, MACriminal Justice
    Lilly A BrochuSpencer, MAPsychology
    Marta BrodeurWorcester, MAUndeclared
    Morgan P BrogieShrewsbury, MAPublic Health
    Nicholas V BrooksBelchertown, MABusiness Administration
    Michael P BrousseauWebster, MAPublic Health
    Alexa J BrownSwampscott, MAHealth Education
    David A BrownNorfolk, MABusiness Administration
    Haley R BrownSutton, MANursing
    Jonathan R BrownStoneham, MABusiness Administration
    Katlyn BrownWorcester, MACommunication Sciences & Disorders
    Lauren BrownLowell, MAPublic Health
    Michael BrunelleCharlton, MAUrban Studies
    Sara BudicUxbridge, MABusiness Administration
    Sara E BuonoWest Boylston, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Jessibelle BurgosLeicester, MACriminal Justice
    Stephen T BurkeLancaster, MAComputer Science
    Brianna J BurleyAttleboro, MABiology
    Alivia K BurnsHolden, MAOccupational Studies, Psychology
    Devin E BurnsBridgewater, MAOccupational Studies
    Justine L ButlerMarlborough, MANursing
    Taylor A ButlerSpencer, MAHistory
    Student (Last Name “C”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Danielle M CacciolaTewksbury, MANursing
    Jillian E CadutoChepachet, RICommunication Disorders, Liberal Studies
    Caitlin E CafarellaMilford, MANursing
    Luke C CaiShrewsbury, MAEnglish, Sociology
    Makayla A CaisseAttleboro, MACriminal Justice
    Victoria R CalandroPalm Harbor, FLElementary Education, Psychology
    Colin J CaliriMilford, MACriminal Justice
    Rachel O CambriaPeabody, MAPsychology
    Megan E CampagnoneTownsend, MAPublic Health
    Travis J CampbellHolden, MAMathematics
    Philip G CannonGeorgetown, MAHistory
    Jonathan T CanoyWhitinsville, MAHistory
    Brandon T CaouetteCumberland, RICriminal Justice
    Sean P CapalboShrewsbury, MACriminal Justice
    Atiana CaraballoSpringfield, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Michael CardPaxton, MABiology
    Rachel E CardognoWest Boylston, MAElementary Education, Spanish
    Emily E CarensNorthborough, MAMathematics
    Julia C CaristiNorth Attleboro, MAOccupational Studies
    Samantha J CarloDouglas, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Jessica C CarneiroNorthbridge, MANursing
    David M CaronLowell, MACriminal Justice
    Sophia G CarrWest Yarmouth, MAElementary Education, History
    Julia M CarrierOxford, MANursing
    Brandon CartyHopkinton, MACriminal Justice
    Meighan A CaseyWhitinsville, MAMathematics
    Judemirna CasimirHudson, MAEnglish, Sociology
    Amanda M CasselsLeominster, MACommunication
    Gabriel A CastanonWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Kayla V CauseyAuburn, MAUndeclared
    Quinn P CavacoWestminster, MAEnglish
    Kiara CelajWorcester, MACommunication
    Virginia L. Chacon-LopezWestborough, MANursing
    Brenna J ChaissonCharlton, MAHistory
    Haley N ChamberlainCharlton, MAHealth Education
    Rebecca J ChamberlainCharlton, MAEconomics, Business Administration
    Stephanie R ChapinHampden, MAOccupational Studies
    Austin J ChapskiSouthborough, MACriminal Justice
    Emerson R ChapskiSouthborough, MAUndeclared
    Sara CharmchiMillbury, MABusiness Administration
    Samantha K ChartierMonson, MAPublic Health
    Sierra R ChaunceyAttleboro, MACommunication Disorders
    Lindsey A ChausseSouthbridge, MAPsychology, Business Administration
    Vanessa J ChavesHolden, MAPublic Health
    Brayan A Chavez-SierraWorcester, MACommunication
    Elena A ChechileMonson, MANursing
    Trisha L CheeverRevere, MAGeography
    Charlotte M CheneyHopkinton, MANursing
    Camryn T CherellaMilford, MABiology
    Nathan J ChildsAttleboro, MABusiness Administration
    Jordyn A ChionchioWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Melissa L ChobotBarre, MABiology
    Cameron J ChristieWorcester, MAEnvironmental Science
    Noah P ChristoHolden, MAUndeclared
    Kylie E ChupkaCharlton, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Isaac ChurchJava Center, NYEnglish
    Brigett D CiolloHyde Park, MABusiness Administration
    Catherine M ClarkWorcester, MACommunication Disorders
    Joseph F ClarkWinchendon, MAMathematics
    Nicholas T ClarkWorcester, MAHistory, Liberal Studies
    Nicole A ClarkMilford, MABusiness Administration
    Marilyn ClaudioWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Tyler J ClayfieldSpencer, MAEconomics, Mathematics
    Mark J ClementeHolden, MAHistory
    Nicholas J CoelhoNorth Attleboro, MACommunication
    Sydney L CoferFeeding Hills, MANursing
    Julia M CohenCanton, MANursing
    Emma M CollingsMarion, MAUndeclared
    Amanda L CollinsWebster, MAEnglish, Education
    Katie M CommerfordHopedale, MAEnglish, Liberal Studies
    Jorge L Concepcion-CruzWebster, MABiology
    Gabrielle G ConlonWorcester, MAEconomics
    Ryan J ConnollyBraintree, MACommunication
    Bryce J ConroyCotuit, MACriminal Justice
    Courtney E ConwayMarshfield, MACommunication
    Jillian P CooperBurlington, MACommunication Disorders
    Kayla R CorcoranLunenburg, MANursing
    Sean M CorcoranWestborough, MAElementary Education, Sociology
    Kyle L CordeiroNew Bedford, MABusiness Administration
    Julia L CormierSterling, MABiology
    Erinn T CorreiaShrewsbury, MANursing
    Anthony R CorrieriShrewsbury, MABusiness Administration
    Allyson C CorrinneSterling, MABiology
    Carissa M CoskieBoylston, MAPublic Health
    Andrea R CostaDartmouth, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Kerry E CoteReading, MABiology
    Kira M CotterWilbraham, MAPsychology
    Moises D CottoWorcester, MAEnglish
    Cullen J CoulterTewksbury, MACriminal Justice
    William J CoupeMillville, MACriminal Justice
    Timothy P CourtneyWorcester, MAUndeclared
    Cayley M CousineauWare, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Sarah R CousinsWorcester, MAGeography
    Nicholas R CoutuMillville, MAComputer Science
    Kathleen M CovenoBurlington, MABusiness Administration
    Corey T CovinoWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Kaitlyn M CoxWest Springfield, MACommunication Disorders
    Carter J CraftSutton, MAPsychology
    Jaylen L Creonte-BairdFitchburg, MAPublic Health
    Christina M CroninWorcester, MACommunication
    Abigail E CrothersWhitinsville, MAPsychology
    Jessdalis Cruz OteroWebster, MABiology
    Debra A CuadroWorcester, MACommunication
    Kristen C CuccoliWestwood, MAOccupational Studies
    Timothy W CullenShrewsbury, MALiberal Studies
    Tyler J CulrossSutton, MACommunication
    Madison M CuozziClinton, MAOccupational Studies
    Brian W CurleyWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Elaina M CurtisJamaica Plain, MACommunication Disorders
    Ciera S CuttenWarren, MACommunication
    Dawid R CwalinskiHolden, MABiotechnology
    Caroline A CyrGranby, MANursing
    Student (Last Name “D”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Hade DabbaghShrewsbury, MANursing
    Camden J DaceyNorth Brookfield, MACriminal Justice
    Jeanette D'AgostinoTully, NYPublic Health
    Jared D DahlstromCharlton, MABusiness Administration, Economics
    Christopher D DahroujWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Deanna A DalliAuburn, MAOccupational Studies
    Emily G DameNorth Grafton, MASociology
    Kennedy M DamoahWorcester, MAPsychology
    Kelsey C DanaSpencer, MACommunication
    Christopher J DanielsCharlton, MABusiness Administration
    Gabrielle M DanielsWorcester, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Abigail DansoWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Dominick P DaponteSouthbridge, MABusiness Administration
    Julia M DarcyWeymouth, MACommunication Disorders, Spanish
    Payton T DargerFiskdale, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Adriana K DarkoWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Nana A DarkwaWest Springfield, MASociology
    Sara DarmanWorcester, MAPsychology
    Fernanda C DaSilvaFramingham, MAPublic Health
    Sabrina E DassMarlborough, MACommunication Disorders
    Emily R DaughertyHudson, MABusiness Administration
    Nicole E DauryOxford, MAEnvironmental Science
    Emily E DavioFramingham, MACommunication Disorders
    Amalia K DavisWestport, MACommunication Disorders
    Mikaela M DavisBrookfield, MALiberal Studies
    Mikala M DavisUxbridge, MABusiness Administration
    Brianna M DeaconFitchburg, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Tyler J DeaconFitchburg, MAUndeclared
    Haley E DeaneSpencer, MAElementary Education, English
    Melissa A DeardenWorcester, MAEnglish
    Anna R DeePepperell, MAOccupational Studies, Psychology
    Patrick J DeforgeDudley, MAEnglish
    Austin P DeignanWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Daritxa I DeJesusWorcester, MACriminal Justice, Sociology
    Cara M DelaneyNorth Attleboro, MAElementary Education, English
    Ismaely DeLeonSouthbridge, MACriminal Justice
    Cynthia L DelevanteBrockton, MAPublic Health
    Nicole M DelgadoMilford, MAPublic Health
    Anders J DellasantaWorcester, MABusiness Administration, Economics
    Laura C DelleChiaieBradford, MAPublic Health, English
    Chelsea L DeMayoNorth Attleboro, MAPsychology
    Brian J DempseyWorcester, MAHistory
    Matthew H DentLudlow, MACriminal Justice
    Michael P DePaloShrewsbury, MAHistory
    Rhianna M DePriestMedford, MACommunication Disorders, Visual and Performing Art
    Mary DerKosrofianNorth Providence, RICommunication, English
    Arlind DervishajWorcester, MABiology
    Kacie L DeSousaNorth Dighton, MAOccupational Studies
    Elizabeth C DevaneyLeominster, MABiology
    Nathaniel I deVriesUxbridge, MAMathematics
    Navdeep Singh S DhanjalWestborough, MABiology
    Coryn M DiasMilford, MACriminal Justice
    Brittney E DiazLeominster, MAPublic Health
    David M DiBaraRutland, MABusiness Administration, Economics
    Sara E DiBelloRutland, MAVisual and Performing Art
    Jacqueline S DickmannMansfield, MAPublic Health
    Kelly T DiepWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Douglas E DillonLeicester, MAGeography
    Katrina A DilorioWorcester, MALiberal Studies
    Madeleine N DimariaPlymouth, MACriminal Justice
    Nicolette A DiPillaSterling, MACommunication
    Monika D DiTroiaBellingham, MACommunication Disorders
    Rachel E DixsonEast Douglas, MANursing
    Matthew D DogaliOxford, CTMathematics
    Erin R DohertyLeicester, MABiology
    Hannah V DohertyDudley, MABusiness Administration
    Ryan P DohertyWorcester, MAUrban Studies, Geography
    Shealagh K DohertyTewksbury, MAElementary Education, Mathematics
    Keith M DombroskiSutton, MACriminal Justice
    Patrick H DonahueRaynham, MAHistory
    Clothilde M DonarumoTempleton, MABiology
    Victoria M DonarumoTempleton, MACriminal Justice
    Stephen B DonkorWorcester, MAMathematics
    Lindsay G D'OnofrioWindham, NHOccupational Studies
    Hollie E DonovanWestborough, MABiology
    Quinn G DonovanMarion, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Rylee A DonovanOxford, MAPsychology
    Luke DottoBeecher, ILBusiness Administration
    Meaghan K DoughertyAttleboro, MAMathematics
    Kevin A DowOxford, MACriminal Justice
    Caitlyn E DowdNorth Attleboro, MANursing
    Ashley A DownesSpringfield, MACommunication
    Kate DrabatoWebster, MACommunication Disorders
    Alicia M DrydenOakham, MACommunication Disorders
    Maddison A DubeLeominster, MABusiness Administration
    Mitchell A DubeLeominster, MACriminal Justice, Business Administration
    Abigail DuBoisGardner, MAPsychology
    Katelyn R DucaNorwich, CTNursing
    Ali P DucheminHolden, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Sarah E DuffWarren, MANursing
    Simone R DufresneBarre, MABiology
    Rhiannon L DuganSpencer, MAGeography
    Elizabeth C DugasAshburnham, MANursing
    Joshua R DuhamelClinton, MAHistory
    Alyssa K DumasGrafton, MABiology
    Katy J DumasGardner, MANursing
    Jonathan J DuncanRehoboth, MACommunication
    Spencer C DuncanWarren, MACriminal Justice
    Jared K DunnRutland, MACriminal Justice
    Lauren A DunphyShrewsbury, MAEarly Childhood Education, Liberal Studies
    Nguyen T DuongWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Torri L DupuisWebster, MACommunication
    Michael A DuquetteSpencer, MAComputer Science
    Stephanie R DuquetteNorth Grosvenordale, CTNursing
    Olivia K DurkinDracut, MACommunication Disorders
    Olivia J DurocherPrinceton, MANursing
    Joseph J DuszaWales, MAGeography
    Zacharie T DuvarneySouthbridge, MAPsychology
    Jessica L DwellyNew Braintree, MAPsychology
    Jimmy K DwobengWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Matthew R DwyerFramingham, MABiology
    Allison J DybergMillbury, MAPublic Health
    Emma A DyerEast Greenwich, RIOccupational Studies
    Sara A DysonWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Ashley E DziejmaHolden, MAGeography
    Dong L DzindoletSpencer, MANursing
    Student (Last Name “E”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Khalil E EastLos Angeles, CABusiness Administration
    Charisa K EbertAttleboro, MACommunication Disorders
    Beatrice P EdmondsWorcester, MAPsychology
    Matthew R EdwardsAttleboro, MABusiness Administration
    Allison L EkstromMiddleboro, MAOccupational Studies
    Deanna E ElliottWestminster, MAEnvironmental Science, Biology
    Jeffrey D EllisWhitinsville, MAVisual and Performing Art
    Ashley A EmeryShrewsbury, MAPsychology
    Gina M EndresWorcester, MAHistory
    Emily M EnglishWoburn, MANursing
    Holly A EnosTaunton, MACommunication Disorders
    Joshua M EnrightHubbardston, MABiotechnology
    Caitlin A EntwistleSterling, MAPsychology
    Jinean M EricksonJefferson, MABiology
    Ashley J EskettWare, MANursing
    Katelyn EstesNorth Reading, MABusiness Administration
    Racieli EstrellaWorcester, MAHealth Education
    Andrew H EtheridgeHarrisville, RIEnvironmental Science
    Student (Last Name “F”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Kevan M FaganMarlborough, MAGeography
    Yvette FaganWestminster, MALiberal Studies
    Brandon J FairbanksWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Jessica P FamaPeabody, MACommunication Disorders
    Sarah E FarnhamRussell, MACommunication Disorders
    Kaitlyn A FavaloraNiantic, CTCommunication Disorders
    Kristin M FavreauMillbury, MAUrban Studies
    Nicole M FerreiraShrewsbury, MANursing
    Anthony J FichtnerWorcester, MAEnglish
    Michelle E FidlerMansfield, MACommunication Disorders
    Brent M FilgerleskiWebster, MAEconomics
    Jesse M FimianBrookfield, MAMathematics
    Emily R FinneganAshland, MANursing
    Ryan P Finneran-GallagherWorcester, MAVisual and Performing Art
    Michael J FitzgeraldMillbury, MABusiness Administration
    Seth A FitzgeraldPaxton, MABiology
    Julia L FitzpatrickCharlton City, MABiology
    Rachel M FlaggTopsfield, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Neil L FlaniganWebster, MABusiness Administration
    Rachel L FolanNorton, MAOccupational Studies
    Erin D FoleyMansfield, MAOccupational Studies
    Matthew D FoleyDouglas, MAComputer Science
    Megan E FoleyOrange, CTOccupational Studies, Public Health
    Meghan L FoleyDouglas, MAEnglish
    Madelyn FongNorton, MABusiness Administration
    Samantha E FonsecaPlymouth, MAUrban Studies
    Morgan O FontanaWalpole, MANursing
    Alexis M FontanezWorcester, MAPsychology
    Derek A ForteBurlington, MACriminal Justice
    Jasmine S FouracreNorfolk, MAPsychology
    Jessica C FournierFranklin, MANursing
    Frankie D FrancoWorcester, MAEnglish
    Kyle J FrattasioSouth Yarmouth, MACriminal Justice, History
    Kailee A FreedholmSagamore Beach, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Emmanuel G FreemanWorcester, MABiology
    Kati N FriisRutland, MABusiness Administration
    Melissa A FuentesShrewsbury, MANursing
    Michael E FuhrmanBellingham, MAEconomics
    Eric R FyrbergSpencer, MABiology
    Student (Last Name “G”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Nuur H GacalWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Nathan J GagneBerkley, MABusiness Administration
    Stacia M GagneBerkley, MAPsychology
    Sarina C GainesDorchester, MACriminal Justice
    Gracjan GajdzinskiWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Meghan E GallagherWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Angeline P GallantShrewsbury, MACommunication
    Katrina M GarbacikForestdale, MANursing
    Dominique A GarceauRutland, MABiotechnology
    Devin GarciaWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Megan F GatsogiannisDudley, MAPublic Health
    Brandon M GattaSturbridge, MACommunication
    Chaim M GavalWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Margaret A GayOxford, MACommunication
    Bianca L GbaleLowell, MAUrban Studies
    Dangelo R GedeonWorcester, MAPsychology
    Lena GeeWest Bridgewater, MANursing
    Jessica B GelineauCharlton, MAUndeclared
    Caleigh M GeogheganNorth Attleboro, MAPublic Health
    Benjamin GeorgeWest Boylston, MAEnglish
    Emily A GeorgePeabody, MANursing
    Kayla M GeorgeWest Boylston, MAPsychology
    Andrew G GervasiWebster, MAEconomics
    Alexandra E GiaquintoAuburn, MACriminal Justice
    John M GibbonsSpencer, MAMathematics
    Karoline GildemeisterWorcester, MASociology
    Mackenzie R Gillespie-SlovinHudson, MASociology
    Erica R GilmanNorth Brookfield, MAEnglish, Sociology
    Caitlin D Gil-SotoLawrence, MABiology
    Alexa L GiordanoStow, MACommunication Disorders
    Theodore J GirardCharlton, MAPublic Health
    Carrie A GirardinAuburn, MAPsychology
    Nikola GjanciWorcester, MAGeography
    Steven GjinoWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Denisa GjiritiWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Thomas G GleasonAuburn, MAEnglish
    Steven W GodfreyWilmington, MACriminal Justice
    Alexander C GodfrinWoonsocket, RIHistory
    Noah M GoldfarbHolliston, MACommunication
    Mariah C GomesWebster, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Santiago GomezWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Michael J GonyaUxbridge, MAVisual and Performing Art
    Kiara G GonzalezWorcester, MASociology
    Yakaira B GonzalezWorcester, MASpanish
    Javin D GoodnessDudley, MACriminal Justice, Sociology
    Jenna R GoodreauMonson, MACommunication Disorders
    Morgan E GoozeyEast Douglas, MAPsychology
    Ashley GorhamUpton, MAPublic Health
    Emma F GosselinMethuen, MAEnglish
    Dominique N GouldWoodstock, CTComputer Science
    Michelle E GouletGrafton, MANursing
    Anna GradyBellingham, MAUndeclared
    Nichole S GrahamWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Alyssa L GramstorffSutton, MABiology
    Angela M GrasseschiOxford, MACriminal Justice
    Abigail R GrealishWest Roxbury, MANursing
    Branden L GrebWorcester, MABusiness Administration, Economics
    Jordan D GreenLeicester, MACommunication Disorders
    Rachel M GreenMattapoisett, MACommunication Disorders
    Emma K GreenbergMansfield, MABiotechnology
    Austin W GreeneOxford, MABusiness Administration
    Monica S GreenlawWest Brookfield, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Joseph J GriderHopedale, MAPublic Health
    Cameron J GriffinAuburn, MABusiness Administration
    John J GriffinWorcester, MAEnglish
    Kyle C GriffinMarlborough, MABiology
    Courtney L GuayLondonderry, NHBiology
    Camila M GuimaraesWorcester, MAGeography
    Megan K GurlitzAuburn, MAUndeclared
    Haley M GuyetteMeriden, CTOccupational Studies
    Student (Last Name “H”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Brian P HackettPaxton, MAEconomics
    Brianna L HackettSanford, FLCommunication Disorders
    Razeen HaiderShrewsbury, MABiology
    Mariam HajjoShrewsbury, MACommunication Disorders
    Erin M HalasWilmington, MANursing
    Allison M HaleyStoneham, MANursing
    Mystique D HallNorthborough, MAElementary Education, Visual and Performing Art
    Victoria S HallasWorcester, MABiology
    Gabrielle M HamelWest Boylston, MASpanish
    Melissa V HamiltonWestborough, MAPublic Health
    Melanie P HammWhitinsville, MAEarly Childhood Education, Visual and Performing Art
    Samer M HammoodiWorcester, MAChemistry
    Hadeel S HamzaWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Ryan J HannaGrafton, MAUndeclared
    Bridget E HanniganLancaster, MAEnglish
    Danny T HarperWare, MACriminal Justice
    Braxtyn T HarrisLowell, MACriminal Justice, Psychology
    Grady O HarrisLongmeadow, MANursing
    Collin J HartCharlton, MACommunication Disorders
    Alexa R HarveyAttleboro, MACriminal Justice
    Devon S HassanHudson, MAChemistry
    Gabriela HastingsClinton, MASpanish
    Christopher HawesSpencer, MANursing
    Marissa A HayesWest Boylston, MAPsychology
    Tanya M HazardNorth Grafton, MAPsychology
    Lauren E HealyWorcester, MASociology
    Stephen W HealyMansfield, MANursing
    Stephanie J HemenwayNorth Oxford, MACommunication
    Michelle D HenryShrewsbury, MAPsychology
    Erin E HickeySouth Easton, MAChemistry
    Elizabeth V HigginsWorcester, MAHealth Education
    Melissa L HigginsonLeominster, MACommunication Disorders
    Austin C HillsamerShrewsbury, MAPublic Health
    Dakota R HinerthNorth Brookfield, MAElementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Amelia J HirtleRutland, MABusiness Administration
    Thinh P HoWorcester, MABusiness Administration, Communication, Visual and Performing Art
    Aleah J HodgeFeeding Hills, MACommunication Disorders
    Amanda M HoffeyOakham, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Allyson L HoffmanShrewsbury, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Lindsey HogginsHarvard, MABusiness Administration
    Jenna L HokansonWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Cameron HopkinsSutton, MABusiness Administration
    Kalee HorganWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Emma G HoweDudley, MABiology
    Sydney K HoweSutton, MABiology
    Ashleigh M HowlandWilmington, MABusiness Administration
    Anjeza HoxhallariWorcester, MABiology
    Sarah N HruboHaverhill, MACriminal Justice
    Brian M HumphreyDudley, MABusiness Administration
    Kacie A HuntleyChicopee, MAEarly Childhood Education, Sociology
    Kristen E HustonSpencer, MACriminal Justice
    Taylor J HutchingsBrockton, MACommunication
    Phuong N HuynhWorcester, MABiology
    Student (Last Name “I”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Serena M IacovelliWareham, MABiology
    Hanan R IbraheimWorcester, MAMathematics
    Emily A IjamsCharlton, MACommunication Disorders, Spanish
    Kyle IngramPalmer, MAPsychology
    Adam M IntinarelliDouglas, MAPublic Health
    Alfred IraolaWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Anthony IsildakliWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Student (Last Name “J”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Stephanie J JacherWorcester, MAEconomics
    Lauren E JachimczykDudley, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Christopher A JacksonWest Brookfield, MAChemistry, Computer Science
    Nicole E JacobsWestborough, MABusiness Administration
    Rebecca P JacobsLancaster, MABusiness Administration
    Deanne I JacobsonWorcester, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Courtney E JacquesGilbertville, MALiberal Studies
    Daniell J JailletMaynard, MACommunication
    Timothy R JarvisWorcester, MAHistory, Liberal Studies
    Elizabeth M JezierskiThompson, CTUrban Studies
    Michael A JezierskiThompson, CTBusiness Administration
    Stephanie JimenezClinton, MANursing
    Erica C JohnWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Colleen R JohnsonOxford, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Kyle J JohnsonWest Boylston, MABusiness Administration
    Tessa L Johnson-MarchessaultCharlton, MAElementary Education, Sociology
    Kathryn L JohnstonHolliston, MANursing
    Jacklyn E JoncasWestford, MABusiness Administration
    Amber J JonesUxbridge, MABusiness Administration
    Nikole A JonesOxford, MAPsychology
    Robyn S JonesNatick, MAElementary Education, Visual and Performing Art
    Brian R JorritsmaSpencer, MAUndeclared
    Meagan M JorritsmaWorcester, MAUrban Studies, Communication
    Connor S JoyGreenfield, MABusiness Administration
    James E JoyceEast Brookfield, MACommunication, Visual and Performing Art
    Julia E JoyceE Brookfield, MAVisual and Performing Art
    Hannah E JoynerWaterford, CTOccupational Studies
    Catherine T JreijeShrewsbury, MAElementary Education, Sociology
    Jamie M JurgielShrewsbury, MAMath for Elementary Education, Elementary Education
    John P JwanowskiPeabody, MABusiness Administration
    Student (Last Name “K”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Michael E KadlickDedham, MACommunication
    Sura KalmashyWorcester, MASociology
    Jacqueline M KaminsWorcester, MABiology
    Lauren E KaneBolton, MAPublic Health
    Jessica K KaniaSutton, MAPublic Health
    Mercy W KaranjaWorcester, MAUrban Studies
    Brenda N KariukiWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Rouzbeh KarkonanHolden, MABusiness Administration
    Sarah N KasofShrewsbury, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Lily A KeatingWilmington, MAOccupational Studies
    Eric W KeithMarshfield, MACriminal Justice
    Daniel M KellerSouth Grafton, MABiology
    Meagan E KelleyE Bridgewater, MAOccupational Studies
    Sarah M KendrickAuburn, MAPsychology
    Brian M KentWest Boylston, MAPublic Health
    Abraham Y KhafajaAuburn, MABusiness Administration
    Sarmad KhalidWorcester, MABiology
    Sarah H KhalladyLeominster, MANursing
    Madeline F KilleenUpton, MAPublic Health
    Maxwell R KimballWebster, MAChemistry
    Amari D KingLawrence, MACommunication
    Kaylee A KittredgeAuburn, MAHealth Education
    Theofanis KlarakisWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Kaylee M KlenkDouglas, MAEnvironmental Science
    Timothy J KmiecAuburn, MAComputer Science
    Nicholas B KnightWrentham, MAHistory
    Paul F KoffiWarren, MABiology
    Kenan J KolandaSterling, MABusiness Administration
    Manasseh A KonaduWorcester, MAHistory
    Mariam KonnehWorcester, MASociology
    Julia C KonowLebanon, CTEnglish
    Kelsey J KonowLebanon, CTNursing
    Matthew L KopackoWest Brookfield, MAMathematics
    Haley M KorichFitchburg, MAPublic Health
    Thea S KoutoulasDanvers, MAPsychology
    Jenna E KovagoBoylston, MABusiness Administration
    Benjamin C KueblerDudley, MAHistory, Economics
    Nicole M KujalaHubbardston, MAPsychology
    Marisa KulisDracut, MACommunication
    Elsie W KunguLowell, MAPublic Health
    Heather M KupstasDudley, MAPublic Health, Urban Studies
    Madison N KuzioFranklin, MANursing, Health Education
    Student (Last Name “L”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Kelsey B LabergeSwansea, MACommunication Disorders
    Amber F LaBonteWorcester, MAEnglish
    Shelby L LaConteLeicester, MACriminal Justice
    Amanda G LacopoEast Longmeadow, MAElementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Brianna L LaflammeWebster, MACriminal Justice
    Benjamin R LagasseSouthborough, MAComputer Science
    Alberto LagunaSouth Grafton, MABiology
    Rebekah W LaHairMillbury, MASociology, Psychology
    Allison E LakeWestport, MAPublic Health
    Evmorfili R LalakidisMendon, MACommunication Disorders
    Courtney E LambMarlborough, MANursing
    Amanda M LambertOxford, MACommunication Disorders
    Caitlin N LaMondaWorcester, MAPsychology
    Megan A LamondaWorcester, MANursing
    Kristy L LandineFitchburg, MAPsychology
    Geanna S LandrumHolbrook, MAChemistry
    Ashlie A LandryHudson, MANursing
    Kimberly A LandryHudson, MANursing
    Grace M LapanDouglas, MANursing
    Kimberly R LapointeLunenburg, MAOccupational Studies, Psychology
    Kyle N LaPointeHolden, MAComputer Science
    Dominic C LapomardoHolden, MAUndeclared
    Vanessa M LaracuenteWorcester, MASociology
    Andre G LaskaWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Ryan Z LaurieWales, MACommunication
    Rachel M LauzonSouth Carver, MANursing
    Emily C LavinNorth Brookfield, MAEnglish
    Kathleen M LawDudley, MAComputer Science
    Jacob Q LawrenceMattapoisett, MACommunication Disorders
    Charissa LeWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Dana T LeWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Judy LeLeicester, MAChemistry
    Tri M LeWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Jason P LeamingBrimfield, MACriminal Justice
    Marina A LeBlancNorth Oxford, MABiology
    Tsara J LeBlancLeominster, MAHealth Education
    Andrew Y LeeWorcester, MAEconomics
    Dominique G LeeWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Kylie M LeGrowPlymouth, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Jessica C LeighRandolph, MABusiness Administration, Economics
    Marta M LeitaoUxbridge, MAHistory
    Elise E LemieuxWinchendon, MACommunication Disorders
    Victoria M LemireWinchendon, MAOccupational Studies
    Amber L LempkeHolyoke, MAUndeclared
    Alyssa M LentiniAttleboro, MABusiness Administration
    Shane T LeRoyLancaster, MABusiness Administration
    Jenna M LetiziaMilford, MASociology
    Alyson L LevasseurUxbridge, MAPsychology
    Eric M LevesqueBarre, MANursing, Sociology
    Kyle A LewisPalmer, MACriminal Justice
    Kevin J LibbyHudson, MACriminal Justice
    Amanda L LincolnWebster, MANursing
    Matthew LincolnShrewsbury, MAHistory
    Joseph L LindenmayerRochdale, MAMathematics
    Ryan P LindsayWest Boylston, MAChemistry
    Morgan H LindseyNorthboro, MAHealth Education
    Kamai A LittleWorcester, MACommunication Disorders
    Rachel A LittleMonson, MAPublic Health
    Lena T LlanosMaynard, MACriminal Justice
    Alyssa C LlewelynNorthfield, MACommunication Disorders, Public Health
    Tucker D LlewelynNorthfield, MABusiness Administration
    Jessica M LloydOrange, MAPsychology
    Nicholas J LloydWorcester, MAEnglish
    Hannah A LoChiattoHarvard, MACommunication
    James A LochnerSpencer, MABusiness Administration
    Corrinne E LombardiWrentham, MAPsychology, Criminal Justice
    Hailey F LongbottomPrinceton, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Olivia N LongoWestborough, MAPsychology
    Aaron M LorussoWorcester, MAUndeclared
    Emily A LottesBoxborough, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Rebecca C LoweDracut, MACriminal Justice
    Jeremy R LowellHolden, MABusiness Administration
    Devin J LuceMilford, MABiology
    Daniel R LuceyShrewsbury, MABusiness Administration
    Joseph I LundbergWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Tam T LuongWorcester, MABiology
    Jessica E LutzPepperell, MAOccupational Studies, Biology
    Jessica E LynchChelmsford, MAElementary Education, Liberal Studies
    Adam S LyonsWestford, MAUndeclared
    Jordan R LyonsShrewsbury, MAEarly Childhood Education, Sociology
    Student (Last Name “M”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Andressa F MacalpineMilford, MANursing
    Julie N MacArthurNorthboro, MANursing
    Annie MachadoWorcester, MAVisual and Performing Art
    Liberty H MacMillanWorcester, MAUndeclared
    Aaron J MadayWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Elisa N MaddenTewksbury, MACommunication Disorders
    Thalia L MaderaMillbury, MABiology
    Anthony M MadonnaLeicester, MAEnvironmental Science
    Laura R MageeFramingham, MACriminal Justice
    Shannon C MagnerLynn, MABusiness Administration
    John E MaguireDouglas, MACriminal Justice
    Jonathan L MaisohCranston, RICriminal Justice
    Gabrielle M ManciniMelrose, MABusiness Administration
    Kaitlin M MannHubbardston, MAPsychology
    Monique S MannaSouthbridge, MAHistory
    Matthew ManningNovi, MIBusiness Administration
    Michael H ManningBridgewater, MABusiness Administration
    Brenna J ManzelloWorcester, MACommunication
    Antonia M MarashioLeominster, MAChemistry
    Ryan J MarcelonisOxford, MAComputer Science
    Samantha M MarchettaNorthborough, MANursing
    Brianna E MarchettiProvidence, RIBiology
    Brittany E MarchettiProvidence, RIOccupational Studies
    Erika R MarkhamChelmsford, MAOccupational Studies
    Maria MarkopoulosCharlton, MAChemistry
    Cullen W MarsCherry Valley, MACriminal Justice
    Jenna N MartinSalem, NHCommunication
    Helvert S MartinezWorcester, MABiology
    Jason MartinezWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Andrew K MasciarelliWestborough, MAHistory
    Lauren E MasonBridgewater, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Emma L MassaSterling, MACriminal Justice
    Jacob E MassasHudson, MACriminal Justice
    Maribel E MateoLawrence, MASociology, Criminal Justice
    George N MatthewAuburn, MAComputer Science
    Kyle S MatthewsWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Emily MattsonDudley, MABiotechnology
    Peter MatuLynn, MAPublic Health
    Kacey A MaxnerJefferson, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Esmeralda A MaysMilford, MAPsychology
    Katelyn M McCarthyHamilton, MAOccupational Studies
    Laura M McCarthyPembroke, MAOccupational Studies
    Cheyenne L McCassieNorthborough, MAEnglish
    Erin M McCormackSouth Easton, MAOccupational Studies
    Ashley M McCullenNorth Attleboro, MABusiness Administration
    Maeve A McDonaghAttleboro, MAUndeclared
    Patrick W McDonaldAuburn, MABusiness Administration
    Stephanie C McFadriesBurlington, MABiology
    Kaylee E McGillisLakeville, MANursing
    Samantha M McGourtyLudlow, MACriminal Justice
    Molly E McGovernMilford, MACommunication, Sociology
    Corrina N McKelveyGales Ferry, CTOccupational Studies
    Makenzie P McMahonNorwood, MAPublic Health
    Theresa E McMahonSandwich, MANursing
    Dante McPhersonMaynard, MACommunication
    Makayla D McShaneManomet, MAElementary Education, Spanish
    Brandon T MeeceDudley, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Samantha J MeehanTownsend, MACommunication Disorders
    Jeremy A MejiaWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Haley E MelansonWestborough, MAPublic Health
    Lindsay A MellanRutland, MAHistory
    Alexis N MeltonOxford, MABiology
    Derek W MendesNorthbridge, MACriminal Justice
    Michael H MendesMendon, MAComputer Science
    Bernice K MensahWorcester, MABiology
    Marissa J MerrifieldWeymouth, MACommunication Disorders
    Alaza Q MerrillFitchburg, MAPsychology
    Timothy J MesiteDouglas, MAComputer Science
    Anthony T MessinaSturbridge, MAPublic Health
    Redi MetaliWorcester, MABiology
    Abigail L MeyerWorcester, MABiology
    Jennifer MichaudConcord, NCCommunication
    Arren M MierzejewskiGardner, MABusiness Administration
    Jordan L MiglionicoDudley, MABiology
    Alison G MilgateCherry Valley, MAPsychology
    Megan A MillerDracut, MANursing
    Kathleen M Miller-VickersWorcester, MAHistory
    Kaila J MinucciAshland, MAElementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Mikayla M MirandaAgawam, MAOccupational Studies
    Marissa L MisnerNew Oxford, PACommunication
    Mohammed J MohammedWorcester, MALiberal Studies
    Melchizedek B MoiseLeominster, MAPsychology
    Sierra L MolinaWorcester, MAHealth Education
    Marissa L MolinariWest Bridgewater, MAOccupational Studies
    Robert M MollAuburn, MACommunication
    Morgan K MolloyWestborough, MAUrban Studies
    Nicole E MongeauSterling, MALiberal Studies
    Fernando MontalbanWare, MACriminal Justice
    Fabiana A MontoyaWorcester, MACommunication
    Kyle E MontvilleAuburn, MABusiness Administration
    Nicholas J MooreRutland, MAPsychology
    Justin MoranWestborough, MACriminal Justice
    Tiana R MoreauAuburn, MABusiness Administration
    Constance C Morgan-PoirierEast Brookfield, MACriminal Justice
    Sarah B MoriartyLongmeadow, MACommunication Disorders, Psychology
    Emely I MorilloFramingham, MABusiness Administration, Psychology
    Olivia A MorinWestford, MAOccupational Studies
    Joann MorrisonFramingham, MANursing
    Jeffrey M MorrisseySpencer, MAMathematics
    Sarah N MottRochdale, MABusiness Administration
    Pierre F MouradShrewsbury, MABusiness Administration
    Elena M MouradianWakefield, MAOccupational Studies
    Lauren R MowlesSalisbury, MAPublic Health
    James K MuchiriWorcester, MABiology
    Arianna L MuhlidisWest Boylston, MAElementary Education
    Jessica T MuiseNorth Andover, MAOccupational Studies
    Monika MularskiAuburn, MACommunication Disorders
    Timothy P MulkernWorcester, MACommunication
    Erisa MullalliWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Kayla R MungilloReading, MAPublic Health
    Justine R MurdoccaMilford, MANursing
    Alexandria R MurphySomerset, MACommunication
    Amanda S MurphySterling, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Emily R MurphyFeeding Hills, MAElementary Education
    Giana C MurphyCharlton, MAGeography
    Jacob E MurphyDudley, MAHistory
    Deanna E MurrayEast Brookfield, MABusiness Administration
    Emma P MurrayNorthborough, MACommunication
    Rosemarie I MurrayNorwood, MAOccupational Studies
    Grant E MurtaghWare, MACriminal Justice
    Rachel E MyraWorcester, MAHealth Education
    Kelly J MyrtoWaitsfield, VTOccupational Studies
    Student (Last Name “N”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Heather R NadeauRochester, MAOccupational Studies
    Anthony E NapolitanoMassapequa, NYBiology
    Dhimitris NatsisWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Arianna E NavedoOxford, MAHealth Education
    Kassandra R NazzaroLynn, MABiology
    Cameron J NearyMansfield, MABusiness Administration
    Evan P NelsonHudson, MABiology
    Morgan R NelsonHudson, MABiology
    Grace E NemphosWilbraham, MAPsychology
    Donna T NguyenWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Eric T NguyenWorcester, MAMathematics, Computer Science
    Han P NguyenWorcester, MAChemistry
    Isabella A NguyenWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Lily T NguyenMillbury, MAUndeclared
    Matthew C NguyenHolden, MABiotechnology
    Ngoc T NguyenHartford, CTPsychology
    Thomas P NguyenWebster, MACriminal Justice
    Uyen V NguyenWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Christopher A NicholsWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Tori L NikkiWestminster, MABusiness Administration, Communication
    Susan NiroulaWorcester, MABiology
    Micayla I NoonanShrewsbury, MANursing
    Katelyn E NorsworthyNorthborough, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Dominic J NotaroClinton, MABusiness Administration
    David J NovackSturbridge, MAHistory
    Janet E NovackSturbridge, MAMathematics, Sociology
    Avery B NugentMattapoisett, MAPublic Health
    Alexis V NyeEast Bridgewater, MAOccupational Studies
    Anne C NylandThompson, CTPublic Health
    Mary K NystedtWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Student (Last Name “O”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Molly V O'BrienSutton, MAMathematics
    Makenna K ObuchowskiSouthbridge, MAElementary Education
    Jared M OchenduszkoRockland, MABiology
    Nicole M O'ConnellWorcester, MAEnglish, History
    Victoria R O'ConnorWest Boylston, MAPublic Health
    Kwame D OforiWebster, MAComputer Science
    Liliannette Y OjenWorcester, MABiology
    Ashley E O'KeefeWorcester, MACommunication
    Sarah P O'LearyReading, MAOccupational Studies
    Tayla M O'LearySalem, MASociology
    Jennifer L OlivieriWorcester, MABiology
    Kaitlyn L OlmsteadWestford, MAElementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Kevin M OLoughlinMilford, MACriminal Justice
    Alishya M O'LoughlinCharlton, MANursing
    Erin E OlsonDunstable, MAPublic Health
    Kara L OlsonMillbury, MAEnglish
    Cynthia A O'NeilWorcester, MAEnglish, History
    Jordan K OrcuttBarre, MAPsychology
    Jacklyn L OrellanaSpringfield, MANursing
    Samantha N OrnerOxford, CTPsychology
    David O'RourkeNorfolk, MANursing
    Matthew N OsborneBlackstone, MACriminal Justice
    Albion OsmaniWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Kayden M O'SullivanHolyoke, MANursing
    Kevin R OwensWebster, MANursing
    Daniella O OwusuLowell, MASociology
    Student (Last Name “P”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Paola M PabonWorcester, MAEnglish
    Nicholas W PackardOxford, MAHistory
    Scott A PageWinchendon, MABusiness Administration
    Elizabeth M PaivaFall River, MANursing
    Veronica A PaizFramingham, MANursing
    Vincenzo A PalazziWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Daphne M PalermoLeominster, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Junilda PallaWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Jessica M PaquinGrafton, MABusiness Administration
    Nicole E PaquinAttleboro, MACommunication Disorders, Psychology
    Kay C ParadisBaldwinville, MAEnvironmental Science
    Rhianna-Lynn ParentWorcester, MANursing
    Benjamin J ParkerClinton, MAPublic Health
    Hannah R ParkerGardner, MANursing
    Kayla A ParkerSaugus, MABusiness Administration
    Aubrey ParsonsWestminster, MAPsychology
    Dean G ParsonsSouth Grafton, MAHealth Education
    Sarah A PassamontiWorcester, MAEarly Childhood Education, Education, Psychology
    Parth S PatelCharlton, MABusiness Administration
    Colette A PatenaudeRutland, MANursing
    Hunter K PaupawHudson, MABusiness Administration
    Cory J PavaoUxbridge, MABusiness Administration
    Alysia R PearcePepperell, MANursing
    Ashley M PeckAuburn, MABusiness Administration
    Elizabeth A PedoneSpencer, MAPsychology
    Mackenzie E PelletierWestfield, MANursing
    Maura E PelrineMelrose, MAPsychology
    Molica K PenWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Juan J PenaLawrence, MAHealth Education
    Claire R PendergastBerlin, MABusiness Administration
    Emily A PepiHolden, MAPsychology
    Meghan E PereiraLudlow, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Olivia L PereiraLowell, MAPsychology
    Kylie J PerezWorcester, MAMathematics
    Roshanna Y PerezWorcester, MAChemistry
    Danielle E PerkinsUpton, MACriminal Justice
    Sarah R PerreaultOxford, MAEarly Childhood Education, English
    Meagan M PerroLeicester, MACommunication Disorders
    Tiffany J PerronBrookfield, MABiology
    Brenna K PerrySutton, MACriminal Justice
    Ashley M PeruginiWatertown, CTPublic Health
    Jacob B PetersonWest Boylston, MACriminal Justice
    Olivia I PetrucciWilmington, MAOccupational Studies
    Sarah E PettineSomerset, MANursing
    Brenda PhamWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Brian PhanWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Danielle W PhebusClinton, MABiotechnology
    Brady S PhillipsUxbridge, MAHealth Education
    Chyanna P PhillipsFall River, MACommunication
    Katrina R PiangerelliRussell, MAPsychology
    Morgan B PichelLittleton, MAUrban Studies
    Kristi PinaWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Lauren T PinkhamOxford, MABusiness Administration
    Andrea G PiresFall River, MANursing
    Gabrielle V PlainteSterling, MAPsychology
    Andrea J PlichtaUxbridge, MAHealth Education
    Theresa A PorterEast Falmouth, MAOccupational Studies
    Liliana M PortilloWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Nathan D PosterroSutton, MAComputer Science
    Breann N PowellEverett, MAPublic Health
    Brandon A PremoCharlton, MACommunication
    Madison M PriceFranklin, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Sabrina E PrinceWebster, MAElementary Education, English
    Marissa B ProiaFramingham, MAHealth Education
    Kathryn N ProulxSwansea, MAOccupational Studies
    Caleb L PruittSpencer, MAComputer Science
    Shaylee J PuleoTewksbury, MAMathematics
    Mitchell J PurdieCavan, Business Administration
    Nicole J PutnamWorcester, MAElementary Education, Spanish
    Student (Last Name “Q”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Vivian QuachDorchester, MASociology
    Kyle F QuadarellaDudley, MAComputer Science
    Isabella M QuattrucciPetersham, MAPsychology
    Megan E QuinlanDartmouth, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Collin J QuinnWestfield, MACommunication
    Haroon M QureshiShrewsbury, MABiotechnology
    Student (Last Name “R”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Jennifer A RacioppiNorth Reading, MANursing
    Christopher J RadkowskiShrewsbury, MAComputer Science
    Emma M RainvilleReading, MANursing
    Antonio RamirezHudson, MACriminal Justice
    Isaiah S RamirezMilford, MAHealth Education
    Josue E RamirezWorcester, MAVisual and Performing Art
    Kaitlyn M RamseyWorcester, MACommunication
    Samantha J RantakytoFitchburg, MAPsychology
    Melanie A RavesiMarlborough, MACommunication Disorders
    Cameron J RaymondAthol, MABusiness Administration
    Maylin L RaymondoSwansea, MANursing
    Jennifer A RearickPembroke, MANursing
    Michael E ReedFeeding Hills, MACriminal Justice
    Eric ReidyRutland, MABusiness Administration
    Erika K ReinertsonShrewsbury, MAComputer Science
    Arden L ReinhardtWorcester, MAUndeclared
    Joshua L ReinsteinWoodland Hills, CABusiness Administration
    Brittney N RemillardHopkinton, MACriminal Justice
    Brian G RemmesPaxton, MABusiness Administration
    Renae M RenihanAuburn, MAVisual and Performing Art
    Camiron L ReyesWorcester, MAEnglish
    Erin M ReyesGrafton, MASociology
    Delia RhodesLawrence, MACriminal Justice
    Anna P RibeiroAttleboro, MACommunication Disorders
    Michael J RicciPeabody, MACriminal Justice
    Jared K RichardsLeominster, MACriminal Justice
    Shannon K RichardsRochdale, MAVisual and Performing Art
    Shelby D RichardsSutton, MAPsychology
    Markham R RichterLancaster, MAHistory
    Amber RickerHampstead, NHPsychology
    Johanna E RiddleShrewsbury, MALiberal Studies
    Keri A RiefenhauserSouthbury, CTOccupational Studies
    Rebecca L RigoliBurlington, MAOccupational Studies
    Katelyn L RiouxLakeville, MAChemistry
    Olivia K RipaSterling, MANursing
    Alyssa M RitaccoShrewsbury, MAEarly Childhood Education, History
    Ryan D RizzutoWest Boylston, MABiology
    Emily N RobertBellingham, MAHealth Education
    Paige F RobidouxLeicester, MAEnvironmental Science
    Alexandra N RodgersLeominster, MABusiness Administration
    McDavid RodriguezWorcester, MANursing
    Nilka RodriguezWorcester, MAPsychology
    Priscilla M RojasWorcester, MABiology
    Benjamin R RolphGrafton, MAHistory
    Kianaliz RomanWestfield, MAPsychology
    Alessandro G RomeoWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Grace F Romero ReyWorcester, MAPsychology
    Victoria L RonayneBillerica, MAPublic Health
    Jacquelynn K RondeauNorth Uxbridge, MANursing
    Elizabeth A RondinaSutton, MASociology
    Tanner P RopiakNorthbridge, MANursing
    Joanna R RosaStoughton, MABiology
    Juliana E RosaWilmington, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Emma J RoseWorcester, MAElementary Education, Visual and Performing Art
    Michael A RoseSouthbridge, MAComputer Science, Mathematics
    Steve J RoseWorcester, MAPsychology
    Natalie J RossFlorence, MANursing
    Andrew J RossiBarre, MAEnglish
    Vladimir Y RoudenkoAshland, MAHistory
    Megan E RouillardBarrington, NHBiology
    Michael R RouleauAthol, MAEnglish
    Jacob R RoumanosWhitman, MABusiness Administration
    Emily R RowellOxford, MAEarly Childhood Education, Sociology
    Madison B RowlandSwansea, MAUndeclared
    Jordyn E RowthamSpringfield, MANursing
    Elise RoyChicopee, MANursing
    Grant H RoyekPembroke, MABusiness Administration
    Tyler J RoyekPembroke, MABusiness Administration
    Claudia R RubleWestford, MABusiness Administration
    Anthony J RussellWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Madeline L RussellWestford, MASociology
    Kelsey G RustinMarlborough, MAMathematics, Computer Science
    Danielle N RyanWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Lindsay N RyanNorthbridge, MAPsychology
    Tessa M RyanNorwood, MAElementary Education, Sociology
    Daniel P RyderWest Boylston, MAComputer Science
    Student (Last Name “S”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Jennica M SablakPalmer, MAMathematics
    Maida SaboticWorcester, MAUndeclared
    Matthew M SabourinStow, MABusiness Administration
    Starr R SabourinSterling, MACriminal Justice, Biology
    Derin SabuShrewsbury, MAComputer Science
    Carly J SaccoccioMilford, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Jackeline SaezOxford, MAUndeclared
    Alicia M SaladinoWebster, MAPsychology
    Veronica SalameaWorcester, MACriminal Justice, Sociology
    Kathryn A SalemmeBellingham, MAOccupational Studies
    Katelyn A SalsgiverShrewsbury, MAElementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Bradleigh R SaltsmanAyer, MABusiness Administration
    Robert A SalvucciMendon, MAPsychology
    Brooklyn SamolinskiBlackstone, MANursing
    Lauren E SampsonFoxborough, MAPublic Health
    Adam M SanbornJefferson, MABusiness Administration
    Katelyn R SantosAcushnet, MACommunication Disorders
    Sumavatey S SarinLowell, MANursing
    Erez SarousiMarlborough, MACriminal Justice
    Jennifer L SaundersFranklin, MACommunication Disorders, Psychology
    Maria C SavignanoBridgewater, MAEnvironmental Science
    Ariana M SavlukLebanon, CTEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Sarah B SavoyGardner, MANursing
    Asala S SbeihWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Sean M ScannellWebster, MAEnglish
    Haley E SchiavoneWebster, MACommunication
    Danielle M SchiloskiUpton, MAHealth Education
    Ellen C SchlossteinWarren, MAVisual and Performing Art
    Margaret C SchmitzGreat Barrington, MAOccupational Studies
    Shayla B SchoenebergerVernon, CTCommunication
    Mairead J SchofieldLeominster, MABusiness Administration
    Mary V SchrothPepperell, MAEnglish
    Michael R SchrothPepperell, MAEnglish
    Maggie-Anne ScottNorthborough, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Kelsey L SeaboldWoodstock Valley, CTElementary Education, English
    Samantha J SealeyCherry Valley, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Ashley E SeamanHyannis, MABiology
    Haley L SearsMansfield, MAOccupational Studies
    Laura C SearsNatick, MACommunication Disorders
    Katelyn S SeguinSturbridge, MAVisual and Performing Art, Business Administration
    Kevin SekujWorcester, MABiology
    Olivia K SennevilleNo. Reading, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Herman E ServatiusWorcester, MAGeography, Communication
    Rachel K SharpNorthborough, MAPublic Health
    Riley E ShaughnessyNew Bedford, MAOccupational Studies
    Jeremy J ShaysLeicester, MABusiness Administration
    Cassandra N SheaBraintree, MACommunication Disorders
    Bridget D SheehanWestminster, MANursing
    Maura C SheehanWestminster, MALiberal Studies
    Lori A ShettlesworthRockland, MABiology
    Henley A ShipleyFitchburg, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Oren R ShoemakerBoylston, MAComputer Science
    Emily A ShoreyWhitinsville, MANursing
    Kyra J SianoNorth Attleboro, MACommunication
    Abigail T SilbertMansfield, MAPublic Health
    Alexis A SilkGreenfield, MACommunication
    Ambar SilvaNorthborough, MABiology
    Juliana A SilvaNorthborough, MACriminal Justice
    Ian C SimpsonHolden, MAVisual and Performing Art
    Kimberly L SinclairPlymouth, MAOccupational Studies
    Mikayla M SingasJefferson, MAHealth Education
    Aviya T SingerCharlton, MACommunication Disorders
    Sandra M SiskoAuburn, MAChemistry
    Elizabeth K SkazaLudlow, MAMathematics
    Gabrielle R SklarShrewsbury, MAHistory
    Amanda R SlarveMansfield, MAEarly Childhood Education, Education, Psychology
    William J SlavinskasWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Delaney A SmallBridgewater, MAElementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Stephen D SmialekDartmouth, MABusiness Administration
    Alexander L SmithLeominster, MACriminal Justice
    Chrystina D SmithUxbridge, MAPublic Health
    Courtney A SmithAttleboro, MACommunication Disorders
    Gregory W SmithDudley, MABusiness Administration
    Stephanie E SmithSterling, MANursing
    Abigail F SniegockiMelrose, MANursing
    Kelsey S SnodgrassBristol, CTOccupational Studies
    Samantha A SnopkowskiCharlton, MAPublic Health
    Roquele R SoaresShrewsbury, MACommunication
    Yulissa A SolanoWorcester, MABusiness Administration, Psychology
    Ashley J Solares-DepazWestborough, MABusiness Administration
    Wendy SotoFitchburg, MACommunication Disorders
    Morgan B SoucyBlackstone, MANursing
    Raquel J SousaRehoboth, MACommunication Disorders
    Samantha SousaSpencer, MAEnglish
    Jaymi-Lyn SouzaLeicester, MAHistory
    Ryann N SouzaNew Bedford, MACommunication Disorders
    Paige L SpeckerHolden, MABusiness Administration
    Joan SpinazolaFramingham, MAEnglish
    Christina J SpinosWilmington, MACriminal Justice
    Emily L SpoonerDudley, MABusiness Administration
    Meghan K St. JeanMillbury, MABusiness Administration
    Brett J St.OngeWare, MAVisual and Performing Art
    Leah G StanleyCharlton, MAEnvironmental Science
    Libbey P StearnsWorcester, MACommunication
    Matthew J StelmachAuburn, MABusiness Administration
    Taylor J StepkaAttleboro, MAComputer Science
    Evan N SterlingGreat Falls, VABusiness Administration
    Erin E SternShirley, MAOccupational Studies
    Molly S SternsDanvers, MABusiness Administration
    Lucas T StevensCharlton, MACriminal Justice
    Zachary J StevensHolden, MAComputer Science
    Rachel O StierMansfield, MANursing
    Abigail M StoneCharlton, MABusiness Administration
    Brianna M StordyKingston, MACommunication Disorders
    Alyssa M StrapponiFranklin, MANursing
    Marissa L StuartSouthbridge, MAElementary Education
    Amber E SuarezMiramar, FLBusiness Administration
    Deanna K SullivanPaxton, MABusiness Administration
    Jaime C SullivanHubbardston, MAPublic Health
    Jennifer R SullivanWakefield, MAPsychology
    Mikaela R SullivanWorcester, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Ryan A SullivanLeominster, MABusiness Administration
    Prakhyat SunuwarWorcester, MABiology
    Katelyn D SurprenantPelham, NHOccupational Studies
    Rachel E SuttonEast Douglas, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Julia A SwansonWestford, MACommunication Disorders
    Catherine SweeneyLowell, MASociology
    Patrick D SweeneyNorthbridge, MABusiness Administration
    Anita J SwiftBrimfield, MANursing
    Luke M SzostkiewiczSpringfield, MABiology
    Student (Last Name “T”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Andrew S TadrosWebster, MACriminal Justice
    Zhaklina TahoWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Juliana R TambolleoClinton, MAPublic Health
    Briana C TammaroEast Bridgewater, MANursing
    Louisa N TannousWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Mohamad K TantaWorcester, MABiology
    Ayeh TantehWorcester, MANursing
    Lindsey A TarboxBraintree, MASociology, Spanish
    Cameron J TariniAuburn, MABusiness Administration
    Andrews TawiahWorcester, MABiology
    Dylan R TaylorWest Boylston, MABusiness Administration
    Monica K TeevenNorthborough, MAPsychology
    Allison E TevisPocasset, MANursing
    Katelyn A ThebadoNorthborough, MACommunication Disorders
    Urban S TheumLowell, MABusiness Administration
    Jolane F ThibaultDouglas, MAPublic Health
    Rachael L ThibeaultSpencer, MAMathematics
    Chantal M ThomasWorcester, MAPsychology
    Dennis ToWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Johnny ToWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Rachel H ToShrewsbury, MAElementary Education, Math for Elementary Education
    Thuy ToShrewsbury, MABusiness Administration
    Kelly N TobinFiskdale, MANursing
    Viet N Ton NuWorcester, MABiology
    Michel D ToneyBoston, MACriminal Justice
    Emilio M TorresSouthbridge, MACriminal Justice
    Rosa TorresWorcester, MAHistory
    Jennifer N TranWorcester, MABiology
    Monica K TranAuburn, MAOccupational Studies
    Nhi T TranWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Samantha K TranWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Lauren E TrantChicopee, MANursing
    Tia A TrapassoWorcester, MAElementary Education, English
    Abigail L TrappHanson, MANursing
    Kayla E TraskMansfield, MACommunication Disorders
    Matthew J TraversSouthbridge, MACommunication
    Karla D TraviesoSpringfield, MAPsychology
    Casey M TrefryStow, MANursing
    Danielle R TremblayLancaster, MABusiness Administration
    Mary D TremblayWorcester, MASociology
    Lacey A TreveloniEast Sandwich, MANursing
    Christopher J TrottaRowley, MACriminal Justice
    Jason T TruaxNorthborough, MAMathematics
    Thuc D TruongWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Thuy Dieu TruongWorcester, MANursing
    Erin M TullyDunstable, MANursing
    Amanda M TurcotteWebster, MABusiness Administration
    Alysia D TurnerOxford, MASociology
    Caroline C TuttleLongmeadow, MANursing
    Nicole TwomblyHull, MALiberal Studies
    Eleni TzikasWorcester, MACommunication
    Student (Last Name “U”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Lindsay M UrbanMillbury, MAPsychology
    Diego J UrbinaWestboro, MABiology
    Student (Last Name “V”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Samantha ValachJefferson, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Jared S ValentineDouglas, MACommunication
    Brandon P ValleWorcester, MABiology
    Symantha M ValleeAshburnham, MABiology
    Shaye K VanvleckWorcester, MAEarly Childhood Education, Visual and Performing Art
    Nicholas P VeaShrewsbury, MAMathematics
    Alexis E VecchiarelliAgawam, MACommunication
    Sarah E VedraniHudson, MAPublic Health
    John VenezianoSudbury, MAEnvironmental Science
    Ashley VerasWorcester, MAElementary Education, Sociology
    Bianca P VerdolinoDudley, MAHistory
    Jackson S VickeryLunenburg, MAHistory
    Olivia R VigliaturaRutland, MACommunication Disorders
    Renz Carlo VillegasWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Hoang D VoWorcester, MABiology
    Jennifer T VoWorcester, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Anne M von ZweckBeverly, MAPublic Health
    Kim Anh VuWorcester, MAChemistry
    Anthony VuongWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Rhea V VyasShrewsbury, MAElementary Education, Psychology
    Student (Last Name “W”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Michele WadeBolton, MAUrban Studies
    Christine M WalkerWebster, MABusiness Administration
    Bartholomew P WalshCharlton, MABiology
    Pauline WanjikuGrafton, MAPublic Health
    Eric J WardWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Molly R WareNorth Grosvenordale, CTSociology
    Rachel J WareAttleboro, MACriminal Justice
    Johanna R WarnerDracut, MAEarly Childhood Education, Psychology
    Alex W WashburnSterling, MAEnvironmental Science
    Ashley D WasselShrewsbury, MACriminal Justice
    Lauren M WatersMansfield, MAPublic Health
    Eric M WatiriWorcester, MABiology
    Miranda T WatkinsSouthbridge, MABiology
    Thomas B WatsonNorth Grosvenordale, CTSociology
    Samuel R WebbSouth Grafton, MACommunication, English
    Elias R WehbeWorcester, MABusiness Administration, Economics
    Michael A WestonWorcester, MAHealth Education
    Owen T WetherellPepperell, MABusiness Administration
    Amanda N WhalenWeymouth, MACommunication Disorders, Liberal Studies
    Amber L WheatonWebster, MASociology
    Laura E WheelerPaxton, MAUrban Studies
    Noah J WheelerBaldwinville, MAHistory
    Alycia E WhiteWorcester, MABusiness Administration, Economics
    Michaela L WhiteDudley, MAPsychology
    Catherine A WielockDudley, MAHealth Education
    Cameron WilcoxShrewsbury, MAHistory
    Michael O WilderWorcester, MACommunication
    Jessica P WildingSomerset, MAPsychology, Criminal Justice
    Rebecca A WilliamsRussell, MANursing
    Sarah A WilliamsShrewsbury, MAPsychology
    Jared WimberlyEast Brookfield, MACriminal Justice
    Ahmadee E WitherspoonSouthbridge, MACriminal Justice
    Allison J WoellerAuburn, MAHealth Education
    Benjamin J WojcikSalem, CTCommunication
    Julia M WolfSouth Windsor, CTOccupational Studies
    Derek R WoodUxbridge, MACommunication
    Angela M WoodfordDouglas, MAEnglish
    Meagan P WoodruffWestfield, MABusiness Administration
    Moriah R WorldsWorcester, MABiology
    Sarah A WozniakRutland, MAPublic Health
    Julie L WymanSpencer, MAEnglish
    Kendra N WynnChelmsford, MACommunication
    Student (Last Name “X”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Lonnie S XavierNorthborough, MABusiness Administration
    Ligor XegaWorcester, MABiology
    Edlira XhaferriWorcester, MAElementary Education, Liberal Studies
    Student (Last Name “Y”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Karuna YiWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Fuverion YmeriWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Shavonne YohoMillbury, MANursing
    Kaitlin E YoungPalmer, MABiotechnology
    Marissa A YoungSterling, MAPsychology
    Student (Last Name “Z”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Benjamin D ZakarianShrewsbury, MABusiness Administration
    Tory E ZalauskasNorth Brookfield, MAPsychology
    Jacob V ZandiHolden, MACommunication
    Alexandra Z ZapantisClinton, MAEnglish
    Allison P ZeenaJefferson, MAPsychology
    Nicolle M ZenaroRutland, MAHistory
    Viktor ZguroWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Polina A ZhdanovaWorcester, MABiology
    Alexander J ZielinskiCharlton, MAChemistry
    Carly M ZielinskiMonson, MAPsychology
    Amanda M ZoebischHull, MAPsychology
    Zachary D ZupkoShirley, MACommunication
    2017 Fall Semester

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    Student (Last Name “A”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Jordan E. AbbottUxbridge, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Ahmed A. AbdeljaberWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Justin L. AbreuNew Bedford, MAUndeclared
    Sarah R. AchiLeominster, MAOccupational Studies
    Clara A. AckasonWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Nicole AckerleyClinton, MAHealth Education
    Daniel J. AcunaPaxton, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Alexa K. AdamsAuburn, MAUndeclared
    Douglas B. AduWorcester, MANursing
    Waldemar AgostiniMilford, MABusiness Administration
    Vanessa AguiarWinchester, MAPublic Health
    Jacob J. AguillardWestborough, MAComputer Science
    Afua A. AgyareWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Teri AkukWorcester, MAMathematics
    Lyan Al KhanjiAttleboro, MANursing
    Alyson R. AlibozekAdams, MABusiness Administration
    Amanda I. AllenRaynham, MAOccupational Studies
    Samantha A. AllenBoylston, MABusiness Administration
    Ryan J. AlmeidaPalmer, MABusiness Administration
    Philip M. AloiseWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Scarlette AlvaradoWorcester, MAUndeclared
    Dominique T. AlvesLudlow, MANursing
    Connor W. AmannWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Kayla D. AmbrosinoUpton, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Vida AmpofoWorcester, MALiberal Studies
    Bernice A. AmponsahWorcester, MANursing
    Eduardo E. AnayaWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Alexis M. AnderkinWilbraham, MABiology
    Benjamin L. AndersonBrookfield, MAComputer Science
    Jillian E. AndersonSpencer, MAUndeclared
    Nyia A. AndersonWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Paige B. AndersonWestfield, MACriminal Justice
    Robert F. AndersonAuburn, MAPsychology
    Molly F. AndesWorcester, MAUndeclared
    Dexter J. Andrews-DelkDorchester, MAHealth Education
    Kelsey L. AniskoCharlton, MACriminal Justice
    Tom F. AnnanWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Abigail R. AnselmoLudlow, MANursing
    Gina M. AnselmoLudlow, MACriminal Justice
    Antoinette AnsongWorcester, MASociology
    Olivia I. AntonelliWestford, MAElementary Education
    Samuel K. AppiahWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Bedros H. AprahamianWorcester, MAUndeclared
    Henry N. AraujoWorcester, MAPsychology
    Lauren J. ArbecFairhaven, MAMathematics
    Angelica M. ArcuriWorcester, MAPsychology
    Chelsea R. ArmySouthborough, MAPsychology
    Emily B. ArsenaultSouth Barre, MAHistory
    Nelson E. ArtaviaWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Maggie ArtnerSouthbridge, MAEnglish
    Owusu AsamoahWorcester, MABiology
    Danny AsfouraWorcester, MABiology
    Hala AsfouraWorcester, MAChemistry
    Kleodor AsllaniWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Kerri L. AstrellaAuburn, MANursing
    Kasey E. AugerMilford, MABusiness Administration
    Deirdre M. AugustoNorth Attleboro, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Noah J. AurelioFairhaven, MAHistory
    Sarah E. AyalaTaunton, MAPublic Health
    Ryan M. AyazHampden, MAEconomics
    Student (Last Name “B”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Amanda J. BabbittDudley, MANursing
    Victoria J. BabcockThompson, CTBiology
    Arian BacaliuWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Megan E. BachandGranby, MAHealth Education
    Anna P. BachmanRochdale, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Baylie R. BaconSouthboro, MACriminal Justice
    Valerie BaezWorcester, MAPsychology
    Danielle M. BahnanWorcester, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Faraaz M. BaigShrewsbury, MAComputer Science
    Caroline L. BaileyScottdale, PAUndeclared
    Emily A. BakLincoln, RINursing
    Isabell M. BaldratePlymouth, MAOccupational Studies
    Paul K. BallardNorthbridge, MACriminal Justice
    Lauren A. BanfieldWarren, MABusiness Administration
    Christi BangoWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Debra A. BanksWorcester, MACommunication
    Steven C. BarberOxford, MABusiness Administration
    Rachael A. BarilShrewsbury, MACommunication
    Kayla J. BarnesChicopee, MANursing
    Krystal A. BarreraAuburn, MAElementary Education
    Jason T. BarrettSpencer, MABusiness Administration
    Jamie L. BarretteThompson, CTNursing
    Camryn M. BarryBridgewater, MAOccupational Studies
    Jameson R. BastaracheLeominster, MAEnvironmental Science
    Ann B. BastienWoodstock, CTUrban Studies
    Jessica M. BatesUpton, MAPsychology
    Zoe V. BatesPetersham, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Jeannece BatistaWorcester, MASpanish
    Uiara BatistaSharon, MAPublic Health
    Danielle R. BavouxUxbridge, MANursing
    Fay F. BcharahWorcester, MACommunication
    Caitlyn A. BeanEast Brookfield, MACommunication
    Jodi BeaudetteWebster, MACriminal Justice
    Michelle M. BeaulieuTempleton, MAOccupational Studies
    Maggie A. BeauregardCharlton, MABusiness Administration
    Kelsey M. BedardLeominster, MAElementary Education
    Kathryn A. BelangerDudley, MAElementary Education
    Sydney E. BelessYarmouth Port, MANursing
    Leah J. BellavanceClinton, MAUrban Studies
    Alexandra J. BelleriveDudley, MAOccupational Studies
    Brittany A. BelleriveSouthbridge, MABusiness Administration
    Emily R. BelliveauSeekonk, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Jillian R. BellvilleFiskdale, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Kaitlin V. BeluzoEast Longmeadow, MABusiness Administration
    Daniel A. Benavides-VegaWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Hannah E. BenincasaLeominster, MABiology
    Dominick R. BenjaminMilford, MACriminal Justice
    Atiana A. BenoitWorcester, MAPsychology
    Catherine L. BergeronHolden, MAPsychology
    Timothy S. BernardMillbury, MAHistory
    Julianne BernazaniChelmsford, MAPublic Health
    Kiana N. BesseLeicester, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Monica BhakhriShrewsbury, MABusiness Administration
    Dadhi BhattaraiWorcester, MAChemistry
    Benjamin W. BigelowPrinceton, MAEconomics
    Parker J. BigelowLeominster, MAUndeclared
    Nicholas D. BillingtonWhitinsville, MAPsychology
    Alexandra M. BiroWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Kala B. BishopSpencer, MAElementary Education
    Monique D. BisnetteCherry Valley, MAHealth Education
    Rosemary A. BlairBedford, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Kaitlyn M. BlaisBerlin, MANursing
    Ariana N. BlaisdellPeabody, MAElementary Education
    Andrea K. BlanchardHaverhill, MACriminal Justice
    Catherine E. BlatchfordWenham, MANursing
    Emily K. BlissWorcester, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    John D. BlombachWestminster, MAGeography
    Gifty BoatemaahWorcester, MAMathematics
    Alexa M. BobbinCarolina, RIMathematics
    Kayla P. BobbittBarre, MAChemistry
    Brittany A. BoggiaWilmington, MAPsychology
    Brittany BohnGardner, MASociology
    Diane T. BoldenWorcester, MALiberal Studies
    Trevor J. BonaccorsiSaugus, MACriminal Justice
    Maureen E. BonnerHudson, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Talia D. BorciWorcester, MAUndeclared
    Daniel J. BorellaHudson, MAGeography
    Andrew J. BorusMillbury, MABusiness Administration
    Michael S. BossAuburn, MACommunication
    Justin A. BoucherHolland, MAMathematics
    Camille G. BourbeauSturbridge, MABusiness Administration
    Tyler J. BousquetHardwick, MACriminal Justice
    Bailey R. BoutietteLeominster, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Matthew L. BouvierOxford, MAHistory
    Matthew J. BoydWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Brittany L. BoyleRutland, MAPsychology
    Abigail J. BradyWestborough, MAEnglish
    Sarah A. BrakenwagenCumberland, RIOccupational Studies
    Rebecca M. BrandeberryPhillipston, MABiology
    Bridget E. BraunNorth Attleboro, MAElementary Education
    Erin K. BreenAuburn, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Mallory J. BreenSouth Easton, MANursing
    Chelsea M. BrefortRutland, MAEconomics
    Caitlyn A. BrennanDedham, MAEnglish
    Julia R. Brien-BerksLakeville, MABusiness Administration
    Mark K. BrillonWestminster, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Hunter J. BriningGroton, MACriminal Justice
    Karista J. BrissetteThompson, CTComputer Science
    Marie F. BritouWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Daniel J. BrodeurAuburn, MACommunication
    Emily K. BrogieShrewsbury, MACriminal Justice
    Morgan P. BrogieShrewsbury, MAPublic Health
    Nicholas R. BrooksCharlton, MACriminal Justice
    Nicholas V. BrooksBelchertown, MABusiness Administration
    Elizabeth M. BrowLeominster, MAPsychology
    Allison M. BrownHolden, MAGeography
    David A. BrownNorfolk, MABusiness Administration
    Haley R. BrownSutton, MANursing
    Jonathan R. BrownStoneham, MABusiness Administration
    Katlyn A. BrownWorcester, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Michael BrunelleCharlton, MAUrban Studies
    Samuel D. BryanWestborough, MAComputer Science
    Sara BudicUxbridge, MABusiness Administration
    Nam T. BuiWorcester, MAMathematics
    Emily A. BumpusBridgewater, MABiology
    Matthew T. BunyonWestford, MACriminal Justice
    Jessibelle BurgosLeicester, MACriminal Justice
    Stephen T. BurkeLancaster, MAComputer Science
    Brianna J. BurleyAttleboro, MABiology
    Alivia K. BurnsHolden, MAOccupational Studies
    Devin E. BurnsBridgewater, MAOccupational Studies
    Cady E. ButlerMarlborough, MACriminal Justice
    Justine L. ButlerMarlborough, MANursing
    Taylor A. ButlerSpencer, MAHistory
    Samantha J. ByersWorcester, MAEnglish
    Student (Last Name “C”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Jillian E. CadutoChepachet, RICommunication Science & Disorders
    Caitlin E. CafarellaMilford, MANursing
    Daniel P. CafferkyWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Caitlin M. CahillBridgewater, MABusiness Administration
    Luke C. CaiShrewsbury, MAEnglish
    Victoria R. CalandroPalm Harbor, FLElementary Education
    Colin J. CaliriMilford, MACriminal Justice
    Anthony A. CamoreytWorcester, MAEnglish
    Megan E. CampagnoneTownsend, MAPublic Health
    Autumn D. CampbellUpton, MAPsychology
    Dominique L. CampbellUpton, MABusiness Administration
    Travis J. CampbellHolden, MAMathematics
    Alyson S. CandelaWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Emma V. CaneiraSouth Dartmouth, MAOccupational Studies
    Philip G. CannonGeorgetown, MAHistory
    Jonathan T. CanoyWhitinsville, MAHistory
    Michael CardPaxton, MABiology
    Amy J. CardinalPembroke, MANursing
    Rachel E. CardognoWest Boylston, MAElementary Education
    Katherine E. CardoneBlackstone, MAElementary Education
    Emily E. CarensNorthborough, MAMathematics
    Julia C. CaristiNorth Attleboro, MAOccupational Studies
    Jessica C. CarneiroNorthbridge, MANursing
    Moira A. CaronRutland, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Jack H. CarreraRehoboth, MAHistory
    Julia M. CarrierOxford, MANursing
    Frances M. CartagenaWorcester, MAUrban Studies
    Meghan M. CarterLynn, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Brandon CartyHopkinton, MACriminal Justice
    Katie L. CarusoBarre, MABusiness Administration
    Meighan A. CaseyWhitinsville, MAMathematics
    Judemirna CasimirHudson, MAEnglish
    Anthony S. CasparrielloWestborough, MACommunication
    Amanda M. CasselsLeominster, MAUndeclared
    Cassandra L. CataldoAuburn, MAHealth Education
    Quinn P. CavacoWestminster, MAEnglish
    Gerardo CazaresShrewsbury, MABusiness Administration
    Joseph P. CecchiOxford, MASociology
    Christian M. CedulloWorcester, MABiology
    Kiara CelajWorcester, MACommunication
    Virginia L. Chacon-LopezWestborough, MANursing
    Amani A. ChambeNorth Providence, RIComputer Science
    Haley N. ChamberlainCharlton, MAHealth Education
    Stephanie R. ChapinHampden, MAOccupational Studies
    Austin J. ChapskiSouthborough, MACriminal Justice
    Emerson R. ChapskiSouthborough, MAUndeclared
    Sara CharmchiMillbury, MABusiness Administration
    Kendall M. CharpentierLeominster, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Samantha K. ChartierMonson, MAPublic Health
    Abigail F. CharvatWestfield, MANursing
    Hien T. ChauWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Sierra R. ChaunceyAttleboro, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Lindsey A. ChausseSouthbridge, MAPsychology
    Brenda S. ChavesHudson, MABusiness Administration
    Brayan A. Chavez-SierraWorcester, MACommunication
    Elena A. ChechileMonson, MANursing
    Trisha L. CheeverRevere, MAGeography
    Sophia ChenWestborough, MAComputer Science
    Charlotte M. CheneyHopkinton, MANursing
    Camryn T. CherellaMilford, MABiology
    Nathan J. ChildsAttleboro, MABusiness Administration
    Eric A. ChionchioAuburn, MACriminal Justice
    Nam Y. ChoNorthboro, MABiotechnology
    Wissal ChoqriWeymouth, MABusiness Administration
    Erik M. ChristensenUxbridge, MAComputer Science
    Cameron J. ChristieWorcester, MAEnvironmental Science
    Anthony G. ChristoPeabody, MACriminal Justice
    Gianni M. ChristoOxford, MACriminal Justice
    Noah P. ChristoHolden, MAUndeclared
    Kylie E. ChupkaCharlton, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Larry F. CiarlettaClinton, MAHealth Education
    Meagan E. CieslukWestminster, MAPsychology
    Brigett D. CiolloHyde Park, MABusiness Administration
    Danielle J. CiseroStratford, CTPsychology
    Brandon C. CisnerosSelma, NCCommunication
    Brittany A. ClarkHaverhill, MAOccupational Studies
    Catherine M. ClarkWorcester, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Eugenya M. ClarkAuburn, MAPsychology
    Nicholas T. ClarkWorcester, MAHistory
    Nicole A. ClarkMilford, MABusiness Administration
    Ty C. ClarkPittsfield, MACriminal Justice
    Tyler J. ClayfieldSpencer, MAEconomics
    Mark J. ClementeHolden, MAHistory
    Emily E. CliffordShrewsbury, MABusiness Administration
    Megaen O. CloutierWare, MAElementary Education
    Nicholas J. CoelhoNorth Attleboro, MACommunication
    Julia M. CohenCanton, MANursing
    Julie E. CohenWestford, MAPublic Health
    Emma M. CollingsMarion, MAUndeclared
    Cotey J. CollinsWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Nilsa M. ColonWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Katie M. CommerfordHopedale, MAEnglish
    Jorge L. Concepcion-CruzWebster, MABiology
    Allison R. ConfreyWorcester, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Callum D. ConnacherLeominster, MABusiness Administration
    Christina M. ConradPelham, NHPsychology
    Adriana M. CookNorthborough, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Jillian P. CooperBurlington, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Kayla R. CorcoranLunenburg, MANursing
    Kyle L. CordeiroNew Bedford, MABusiness Administration
    Donna J. CormierNorthbridge, MABusiness Administration
    Olivia L. CormierUxbridge, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Marianna CorreaWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Erinn T. CorreiaShrewsbury, MANursing
    Anthony R. CorrieriShrewsbury, MABusiness Administration
    Allyson C. CorrinneSterling, MABiology
    Mackenzie B. CorriveauBrooklyn, CTPsychology
    Amanda S. CortisSpencer, MAUndeclared
    Carissa M. CoskieBoylston, MAPublic Health
    Andrea R. CostaDartmouth, MAElementary Education
    Briana M. CostaClinton, MABiology
    Danielle L. CoteSomerset, MAHealth Education
    Kerry E. CoteReading, MABiology
    Amaniya P. CottenCambridge, MAUndeclared
    Moises D. CottoWorcester, MAEnglish
    William J. CoupeMillville, MACriminal Justice
    Cayley M. CousineauWare, MAElementary Education
    Mia C. CoutoNorth Grafton, MAPsychology
    Kathleen M. CovenoBurlington, MABusiness Administration
    Corey T. CovinoHopedale, MACriminal Justice
    Kaitlyn M. CoxWest Springfield, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Patrick M. CozzaWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Carter J. CraftSutton, MAPsychology
    Jaylen L. Creonte-BairdFitchburg, MAPublic Health
    Christina M. CroninWorcester, MAEnglish
    Shannon M. CroninMansfield, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Sarah E. CrossEast Douglas, MABiology
    Hannah N. CroteauAuburn, MACommunication
    Abigail E. CrothersWhitinsville, MAPsychology
    Jessdalis Cruz OteroWebster, MABiology
    Sofia L. CruzMilford, MAPsychology
    Kristen C. CuccoliWestwood, MAOccupational Studies
    Evan T. CulrossSutton, MAElementary Education
    Tyler J. CulrossSutton, MACommunication
    Andrew M. CunninghamArlington, MACriminal Justice
    Madison M. CuozziClinton, MAOccupational Studies
    Elaina M. CurtisJamaica Plain, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Ciera S. CuttenWarren, MACommunication
    Student (Last Name “D”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Hade DabbaghShrewsbury, MANursing
    Gabriela T. DacostaMarlborough, MANursing
    Alexis M. DaCunhaClinton, MASociology
    Jared D. DahlstromCharlton, MABusiness Administration
    Kathleen M. DallaireMarlborough, MACriminal Justice
    Deanna A. DalliAuburn, MAOccupational Studies
    Mary M. DalyWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Ernestina S. Danso KogbeWebster, MAChemistry
    Abigail DansoWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Dominick P. DaponteSouthbridge, MABusiness Administration
    Julia M. DarcyWeymouth, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Adriana K. DarkoWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Nana A. DarkwaWest Springfield, MASociology
    Tyler C. DarlingDanville, CAHistory
    Sara DarmanWorcester, MAPsychology
    Samantha M. DartAttleboro, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Fernanda C. DaSilvaFramingham, MAPublic Health
    Thayna D. DasilvaWestborough, MAPsychology
    Sabrina E. DassMarlborough, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Emily R. DaughertyHudson, MABusiness Administration
    Nicole E. DauryOxford, MAEnvironmental Science
    Amalia K. DavisWestport, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Eric M. DavisHudson, MAMathematics
    Mikaela M. DavisBrookfield, MALiberal Studies
    Chandler K. DayHolden, MAUndeclared
    Brianna M. DeaconFitchburg, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Ludmila O. DeAraujoMilford, MANursing
    Tasha DebloisLeicester, MAPsychology
    Anna R. DeePepperell, MAOccupational Studies
    Patrick J. DeforgeDudley, MAEnglish
    Austin P. DeignanWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Daritxa I. DeJesusWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Cara M. DelaneyLeicester, MAElementary Education
    Ismaely DeLeonSouthbridge, MACriminal Justice
    Cynthia L. DelevanteBrockton, MAPublic Health
    Brea H. Dell'AquilaOxford, MAPsychology
    Anders J. DellasantaWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Laura C. DelleChiaieBradford, MAPublic Health
    Chelsea L. DeMayoNorth Attleboro, MAPsychology
    Brian J. DempseyWorcester, MAHistory
    Matthew H. DentLudlow, MACriminal Justice
    Michael P. DePaloShrewsbury, MAHistory
    Rhianna M. DePriestMedford, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Adrianna N. DereszkiewiczDouglas, MABiology
    Mary DerKosrofianNorth Providence, RIEnglish
    Arlind DervishajWorcester, MABiology
    Nicholas R. DeSantisMilford, MACriminal Justice
    Lancy G. DesirStoughton, MAPublic Health
    Kacie L. DeSousaNorth Dighton, MAOccupational Studies
    Sydney R. DespresSterling, MACriminal Justice
    Kelsey DevineDorchester, MACriminal Justice
    Nathaniel I. deVriesUxbridge, MAMathematics
    Coryn M. DiasMilford, MACriminal Justice
    Tristian A. DiazWorcester, MACommunication
    David M. DiBaraRutland, MABusiness Administration
    Audrey M. DibuonoMarlboro, MACommunication
    Christen E. DiCarloSturbridge, MABiotechnology
    Ethan C. DicksonWorcester, MAGeography
    Katrina A. DilorioWorcester, MALiberal Studies
    Madeleine N. DimariaPlymouth, MACriminal Justice
    Nicolette A. DiPillaSterling, MACommunication
    Monika D. DiTroiaBellingham, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Rachel E. DixsonEast Douglas, MANursing
    Hannah V. DohertyDudley, MABusiness Administration
    Ryan P. DohertyWorcester, MAUrban Studies
    Matthew J. DoironBlackstone, MAHistory
    Philip J. DombrowskiWorcester, MAHistory
    Patrick H. DonahueRaynham, MAHistory
    Clothilde M. DonarumoTempleton, MABiology
    Lindsay G. D'OnofrioWindham, NHOccupational Studies
    Hollie E. DonovanWestborough, MABiology
    Liam P. DonovanNorthborough, MAUndeclared
    Rylee A. DonovanOxford, MAPsychology
    Emily M. DoranLancaster, MAChemistry
    Renette M. Dorval-MogelWorcester, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Luke DottoBeecher, ILBusiness Administration
    Kevin A. DowOxford, MACriminal Justice
    Caitlyn E. DowdNorth Attleboro, MANursing
    Carly T. DowenShrewsbury, MAEnglish
    Ashley A. DownesSpringfield, MACommunication
    Megan L. DowningShrewsbury, MACriminal Justice
    Stephanie E. DoyleWorcester, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    William T. DoyleMilford, MAUndeclared
    Alicia M. DrydenOakham, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Melanie A. DubbsSuffern, NYOccupational Studies
    Mitchell A. DubeLeominster, MACriminal Justice
    Kylie DubeyWebster, MAEnglish
    Abigail A. DuBoisGardner, MAPsychology
    Sarah E. DuffWarren, MANursing
    Ethan G. DuffeyJefferson, MAEnglish
    Kayleen A. DuffyChicopee, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Patrick H. DuffyHolden, MACriminal Justice
    Rhiannon L. DuganSpencer, MAGeography
    Elizabeth C. DugasAshburnham, MANursing
    Joshua R. DuhamelClinton, MAHistory
    Alyssa K. DumasNorhtbridge, MABiology
    Katy J. DumasGardner, MANursing
    Jonathan J. DuncanRehoboth, MACommunication
    Spencer C. DuncanWarren, MACriminal Justice
    Jared K. DunnRutland, MACriminal Justice
    Lauren E. DunnSwansea, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Lauren A. DunphyShrewsbury, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Nguyen T. DuongWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Torri L. DupuisWebster, MACommunication
    Julia M. DuquetteAuburn, MAElementary Education
    Stephanie R. DuquetteNorth Grosvenordale, CTNursing
    Olivia K. DurkinDracut, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Violet J. DussaultWoodstock, CTPsychology
    Joseph J. DuszaWales, MAGeography
    Zacharie T. DuvarneyGrafton, MAPsychology
    Jessica L. DwellyNew Braintree, MAPsychology
    Jimmy K. DwobengWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Matthew R. DwyerFramingham, MABiology
    Michael G. DwyerRutland, MABiology
    Emma A. DyerEast Greenwich, RIOccupational Studies
    Alexis M. DylewiczClinton, MABusiness Administration
    Dong L. DzindoletSpencer, MANursing
    Student (Last Name “E”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Khalil E. EastLos Angeles, CABusiness Administration
    Lacey M. EatonFitchburg, MACriminal Justice
    Charisa K. EbertAttleboro, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Justin A. EcheverryMethuen, MAHealth Education
    Beatrice P. EdmondsWorcester, MAPsychology
    Paul E. EgusquizaWorcester, MASpanish
    Allison L. EkstromMiddleboro, MAOccupational Studies
    Jacob E. ElbirtWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Lilianne F. ElicierWorcester, MAPsychology
    Deanna E. ElliottWestminster, MAEnvironmental Science
    Jeffrey D. EllisWhitinsville, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Katelyn M. EllisWorcester, MAEnvironmental Science
    Samantha E. EllisGrafton, MANursing
    Abdulkader Z. ElogeilWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Ashley A. EmeryShrewsbury, MAPsychology
    Gina M. EndresWorcester, MAHistory
    Melinda A. EngelAuburn, MANursing
    Emily M. EnglishWoburn, MANursing
    Joshua M. EnrightHubbardston, MABiotechnology
    Erik A. EntenmannNorthbridge, MAHistory
    Colleen A. ErbaBoylston, MABusiness Administration
    Jinean M. EricksonJefferson, MABiology
    Laura E. ErnstHolyoke, MANursing
    Ashley J. EskettWare, MANursing
    Nadeschka EssienWorcester, MACommunication
    Harmony Q. EstabrookUxbridge, MAMathematics
    Katelyn EstesNorth Reading, MABusiness Administration
    Andrew H. EtheridgeHarrisville, RIEnvironmental Science
    Student (Last Name “F”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Yvette G. FaganWestminster, MALiberal Studies
    Marissa J. FalconerFitchburg, MABusiness Administration
    Kendra D. FaldettaDudley, MAPublic Health
    Christina M. FariaWorcester, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Sarah E. FarnhamRussell, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Emily E. FaulknerDudley, MABusiness Administration
    Kaitlyn A. FavaloraNiantic, CTCommunication Science & Disorders
    Jamie L. FerlandWrentham, MAUndeclared
    Shanelle L. FernandezMarlborough, MACriminal Justice
    Kristina M. FerrantoWorcester, MAHealth Education
    Nicole M. FerreiraShrewsbury, MANursing
    Anthony J. FichtnerWorcester, MAEnglish
    Michelle E. FidlerMansfield, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Katelyn L. FigueiredoHudson, MACriminal Justice
    Brent M. FilgerleskiWebster, MAEconomics
    Jesse M. FimianBrookfield, MAMathematics
    Emily R. FinneganAshland, MANursing
    Kayla R. FinneganDouglas, MAElementary Education
    Micaela M. FinneganOld Saybrook, CTHistory
    Ryan P. Finneran-GallagherWorcester, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Julia L. FitzpatrickCharlton City, MABiology
    Shannon M. FlahertyLeicester, MAUrban Studies
    Jennifer L. FlemingSpencer, MABiology
    Dylan T. FodenSterling, MAPsychology
    Erin D. FoleyMansfield, MAOccupational Studies
    Matthew D. FoleyDouglas, MAComputer Science
    Megan E. FoleyOrange, CTOccupational Studies
    Meghan L. FoleyDouglas, MAEnglish
    Rebecca K. FoleyBerkley, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Samantha E. FonsecaPlymouth, MAUrban Studies
    Morgan O. FontanaWalpole, MANursing
    Patrick R. FordWorcester, MASpanish
    Jasmine S. FouracreNorfolk, MAElementary Education
    Jessica C. FournierFranklin, MANursing
    Kyle J. FrattasioSouth Yarmouth, MACriminal Justice
    Emmanuel G. FreemanWorcester, MABiology
    Michael C. FrickHolden, MACriminal Justice
    Melissa A. FuentesShrewsbury, MANursing
    Laura L. FuertesFitchburg, MANursing
    Michael E. FuhrmanBellingham, MAEconomics
    Eric R. FyrbergSpencer, MABiology
    Student (Last Name “G”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Nuur H. GacalWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Nathan J. GagneBerkley, MABusiness Administration
    Stacia M. GagneBerkley, MAPsychology
    Katherine M. GagnonHampden, MANursing
    Renee A. Gagnon-ForsWorcester, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Sarina C. GainesDorchester, MACriminal Justice
    Cassandra L. GallagherSpencer, MABusiness Administration
    Meghan E. GallagherWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Angeline P. GallantShrewsbury, MACommunication
    Katrina M. GarbacikForestdale, MANursing
    Dominique A. GarceauRutland, MABiotechnology
    Dianelys Garcia-NinWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Clara A. GatsiosWorcester, MAMathematics
    Corey J. GattaSturbridge, MAHealth Education
    Amber R. GaulinDouglas, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Elizabeth A. GaumondWebster, MAEnglish
    Katherine J. GauthierHolden, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Chaim M. GavalWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Keona C. GavinWorcester, MANursing
    Margaret A. GayOxford, MACommunication
    Bianca L. GbaleLowell, MAUrban Studies
    Nancy GebhardtAshburnham, MAPublic Health
    Noah M. GeboDayville, CTCriminal Justice
    Lena GeeWest Bridgewater, MANursing
    Jessica B. GelineauCharlton, MAUndeclared
    Brenda M. GentileWorcester, MANursing
    Caleigh M. GeogheganNorth Attleboro, MAPublic Health
    Benjamin GeorgeWest Boylston, MAEnglish
    Brianna M. GermainWest Boylston, MAEnvironmental Science
    Courtney M. GermainRutland, MACriminal Justice
    Amanda D. GevryOxford, MAElementary Education
    Nicole S. GhantousSturbridge, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Leah C. GibsonNorthborough, MAUndeclared
    Samantha C. GiguereWhitinsville, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Mackenzie R. Gillespie-SlovinHudson, MASociology
    Erica R. GilmanNorth Brookfield, MAEnglish
    Alexa L. GiordanoStow, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Theodore J. GirardCharlton, MAPublic Health
    Michael A. GirardiMillbury, MAUndeclared
    Carrie A. GirardinAuburn, MAElementary Education
    Madison S. GirouardFiskdale, MAPublic Health
    Janeisa R. GivinsWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Steven GjinoWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Mariela GjylapiWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Thomas G. GleasonAuburn, MAEnglish
    Steven W. GodfreyWilmington, MACriminal Justice
    Shannon L. GoldbergCharlton, MASociology
    Noah M. GoldfarbHolliston, MACommunication
    Maiden A. GomezWorcester, MABiology
    Michael J. GonyaUxbridge, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Luis A. GonzalezDracut, MAHealth Education
    Yakaira B. GonzalezWorcester, MASpanish
    Jenna R. GoodreauMonson, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Morgan E. GoozeyEast Douglas, MAPsychology
    Jackson M. GorgasShrewsbury, MALiberal Studies
    Ashley GorhamUpton, MAPublic Health
    Emma F. GosselinMethuen, MAEnglish
    Dominique N. GouldWoodstock, CTComputer Science
    Emily L. GouldWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Michelle E. GouletGrafton, MANursing
    Anna GradyBellingham, MAUndeclared
    Nichole S. GrahamWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Alyssa L. GramstorffSutton, MABiology
    Angela M. GrasseschiOxford, MACriminal Justice
    Emily A. GravesWestminster, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Morgan A. GreaneySpringfield, MAPsychology
    Branden L. GrebWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Jordan D. GreenLeicester, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Rachel J. GreenWorcester, MAElementary Education
    Rachel M. GreenAdams, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Emma K. GreenbergMansfield, MABiotechnology
    Austin W. GreeneOxford, MABusiness Administration
    Monica S. GreenlawWest Brookfield, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Joseph J. GriderHopedale, MAPublic Health
    Cameron J. GriffinAuburn, MABusiness Administration
    John J. GriffinWorcester, MAEnglish
    Kyle C. GriffinMarlborough, MABiology
    Sophia N. GuarinoSandwich, MAPublic Health
    Courtney L. GuayLondonderry, NHBiology
    Camila M. GuimaraesWorcester, MAGeography
    Dinesh GurungWorcester, MAUndeclared
    Haley M. GuyetteMeriden, CTOccupational Studies
    Rafael M. GuzmanCambridge, MACriminal Justice
    Student (Last Name “H”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Brian P. HackettPaxton, MAEconomics
    Brianna L. HackettNashua, NHCommunication Science & Disorders
    Gretchen M. HadlockWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Erin L. HaggertyWestford, MAPublic Health
    Alexandra N. Haggerty-RahnFlorence, MAHistory
    Joseph P. HainsworthWorcester, MASociology
    Erin M. HalasWilmington, MANursing
    Allison M. HaleyStoneham, MANursing
    Kaitlyn E. HallRutland, MAPublic Health
    Kelley A. HallLeicester, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Mystique D. HallNorthborough, MAElementary Education
    Victoria S. HallasWorcester, MABiology
    Keegan HalpinWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Gabrielle M. HamelWest Boylston, MASpanish
    Melissa V. HamiltonWestborough, MAPublic Health
    Melanie P. HammWhitinsville, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Samer M. HammoodiWorcester, MAChemistry
    Ryan J. HannaGrafton, MAUndeclared
    Katherine A. HannanMontville, MEPsychology
    Bridget E. HanniganLancaster, MAEnglish
    Braxtyn T. HarrisLowell, MACriminal Justice
    Collin J. HartCharlton, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Alexa R. HarveyAttleboro, MACriminal Justice
    Danielle E. HarveyMillville, MANursing
    Devon S. HassanHudson, MABiology
    Gabriela HastingsClinton, MASpanish
    Jennifer L. HavensPaxton, MANursing
    Christopher HawesSpencer, MANursing
    Edward J. HayesClinton, MAEnglish
    Megan S. HayesShrewsbury, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Kyle B. HayterHelena, MTBiotechnology
    Lauren E. HealyWorcester, MASociology
    Stephen W. HealyMansfield, MANursing
    Candace V. HeimSterling, MABusiness Administration
    Haley V. HeimWorcester, MAPsychology
    Stephanie J. HemenwayNorth Oxford, MACommunication
    Nicole E. HennessyLunenburg, MAElementary Education
    Michelle D. HenryShrewsbury, MAPsychology
    Brittany M. HerringWest Brookfield, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    McKayla M. HersomWilmington, MAElementary Education
    Erin E. HickeySouth Easton, MAChemistry
    Jazmynne D. HickmanDracut, MABusiness Administration
    Alyssa-Anne M. HicksSouth Barre, MAElementary Education
    Brian M. HigginsNorthborough, MACommunication
    Elizabeth V. HigginsWorcester, MAHealth Education
    Melissa L. HigginsonLeominster, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Austin C. HillsamerShrewsbury, MAUndeclared
    Dakota R. HinerthNorth Brookfield, MAElementary Education
    Amelia J. HirtleRutland, MABusiness Administration
    Thinh P. HoWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Thien V. HoangWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Vu HoangWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Nicole L. HobinSutton, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Allyson L. HoffmanShrewsbury, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Lindsey HogginsHarvard, MABusiness Administration
    Amber S. HogueSouth Grafton, MANursing
    Jenna L. HokansonWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Dejour M. HollinsMethuen, MASociology
    Lucille L. HolmesWorcester, MASociology
    Vanessa C. HolmesNorth Chelmsford, MANursing
    Colin T. HouleStafford Springs, CTSociology
    Sydney K. HoweSutton, MABiology
    Ashleigh M. HowlandWilmington, MABusiness Administration
    Anjeza HoxhallariWorcester, MABiology
    Sarah N. HruboHaverhill, MACriminal Justice
    Jennette K. HummelMiddletown, CTNursing
    Brian M. HumphreyDudley, MABusiness Administration
    Kylee L. HurleyFranklin, MANursing
    Taylor J. HutchingsBrockton, MACommunication
    Heather J. HutnickMethuen, MABiotechnology
    Phat T. HuynhWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Student (Last Name “I”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Serena M. IacovelliWareham, MABiology
    Emily A. IjamsCharlton, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Andre S. IpojucaSaugus, MACommunication
    Student (Last Name “J”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Stephanie J. JacherWorcester, MAEconomics
    Christopher A. JacksonWest Brookfield, MAChemistry
    William J. JacksonHubbardston, MAChemistry
    Nicole E. JacobsWestborough, MABusiness Administration
    Rebecca P. JacobsLancaster, MABusiness Administration
    Kozeta JanoWorcester, MANursing
    Marc S. JanssonCharlton, MABusiness Administration
    Timothy R. JarvisWorcester, MAHistory
    Serena M. JaskolkaMattapoisett, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Sara N. JedrzynskiDudley, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Jenna JenkinsWestwood, MAPublic Health
    Erica C. JohnWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Bruce E. JohnsonFitchburg, MABusiness Administration
    Kyle J. JohnsonWest Boylston, MABusiness Administration
    Marques A. JohnsonWest Hartford, CTBiology
    Hayley M. JohnstonCharlton, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Kathryn L. JohnstonHolliston, MANursing
    Jacklyn E. JoncasWestford, MABusiness Administration
    Amber J. JonesUxbridge, MABusiness Administration
    Emily E. JonesWebster, MAPsychology
    Nikole A. JonesOxford, MAPsychology
    Robyn S. JonesNatick, MAElementary Education
    Ryan R. JonesBurlington, MACriminal Justice
    Rachel A. JorgeDartmouth, MAElementary Education
    Meagan M. JorritsmaWorcester, MAUrban Studies
    Zachary G. JorritsmaSpencer, MAEnglish
    James E. JoyceEast Brookfield, MACommunication
    Michaela N. JoyceWhitinsville, MAHistory
    Hannah E. JoynerWaterford, CTOccupational Studies
    Catherine T. JreijeShrewsbury, MAElementary Education
    Jamie M. JurgielShrewsbury, MAMath for Elementary Education
    John P. JwanowskiPeabody, MABusiness Administration
    Student (Last Name “K”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Michael E. KadlickDedham, MACommunication
    Catherine W. KamwithiWorcester, MANursing
    Lauren E. KaneBolton, MAPublic Health
    Sarah N. KasofShrewsbury, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Maria P. Kearns-GaleanoShrewsbury, MACommunication
    Lily A. KeatingWilmington, MAOccupational Studies
    Breana L. KeeganShrewsbury, MANursing
    Eric W. KeithMarshfield, MACriminal Justice
    Daniel M. KellerSouth Grafton, MABiology
    Meagan E. KelleyE Bridgewater, MAOccupational Studies
    Michael E. KelleyAuburn, MACommunication
    Sarah M. KendrickAuburn, MAPsychology
    Delaney K. KennyLawrence, MABiology
    Brian M. KentWest Boylston, MAPublic Health
    John D. KewleyAuburn, MABusiness Administration
    Masuma M. KhokharShrewsbury, MABusiness Administration
    Sandy C. KhuuWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Madeline F. KilleenUpton, MAPublic Health
    Maxwell R. KimballWebster, MAChemistry
    Veronica KimmensBoylston, MAMath for Elementary Education
    Alexis K. KingLancaster, MANursing
    Amari D. KingLawrence, MACommunication
    James R. KingReading, MACommunication
    Mary E. KingSutton, MAPsychology
    Desmond KissiLeominster, MAComputer Science
    Kaylee A. KittredgeAuburn, MAHealth Education
    Kaylee M. KlenkDouglas, MAEnvironmental Science
    Jason T. KnowlesWebster, MAComputer Science
    Arjana KocollariWorcester, MANursing
    Cyrus I. KohistaniBoston, MACriminal Justice
    Kenan J. KolandaSterling, MABusiness Administration
    Jessica L. KollettUxbridge, MAPsychology
    Victoria R. KonickiAuburn, MAEnglish
    Mariam KonnehWorcester, MASociology
    Julia C. KonowLebanon, CTEnglish
    Kelsey J. KonowLebanon, CTNursing
    Matthew L. KopackoWest Brookfield, MAMathematics
    Andrew D. KoulisisHolden, MAMathematics
    Jenna E. KovagoBoylston, MABusiness Administration
    Benjamin C. KueblerDudley, MAHistory
    Marisa KulisDracut, MACommunication
    Prince E. KumahWorcester, MAOccupational Studies
    Gulshan KumarWestborough, MAComputer Science
    Bridget L. KupferWorcester, MANursing
    Katrina L. KushWebster, MAPsychology
    Madison N. KuzioFranklin, MANursing
    Student (Last Name “L”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Blair M. LaBelleBoylston, MACommunication
    Kelsey B. LabergeSwansea, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Justin M. LabrieBlackstone, MABusiness Administration
    Mitchell F. LacaireEast Brookfield, MABiology
    Shelby L. LaConteLeicester, MACriminal Justice
    Amanda G. LacopoEast Longmeadow, MAElementary Education
    Alexandria M. LaflammeWebster, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Lynsea D. LafondBondsville, MANursing
    Alberto LagunaSouth Grafton, MABiology
    Sotirios E. LalosWorcester, MAEnglish
    Stephen H. LamWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Amanda M. LambertOxford, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Caitlin N. LaMondaWorcester, MAPsychology
    Natalia LamourtWorcester, MABiology
    Amber M. LanceyMerrimac, MAPsychology
    Kristy L. LandineFitchburg, MAPsychology
    Ashley A. LandryEast Douglas, MABiology
    Ashlie A. LandryHudson, MANursing
    Kimberly A. LandryHudson, MANursing
    Melyssa R. LangellDunstable, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Cameron E. LanierCharlton, MAUndeclared
    Laura A. LanoueCumberland, RINursing
    Grace M. LapanDouglas, MANursing
    Kimberly R. LapointeLunenburg, MAOccupational Studies
    Kyle N. LaPointeHolden, MAComputer Science
    Dominic C. LapomardoHolden, MAUndeclared
    Andre G. LaskaWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Jhan B. LaTulippeSouthbridge, MAComputer Science
    Rachel M. LauzonSouth Carver, MANursing
    Jacob Q. LawrenceMattapoisett, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Erica L. LawsonMillbury, MAElementary Education
    Charissa LeWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Judy LeLeicester, MAChemistry
    Michelle A. LeWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Tri M. LeWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Jason P. LeamingBrimfield, MACriminal Justice
    Megan LeavensWest Boylston, MAPsychology
    Joel C. LeBlancGardner, MAHealth Education
    Marina A. LeBlancNorth Oxford, MABiology
    Tsara J. LeBlancLeominster, MAHealth Education
    Ryan A. LeClairOxford, MAHistory
    Michele M. LefebvreClinton, MANursing
    Jessica C. LeighRandolph, MABusiness Administration
    Marta M. LeitaoUxbridge, MAHistory
    Elise E. LemieuxWinchendon, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Victoria M. LemireWinchendon, MAOccupational Studies
    Amber L. LempkeHolyoke, MAUndeclared
    Alyssa M. LentiniAttleboro, MABusiness Administration
    Shane T. LeRoyLancaster, MABusiness Administration
    Sara G. LesackUxbridge, MASpanish
    Jacqueline J. Lesniak-BrothersUxbridge, MAElementary Education
    Sydney G. LeVasseurPalmer, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Eric M. LevesqueBarre, MANursing
    Kyle A. LewisPalmer, MACriminal Justice
    Anh D. LieuWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Wesly M. LimaCranston, RIPublic Health
    Amanda L. LincolnWebster, MANursing
    Joseph L. LindenmayerRochdale, MAMathematics
    Madeline M. LindforsHolden, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Ryan P. LindsayWest Boylston, MAChemistry
    Morgan H. LindseyNorthboro, MAHealth Education
    Carly B. LitchfieldJefferson, MASociology
    Hannah S. LitchfieldJefferson, MALiberal Studies
    Kamai A. LittleWorcester, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Lena T. LlanosMaynard, MACriminal Justice
    Naishmed LlanosWorcester, MAPsychology
    Alyssa C. LlewelynNorthfield, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Jessica M. LloydOrange, MAPsychology
    Joseph W. LocatellSutton, MAEnvironmental Science
    Hannah A. LoChiattoHarvard, MACommunication
    Matthew W. LockwoodFeeding Hills, MANursing
    Corrinne E. LombardiWrentham, MAPsychology
    Marisa E. LombardiLudlow, MAPublic Health
    Olivia L. LongRutland, MABiology
    Hailey F. LongbottomPrinceton, MAElementary Education
    Olivia N. LongoWestborough, MAPsychology
    Jake E. LookDudley, MACommunication
    Andrea LopezWest Boylston, MAPublic Health
    Edgardo G. LopezWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Juan J. LopezMillbury, MAPublic Health
    Justin L. LopezLeominster, MABiology
    Lauren A. LopezWest Springfield, MAOccupational Studies
    Emily A. LottesBoxborough, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Rebecca C. LoweDracut, MACriminal Justice
    Jeremy R. LowellHolden, MABusiness Administration
    Eglantina Luarasi-ZguroWorcester, MAUrban Studies
    Sofia I. LucasWorcester, MAPsychology
    Alexandria F. LuccheseShrewsbury, MAPsychology
    Devin J. LuceMilford, MABiology
    Joseph I. LundbergWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Tam T. LuongWorcester, MABiology
    Alexis C. LusignanWare, MABusiness Administration
    Caroline B. LuziWorcester, MASociology
    Hieu M. LyWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Adam S. LyonsWestford, MAUndeclared
    Connor F. LyonsWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Student (Last Name “M”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Andressa F. MacalpineMilford, MANursing
    Julie N. MacArthurNorthboro, MANursing
    Annie MachadoWorcester, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Aaron J. MadayWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Elisa N. MaddenTewksbury, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Anthony M. MadonnaLeicester, MAEnvironmental Science
    Shannon C. MagnerLynn, MABusiness Administration
    Abby M. MagnusonEllington, CTCommunication Science & Disorders
    John E. MaguireDouglas, MACriminal Justice
    Craig M. MahanDudley, MANatural Science
    Quinn T. MakrisConcord, NHPublic Health
    Monique S. MannaSouthbridge, MAHistory
    Matthew ManningNovi, MIBusiness Administration
    Michael H. ManningBridgewater, MABusiness Administration
    Brenna J. ManzelloWorcester, MACommunication
    Antonia M. MarashioLeominster, MAChemistry
    Madison J. MarceauNorth Adams, MAElementary Education
    Ryan J. MarcelonisOxford, MAComputer Science
    Jason W. MarchandBrimfield, MABusiness Administration
    Samantha M. MarchettaNorthborough, MANursing
    Brianna E. MarchettiProvidence, RIBiology
    Brittany E. MarchettiProvidence, RIOccupational Studies
    Lea M. MarkhamLancaster, MACommunication
    Maria MarkopoulosCharlton, MAChemistry
    Michael R. MarquesMilford, MABusiness Administration
    Cullen W. MarsCherry Valley, MACriminal Justice
    Victoria H. MarshallWinchendon, MAOccupational Studies
    Jenna N. MartinSalem, NHCommunication
    Kirby W. MartinBarre, MACriminal Justice
    Brynn M. MassarelliPepperell, MABiology
    Jacob E. MassasHudson, MACriminal Justice
    Maribel E. MateoLawrence, MASociology
    Anthony R. MatteroWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    George N. MatthewAuburn, MAComputer Science
    Kyle S. MatthewsWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Michael D. MattoxUpton, MAPsychology
    Marikate M. MatysHolyoke, MANursing
    Kacey A. MaxnerJefferson, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Paul A. MaylottNorth Grafton, MANursing
    Katelyn M. McCarthyHamilton, MAOccupational Studies
    Lauren M. McCarthyWoburn, MANursing
    Meghan E. McCarthyBerkley, MAPublic Health
    Nathan P. McCarthyWest Boylston, MABusiness Administration
    Cheyenne L. McCassieNorthborough, MAEnglish
    Elizabeth L. McCormackGloucester, MAElementary Education
    Erin M. McCormackSouth Easton, MAOccupational Studies
    Kenzie M. McCormickShrewsbury, MANursing
    Ashley M. McCullenNorth Attleboro, MABusiness Administration
    Maeve A. McDonaghAttleboro, MAUndeclared
    Christian C. McDonaldPaxton, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Stephanie C. McFadriesBurlington, MABiology
    Molly E. McGovernMilford, MACommunication
    Shannon McIsaacMaynard, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Corrina N. McKelveyGales Ferry, CTOccupational Studies
    Shelagh R. McKennaShirley, MABusiness Administration
    Theresa E. McMahonSandwich, MANursing
    Christopher M. McNamaraNew Braintree, MABiology
    Julia D. McNamaraSutton, MABusiness Administration
    Matthew J. McNicklesSutton, MACommunication
    Dante McPhersonMaynard, MACommunication
    Makayla D. McShaneManomet, MAElementary Education
    Brendan P. McSheaHolden, MACriminal Justice
    Brandon T. MeeceDudley, MAElementary Education
    Samantha J. MeehanTownsend, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Fadwa MekkaouiBolton, MAChemistry
    Haley E. MelansonWestborough, MAPublic Health
    Katherine M. MelicanWorcester, MASociology
    Lindsay A. MellanRutland, MAHistory
    Alexis N. MeltonOxford, MABiology
    Derek W. MendesNorthbridge, MACriminal Justice
    Michael H. MendesMendon, MAComputer Science
    Bernice K. MensahWorcester, MABiology
    Danielle A. MensahWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Joshua L. MensahWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Angevy MercadoWorcester, MAPsychology
    Elliot B. MercierWorcester, MAEnglish
    Nicole C. MercierWorcester, MASociology
    Ryan P. MercierMillbury, MAEnglish
    Zachary A. MerriamDudley, MAHistory
    Marissa J. MerrifieldWeymouth, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Timothy J. MesiteDouglas, MAComputer Science
    Rachael J. MessierHolden, MAChemistry
    Anthony T. MessinaSturbridge, MAPublic Health
    Redi MetaliWorcester, MABiology
    Jennifer MichaudWorcester, MACommunication
    Jordan L. MiglionicoDudley, MABiology
    Joseph E. MiliusWorcester, MACommunication
    Hannah L. MillenRockland, MANursing
    Megan A. MillerDracut, MANursing
    Kathleen M. Miller-VickersWorcester, MAHistory
    Brianna M. MillettWebster, MACriminal Justice
    Megan E. MillikenEllington, CTNursing
    Alyson C. MillsShrewsbury, MANursing
    Erin M. MinerCharlton, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Kaila J. MinucciAshland, MAElementary Education
    Mikayla M. MirandaAgawam, MAOccupational Studies
    William J. MitchellEast Brookfield, MAComputer Science
    Mohammed J. MohammedWorcester, MALiberal Studies
    Shaymaa A. MohammedWorcester, MAEnglish
    Justin F. MoirAuburn, MACommunication
    Melchizedek B. MoiseLeominster, MAPsychology
    Marissa L. MolinariWest Bridgewater, MAOccupational Studies
    Robert M. MollAuburn, MACommunication
    Daniel J. MongeonSpencer, MAHealth Education
    David M. MonroeJefferson, MABusiness Administration
    Wahina L. MonteroClinton, MABiology
    Alyssa V. MontiMarlboro, MACriminal Justice
    Nicholas J. MooreRutland, MAPsychology
    Jonathan L. MoraesAcushnet, MAUrban Studies
    Angelo G. MoraitisWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Justin MoranWestborough, MACriminal Justice
    Lea T. MoreauDouglas, MAPublic Health
    Tiana R. MoreauAuburn, MABusiness Administration
    Sarah B. MoriartyLongmeadow, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Emely I. MorilloFramingham, MABusiness Administration
    Olivia A. MorinWestford, MAOccupational Studies
    Tracy R. MorrillWorcester, MAUrban Studies
    Joann MorrisonFramingham, MANursing
    Kimberly A. MorrisseyDudley, MABiology
    Cati M. MorseOrange, MABusiness Administration
    Nanette E. MoulinWestborough, MAMathematics
    Pierre F. MouradShrewsbury, MABusiness Administration
    Elena M. MouradianWakefield, MAOccupational Studies
    Rau-Byan MuhammadLynn, MACommunication
    Alba MuharremiWorcester, MABiology
    Monika MularskiAuburn, MAElementary Education
    Timothy P. MulkernTownsend, MACommunication
    Erisa MullalliWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Katherine F. MullaneSterling, MACommunication
    Peter G. MuneneWorcester, MAPsychology
    Kayla R. MungilloBurlington, MAPublic Health
    Makenna M. MunroWilmington, MAUndeclared
    Alexandria R. MurphySomerset, MACommunication
    Amanda S. MurphySterling, MAElementary Education
    Eleanor A. MurphyWorcester, MAElementary Education
    Emily R. MurphyFeeding Hills, MAElementary Education
    Giana C. MurphyCharlton, MAGeography
    Jennifer C. MurphyWestborough, MABiology
    Lauren N. MurphyTaunton, MACommunication
    Madison M. MurphyTempleton, MAHistory
    Melissa P. MurphyNorth Grafton, MAPsychology
    Colleen J. MurrayHolden, MAPsychology
    Deanna E. MurrayLeicester, MABusiness Administration
    Kelly V. MurrayAttleboro, MABusiness Administration
    Rosemarie I. MurrayNorwood, MAOccupational Studies
    Grant E. MurtaghWare, MACriminal Justice
    Rachel E. MyraWorcester, MAHealth Education
    Student (Last Name “N”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Heather R. NadeauRochester, MAOccupational Studies
    Jubilee K. NaleSouthbridge, MAHistory
    Anthony E. NapolitanoMassapequa, NYBiology
    Marlies D. NasellaMelrose, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Ayman NashawiShrewsbury, MABiology
    Marie A. NazaireWorcester, MAHealth Education
    Cameron J. NearyMansfield, MABusiness Administration
    Evan P. NelsonHudson, MABiology
    Morgan R. NelsonHudson, MABiology
    Ashley T. NgoMillbury, MABiology
    Quy T. NgoWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Tina T. NgoWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Eric T. NguyenWorcester, MAMathematics
    Han P. NguyenWorcester, MAChemistry
    Isabella A. NguyenWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Lily T. NguyenMillbury, MAUndeclared
    Mai T. NguyenWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Ngoc T. NguyenHartford, CTPsychology
    Thomas P. NguyenWebster, MACriminal Justice
    Christopher A. NicholsWorcester, MAUndeclared
    Carlos A. NievesClinton, MABiology
    Idalis Y. NivarLeominster, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Kenneth NjorogeWebster, MANursing
    Owen M. NjorogeDudley, MABiotechnology
    Micayla I. NoonanShrewsbury, MANursing
    Kaitlyn A. NordbergAttleboro, MACriminal Justice
    Katelyn E. NorsworthyNorthborough, MAElementary Education
    David J. NovackSturbridge, MAHistory
    Janet E. NovackSturbridge, MAMathematics
    Adrian D. NovasSpencer, MABiotechnology
    Francis T. NubuorAuburn, MACommunication
    Avery B. NugentMattapoisett, MAPublic Health
    Brendan A. NumWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Emily A. NummelinPaxton, MAEnglish
    Alexis V. NyeEast Bridgewater, MAOccupational Studies
    Student (Last Name “O”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Molly V. O'BrienSutton, MAMathematics
    Kaighley S. ObuchowskiSouthbridge, MAUndeclared
    Makenna K. ObuchowskiSouthbridge, MAElementary Education
    Millicent A. OcholaWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Nicole M. O'ConnellWorcester, MAEnglish
    Victoria R. O'ConnorWest Boylston, MAPublic Health
    Kwame D. OforiWebster, MAComputer Science
    Kathleen E. O'GradyWest Roxbury, MAPublic Health
    Briana C. O'HanlonManassas, VAEarly Childhood Education
    Sworup OjhaWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Ashley E. O'KeefeWorcester, MACommunication
    Steven J. O'LearyWorcester, MASociology
    Joshua L. OliverShrewsbury, MAMathematics
    Jennifer L. OlivieriWorcester, MABiology
    Kaitlyn L. OlmsteadWestford, MAElementary Education
    Alishya M. O'LoughlinCharlton, MANursing
    Lauren C. OlsenChelmsford, MAHealth Education
    Cynthia A. O'NeilWorcester, MAEnglish
    Vivian L. OnofreMillbury, MABusiness Administration
    Carla E. OrellanaWorcester, MAPublic Health
    Jacklyn L. OrellanaSpringfield, MANursing
    Daniel J. OrlandoWestborough, MABusiness Administration
    David O'RourkeNorfolk, MANursing
    Ryan R. OrsiAuburn, MABusiness Administration
    Francisco OrtizFitchburg, MABusiness Administration
    Taylor A. OrwigGardner, MABiology
    Matthew N. OsborneBlackstone, MACriminal Justice
    Albion OsmaniWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Sean C. OtooleNorthbridge, MABusiness Administration
    Alissa OttUpton, MABusiness Administration
    Kevin R. OwensWebster, MANursing
    Renae M. OwensWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Student (Last Name “P”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Paola M. PabonWorcester, MAEnglish
    Jacquelyn N. PackCharlton, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Nicholas W. PackardOxford, MAHistory
    Olivia G. PadgettGrafton, MAElementary Education
    Nicole PaganWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Scott A. PageWinchendon, MABusiness Administration
    Edward D. PainterNorthboro, MABusiness Administration
    Elizabeth M. PaivaFall River, MANursing
    Veronica A. PaizFramingham, MANursing
    Michael W. PalmerMillbury, MACriminal Justice
    Nicole E. PaquinAttleboro, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Kay C. ParadisBaldwinville, MAEnvironmental Science
    Michael P. ParadisAuburn, MALiberal Studies
    Erin E. PareceWestford, MAElementary Education
    Davis M. ParellaDouglas, MABusiness Administration
    Michaila M. ParentWestborough, MAChemistry
    Faith D. ParkerHolden, MAOccupational Studies
    Hannah R. ParkerGardner, MANursing
    Kayla A. ParkerSaugus, MABusiness Administration
    Michelle L. PaspeUpton, MANursing
    Sarah A. PassamontiWorcester, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Parth S. PatelCharlton, MABusiness Administration
    Kyle J. PattonLeominster, MAComputer Science
    Kathryn W. PaulSwansea, MAHealth Education
    Sabrina N. PaulsonN. Dartmouth, MABiology
    Cory J. PavaoUxbridge, MABusiness Administration
    Andrew PawlowskiWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Aaron M. PearlSturbridge, MAElementary Education
    Kayla J. PearsonBellingham, MAPsychology
    Ashley M. PeckAuburn, MABusiness Administration
    Elizabeth A. PedoneSpencer, MAPsychology
    Iris G. PelaezSouthbridge, MACriminal Justice
    Victor A. PellegrinoShrewsbury, MAGeography
    Ameilia M. PelletierGill, MANursing
    Mackenzie E. PelletierWestfield, MANursing
    Madison R. PelletierWestfield, MANursing
    Peter J. PeloquinDudley, MAUrban Studies
    Maura E. PelrineMelrose, MAPsychology
    Anelise C. PenaMilford, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Juan J. PenaSalem, NHHealth Education
    Taylor M. PenaHolden, MACriminal Justice
    Claire R. PendergastBerlin, MABusiness Administration
    April T. PepinAuburn, MACriminal Justice
    Madison M. PeraltaMaynard, MAElementary Education
    Meghan E. PereiraLudlow, MAElementary Education
    Olivia L. PereiraLowell, MAPsychology
    Jennie L. PerezDudley, MAPsychology
    Roshanna Y. PerezWorcester, MAChemistry
    Danielle E. PerkinsUpton, MACriminal Justice
    Sarah R. PerreaultOxford, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Meagan M. PerroLeicester, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Tiffany J. PerronBrookfield, MABiology
    Brenna K. PerrySutton, MACriminal Justice
    Gabrielle C. PerrySutton, MAPsychology
    Ashley M. PeruginiWatertown, CTPublic Health
    Tina L. PetersWorcester, MASociology
    Jacob B. PetersonWest Boylston, MACriminal Justice
    Saige M. PetersonWorcester, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Olivia I. PetrucciWilmington, MAOccupational Studies
    Sarah E. PettineSomerset, MANursing
    Andy T. PhamWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Brian PhanWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Philip H. PhanWorcester, MABiology
    Quoc M. PhanWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Brady S. PhillipsUxbridge, MAHealth Education
    Richard W. PhillipsWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Katrina R. PiangerelliRussell, MAPsychology
    Morgan B. PichelLittleton, MAUrban Studies
    Briana PingitoreRutland, MAElementary Education
    Lauren T. PinkhamOxford, MABusiness Administration
    Andrea G. PiresFall River, MANursing
    Andrea J. PlichtaUxbridge, MAHealth Education
    Jessica A. PohlWest Boylston, MAPsychology
    Bogumila J. PolskaEverett, MABusiness Administration
    Julianne E. PolsonAuburn, MALiberal Studies
    Theresa A. PorterEast Falmouth, MAOccupational Studies
    Liliana M. PortilloWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Nathan D. PosterroSutton, MAComputer Science
    Ryan M. PotvinLeominster, MAHealth Education
    Breann N. PowellEverett, MAPublic Health
    Gwendolyn C. PowerBillerica, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Sarah F. PowersAttleboro, MANursing
    Sean T. PowersWorcester, MASpanish
    Jesus A. Prado AlzamoraWorcester, MASociology
    Kathryn N. ProulxSwansea, MAOccupational Studies
    Melissa A. PrudhommeWhitinsville, MAPsychology
    Caleb L. PruittSpencer, MAComputer Science
    Leira Z. PuenteWorcester, MAEnglish
    Shaylee J. PuleoTewksbury, MAMathematics
    Mitchell J. PurdieCavanBusiness Administration
    Nicole J. PutnamWorcester, MAElementary Education
    Student (Last Name “Q”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Alex T. QuangWorcester, MABiology
    Isabella M. QuattrucciPetersham, MAPsychology
    Rebecca S. QuinnBraintree, MAPsychology
    Michael P. QuirionShrewsbury, MAEconomics
    Student (Last Name “R”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Robert J. RacicotOxford, MAEnglish
    Christopher J. RadkowskiShrewsbury, MAComputer Science
    Paul N. RahebWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Emma M. RainvilleReading, MANursing
    Antonio RamirezHudson, MACriminal Justice
    Isaiah S. RamirezMilford, MAHealth Education
    Josue E. RamirezWorcester, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Alexis L. RamosAttleboro, MAOccupational Studies
    Jacob F. RamosNorth Grafton, MACriminal Justice
    Augustine R. RamstromNatick, MACriminal Justice
    Kristen M. RandoMilford, MASociology
    Alana M. RanneyFramingham, MALiberal Studies
    Samantha J. RantakytoFitchburg, MAPsychology
    Audrey RatliffN. Grosvenordale, CTElementary Education
    Andrew D. RavenelleNorth Oxford, MAEnvironmental Science
    Melanie A. RavesiMarlborough, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Cameron J. RaymondAthol, MABusiness Administration
    Maylin L. RaymondoSwansea, MANursing
    Jennifer A. RearickPembroke, MANursing
    Ryan A. RedmondCharlton, MABusiness Administration
    Elisabeth B. ReedWeymouth, MAOccupational Studies
    Marco M. RegoWebster, MASpanish
    Daniel J. ReidyWorcester, MACommunication
    Erika K. ReinertsonShrewsbury, MAComputer Science
    Arden L. ReinhardtWorcester, MAUndeclared
    Joshua L. ReinsteinWoodland Hills, CABusiness Administration
    Erica D. RemillardMillville, MASpanish
    Renae M. RenihanAuburn, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Lianaliz E. ReynosoLeominster, MANursing
    Anna P. RibeiroAttleboro, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Olivia M. RibeiroEast Taunton, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Michael J. RicciPeabody, MACriminal Justice
    Jenise RichardDudley, MANursing
    Isabel M. RichardsRutland, MABusiness Administration
    Jared K. RichardsLeominster, MACriminal Justice
    Rielley T. RichardsAthol, MAPsychology
    Shannon K. RichardsRochdale, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Shelby D. RichardsSutton, MAPsychology
    Amber RickerHampstead, NHPsychology
    Johanna E. RiddleShrewsbury, MALiberal Studies
    Cody A. RiedleRutland, MAUrban Studies
    Keri A. RiefenhauserSouthbury, CTOccupational Studies
    Diana L. RiggieriWorcester, MABiology
    Rebecca L. RigoliBurlington, MAOccupational Studies
    Stephanie F. RinaldiWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Olivia K. RipaSterling, MANursing
    Alyssa M. RitaccoShrewsbury, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Joshua A. Rivera-WatsonShrewsbury, MABiology
    Ryan D. RizzutoWest Boylston, MABiology
    Taylor H. RobertsDracut, MAUndeclared
    Paige F. RobidouxLeicester, MAEnvironmental Science
    Carissa M. RodriguezWorcester, MALiberal Studies
    McDavid RodriguezWorcester, MANursing
    Nilka RodriguezWorcester, MAPsychology
    Mia T. RogersNorth Dighton, MAComputer Science
    Sarah A. RogersNorthborough, MABusiness Administration
    Wyatt R. RogersBrimfield, MAEnglish
    Priscilla M. RojasWorcester, MABiology
    Grace F. Romero ReyWorcester, MAPsychology
    Victoria L. RonayneBillerica, MAPublic Health
    Jacquelynn K. RondeauNorth Uxbridge, MANursing
    Shane R. RookeyLeicester, MAComputer Science
    Jared M. RooneyPlymouth, MABusiness Administration
    Tanner P. RopiakNorthbridge, MANursing
    Joanna R. RosaStoughton, MABiology
    Willian RosalesWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Emma J. RoseWorcester, MAElementary Education
    Michael A. RoseSouthbridge, MAComputer Science
    Andrew J. RossiBarre, MAEnglish
    Megan E. RouillardBarrington, NHBiology
    Michael R. RouleauAthol, MAEnglish
    Matthew H. RowanWest Roxbury, MACriminal Justice
    Emily R. RowellOxford, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Madison B. RowlandSwansea, MAOccupational Studies
    Jordyn E. RowthamSpringfield, MANursing
    Elise RoyChicopee, MANursing
    Heidi L. Roy-ChoquetteSterling, MABiology
    Grant H. RoyekPembroke, MABusiness Administration
    Claudia R. RubleWestford, MABusiness Administration
    Linette RuizWorcester, MAEarly Childhood Education
    David C. RussellNorth Prince George, VABiology
    Lisa M. RussoShrewsbury, MAHealth Education
    Kimberly M. RyanShrewsbury, MAPsychology
    Tessa M. RyanNorwood, MAElementary Education
    Daniel P. RyderWest Boylston, MAComputer Science
    Kara M. RysWare, MAElementary Education
    Student (Last Name “S”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Jennica M. SablakPalmer, MAMathematics
    Maida SaboticWorcester, MAUndeclared
    Matthew M. SabourinStow, MABusiness Administration
    Maneerat SaengphuangWebster, MABusiness Administration
    Veronica SalameaWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Jessica V. SallesClinton, MAPublic Health
    Erin E. SalmonMendon, MASpanish
    Katelyn A. SalsgiverShrewsbury, MAElementary Education
    Bradleigh R. SaltsmanAyer, MABusiness Administration
    Sarah J. SalvadoBellingham, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Brooklyn SamolinskiBlackstone, MANursing
    Adam M. SanbornJefferson, MABusiness Administration
    Edward J. SanchezWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Madison R. SandlerMaple Grove, MNPsychology
    Jaime O. SantagateBradford, MANursing
    Katelyn R. SantosAcushnet, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Richard A. SantosuossoMiddleton, MACriminal Justice
    Dianne M. SargentSpencer, MAChemistry
    Sumavatey S. SarinLowell, MANursing
    Jennifer L. SaundersFranklin, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Maria C. SavignanoBridgewater, MAEnvironmental Science
    Johnathan J. SavoieBlackstone, MACriminal Justice
    Sarah B. SavoyGardner, MANursing
    Kathryn L. ScanlonHolden, MAPublic Health
    Sean M. ScannellWebster, MAEnglish
    Patrick K. ScheelerWakefield, MABusiness Administration
    Haley E. SchiavoneWebster, MACommunication
    Margaret C. SchmitzGreat Barrington, MAOccupational Studies
    Shayla B. SchoenebergerVernon, CTCommunication
    Mairead J. SchofieldLeominster, MABusiness Administration
    Mary V. SchrothPepperell, MAEnglish
    Michael R. SchrothPepperell, MAEnglish
    Kailyn E. SchulmanLeicester, MAUndeclared
    Megan A. SchultzeWestminster, MACriminal Justice
    Tyler P. SchwalbeCharlton, MAPublic Health
    Jacob S. ScottCharlton, MABusiness Administration
    Maggie-Anne ScottNorthborough, MAElementary Education
    Samantha J. SealeyCherry Valley, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Haley L. SearsMansfield, MAOccupational Studies
    Laura C. SearsNatick, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Katelyn S. SeguinSturbridge, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Sophia SekyereWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Paige E. SenatoreAyer, MABiology
    Olivia K. SennevilleNo. Reading, MAElementary Education
    Jasmin E. SerranoOrange, CTOccupational Studies
    Herman E. ServatiusWorcester, MAGeography
    Steven C. SetaroWorcester, MAHistory
    Matthew F. SeverinAmherst, MACommunication
    Rachel K. SharpNorthborough, MAPublic Health
    Riley E. ShaughnessyNew Bedford, MAOccupational Studies
    Jeremy J. ShaysLeicester, MABusiness Administration
    Logyn M. SheaRutland, MABusiness Administration
    Bridget D. SheehanWestminster, MANursing
    James R. SheehanOxford, MABusiness Administration
    Maura C. SheehanWestminster, MALiberal Studies
    Oren R. ShoemakerBoylston, MAComputer Science
    Emily A. ShoreyWhitinsville, MANursing
    John P. ShugrueWorcester, MAElementary Education
    Alexis A. SilkGreenfield, MACommunication
    Juliana A. SilvaNorthborough, MACriminal Justice
    Meghan L. SilvaOakham, MAPublic Health
    Paige O. SilveiraAttleboro, MAOccupational Studies
    Jack T. SimoneNorth Easton, MANursing
    Ian C. SimpsonHolden, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Kimberly L. SinclairPlymouth, MAOccupational Studies
    Mikayla M. SingasJefferson, MAHealth Education
    Aviya T. SingerCharlton, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Alexander P. SinniDudley, MACriminal Justice
    Sandra M. SiskoAuburn, MAChemistry
    Jeffrey G. SjauwHolden, MABusiness Administration
    Elizabeth K. SkazaLudlow, MAMathematics
    Gabrielle R. SklarShrewsbury, MAHistory
    Viktoriya SkuzWorcester, MACommunication
    Connor E. SlatteryFitchburg, MACommunication
    William J. SlavinskasWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Kristen J. SleightAuburn, MAHistory
    Stephen D. SmialekDartmouth, MABusiness Administration
    Courtney A. SmithAttleboro, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Gregory W. SmithDudley, MABusiness Administration
    Sean P. SmithAuburn, MAPsychology
    Zach SmithWestborough, MACommunication
    Dakota M. Smith-PorterMontague, MAPsychology
    Michaela R. SmythChelmsford, MAHealth Education
    Abigail F. SniegockiMelrose, MANursing
    Kelsey S. SnodgrassBristol, CTOccupational Studies
    Samantha A. SnopkowskiCharlton, MAPublic Health
    Brittney SoaresFall River, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Michelle SolanoWorcester, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Ashley J. Solares-DepazWestborough, MABusiness Administration
    Cherry A. SoreialMilford, MABusiness Administration
    Wendy SotoFitchburg, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Joseph D. SoucyHolliston, MAPsychology
    Morgan B. SoucyBlackstone, MANursing
    Raquel J. SousaRehoboth, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Samantha R. SousaSpencer, MAEnglish
    Jaymi-Lyn SouzaLeicester, MAHistory
    Paige L. SpeckerHolden, MABusiness Administration
    Joan SpinazolaFramingham, MAEnglish
    Christina J. SpinosWilmington, MACriminal Justice
    Meghan K. St. JeanMillbury, MABusiness Administration
    Brett J. St.OngeWare, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Grace G. StaffordSutton, MAPublic Health
    Leah G. StanleyCharlton, MAEnvironmental Science
    Libbey P. StearnsWorcester, MACommunication
    Taylor J. StepkaAttleboro, MAComputer Science
    Evan N. SterlingGreat Falls, VABusiness Administration
    Molly S. SternsDanvers, MABusiness Administration
    Lucas T. StevensCharlton, MACriminal Justice
    Matthew W. StewartWorcester, MACriminal Justice
    Rachel O. StierMansfield, MANursing
    Abigail M. StoneCharlton, MAEnglish
    Jarrett S. StoneWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Brianna M. StordyKingston, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Alyssa M. StrapponiFranklin, MANursing
    Mandi StrzelewiczWebster, MAEnglish
    Hannah C. StuartSouthbridge, MAPublic Health
    Pawel StypulkowskiWebster, MAComputer Science
    Amber E. SuarezMiramar, FLBusiness Administration
    Enida SulajWorcester, MAEnvironmental Science
    Deanna K. SullivanPaxton, MABusiness Administration
    Jaime C. SullivanHubbardston, MAPublic Health
    Laura M. SullivanRutland, MAElementary Education
    Mikaela R. SullivanWorcester, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Ryan A. SullivanLeominster, MABusiness Administration
    Clark SunShrewsbury, MALiberal Studies
    Prakhyat SunuwarWorcester, MABiology
    Alexandria L. SupernorHudson, MAPublic Health
    Katelyn D. SurprenantPelham, NHOccupational Studies
    Rachel E. SuttonEast Douglas, MAElementary Education
    Joseph M. SwalecWest Boylston, MANursing
    Courtney M. SwansonNorth Dighton, MAOccupational Studies
    Julia A. SwansonWestford, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Anita J. SwiftBrimfield, MANursing
    Marta SzczubelekWorcester, MANursing
    Student (Last Name “T”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Alexander J. TaddeoFranklin, MABusiness Administration
    Juliana R. TambolleoClinton, MAPublic Health
    Briana C. TammaroEast Bridgewater, MANursing
    Louisa N. TannousWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Mohamad K. TantaWorcester, MABiology
    Ayeh TantehWorcester, MANursing
    Lindsey A. TarboxBraintree, MASociology
    Cameron J. TariniAuburn, MABusiness Administration
    Shannon M. TarpeySouth Easton, MAHealth Education
    Emily C. TavaresBerkeley, MAElementary Education
    Andrews TawiahWorcester, MABiology
    Monica K. TeevenNorthborough, MAPsychology
    Jordan TekelisWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Justin W. TerryStow, MAUndeclared
    Allison E. TevisPocasset, MANursing
    Tuyen Ngo M. ThanWorcester, MAHealth Education
    Katelyn A. ThebadoNorthborough, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Urban S. TheumLowell, MABusiness Administration
    Jolane F. ThibaultDouglas, MAPublic Health
    Dennis ToWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Johnny ToWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Rachel H. ToShrewsbury, MAElementary Education
    Kelly N. TobinFiskdale, MANursing
    Joseph R. TocioBillerica, MABusiness Administration
    Samantha M. ToliTaunton, MABusiness Administration
    Justine C. TomasoMilford, MAEnglish
    Viet N. Ton NuWorcester, MABiology
    Sara A. ToomeyWorcester, MAUndeclared
    Tasha L. TotasOakham, MAHealth Education
    Annette K. TranLeicester, MAMathematics
    Cindy TranOakham, MAChemistry
    Loan K. TranMillbury, MAEnglish
    Monica K. TranAuburn, MAOccupational Studies
    Lauren E. TrantChicopee, MANursing
    Saja M. TraouiWorcester, MABiology
    Kayla E. TraskMansfield, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Matthew J. TraversSouthbridge, MACommunication
    Karla D. TraviesoSpringfield, MAPsychology
    Stephanie A. TraylorClinton, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Mercedes R. TredeauUpton, MAElementary Education
    Casey M. TrefryStow, MANursing
    Danielle R. TremblayLancaster, MABusiness Administration
    Mary D. TremblayWorcester, MASociology
    Kali M. TrepanierPlainfield, CTCommunication Science & Disorders
    Lacey A. TreveloniAshland, MANursing
    Joseph P. TricomiWorcester, MANursing
    Christopher J. TrottaRowley, MACriminal Justice
    Jason T. TruaxNorthborough, MAMathematics
    Tammy N. TruongWorcester, MAPsychology
    Duy Thuc D. TruongWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Forrest N. TsarhopoulosWorcester, MABiotechnology
    Meghan L. TuckerDudley, MAHistory
    Erin M. TullyDunstable, MANursing
    Patrick F. TuohyPeabody, MABusiness Administration
    Alysia D. TurnerOxford, MASociology
    Caroline C. TuttleLongmeadow, MANursing
    Ryan D. TuttleWorcester, MAPsychology
    Nicole M. TwomblyHull, MALiberal Studies
    Eleni TzikasWorcester, MACommunication
    Student (Last Name “U”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Bryan UrbinaSterling, MAChemistry
    Diego J. UrbinaWorcester, MABiology
    Matthew M. UrellaShrewsbury, MAElementary Education
    Student (Last Name “V”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Samantha ValachJefferson, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Monica S. ValenteWorcester, MAEnglish
    Yesenia ValentinWorcester, MAChemistry
    Jared S. ValentineDouglas, MACommunication
    Brandon P. ValleWorcester, MABiology
    Julia L. VandenAkkerWhitinsville, MAHistory
    Haley R. VanderSeaHolden, MASpanish
    Brittany L. VanVleckGardner, MAPublic Health
    Shaye K. VanvleckWorcester, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Jasmine VardigansShrewsbury, MABiology
    Nicholas P. VeaShrewsbury, MAMathematics
    Sarah E. VedraniHudson, MAPublic Health
    Ashley VerasWorcester, MAElementary Education
    Bianca P. VerdolinoDudley, MAHistory
    Jackson S. VickeryLunenburg, MAHistory
    Olivia R. VigliaturaRutland, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Lauren B. VigneaultWorcester, MAGeography
    Renz Carlo VillegasWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Anne M. von ZweckBeverly, MAPublic Health
    Kim Anh VuWorcester, MAChemistry
    Derek VueLeominster, MAUndeclared
    Rhea V. VyasShrewsbury, MAElementary Education
    Student (Last Name “W”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Michele WadeBolton, MAUrban Studies
    Allison H. WalkerCharlton, MAPsychology
    Emily A. WalkerWest Boylston, MAUndeclared
    Anne M. WallNorton, MAElementary Education
    Jennifer A. WallaceWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Patrick J. WallaceWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Akilah J. WallerStoughton, MAUndeclared
    Christopher A. WallesFeeding Hills, MACriminal Justice
    Ryan M. WalshWestborough, MABusiness Administration
    Grace W. Wambui-CampagnaLunenburg, MANursing
    Eric J. WardWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Molly R. WareNorth Grosvenordale, CTSociology
    Rachel J. WareAttleboro, MACriminal Justice
    James M. WarnerWarren, MACommunication
    Alex W. WashburnSterling, MAEnvironmental Science
    Ashley D. WasselShrewsbury, MACriminal Justice
    Lauren M. WatersMansfield, MAPublic Health
    Eric M. WatiriWorcester, MABiology
    Miranda T. WatkinsSouthbridge, MABiology
    Thomas B. WatsonNorth Grosvenordale, CTCriminal Justice
    Claudia A. WebbBurlington, MANursing
    Samuel R. WebbSouth Grafton, MACommunication
    Thomas K. WedgePlymouth, MAElementary Education
    Tracy L. Weeks-GariepyFort Mill, SCHealth Education
    Alyssa C. WelchEast Falmouth, MAEnglish
    Michael A. WestonWorcester, MAHealth Education
    Sarah E. WestonWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Owen T. WetherellPepperell, MABusiness Administration
    Amanda N. WhalenWeymouth, MACommunication Science & Disorders
    Jillian C. WheatonN. Dartmouth, MAPsychology
    Laura E. WheelerPaxton, MAUrban Studies
    Matthew E. WheelerLeominster, MAElementary Education
    Michaela L. WhiteDudley, MAPsychology
    Colin B. WhittSouthlake, TXBusiness Administration
    Elisabeth N. Wichser-KrajcikNorwich, CTHistory
    Catherine A. WielockDudley, MAHealth Education
    Cameron WilcoxShrewsbury, MAHistory
    Jessica P. WildingSomerset, MAPsychology
    Kelley A. WillardAuburn, MAPublic Health
    Danielle M. WilliamsWorcester, MAVisual & Performing Arts
    Rebecca A. WilliamsRussell, MANursing
    Sarah A. WilliamsShrewsbury, MAPsychology
    Sean E. Williams-RuibalShrewsbury, MABusiness Administration
    Jared WimberlyEast Brookfield, MACriminal Justice
    Lukasz S. WisniewskiUxbridge, MAComputer Science
    Ahmadee E. WitherspoonSouthbridge, MACriminal Justice
    Olivia C. WittkopRutland, MAUndeclared
    Allison J. WoellerAuburn, MAHealth Education
    Derek R. WoodUxbridge, MACommunication
    Olivia C. WoodChelmsford, MAHealth Education
    Angela M. WoodfordDouglas, MAEnglish
    Moriah R. WorldsWorcester, MABiology
    John J. WorthingtonLancaster, MABusiness Administration
    Sarah A. WozniakRutland, MAPublic Health
    Rachel M. WrightBrockton, MAEarly Childhood Education
    Kendra N. WynnChelmsford, MACommunication
    Student (Last Name “X”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Lonnie S. XavierNorthborough, MABusiness Administration
    Ligor XegaWorcester, MABiology
    Tea XharjaWorcester, MASociology
    Student (Last Name “Y”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Michael D. YatesMarlboro, MACriminal Justice
    Michael A. YazhariShrewsbury, MAEnglish
    Karuna YiWorcester, MABusiness Administration
    Fuverion YmeriWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Shavonne YohoMillbury, MANursing
    James R. YoungWorcester, MAComputer Science
    Student (Last Name “Z”)Home TownMajorBack to top
    Lauren M. ZajacWebster, MAPsychology
    Benjamin D. ZakarianShrewsbury, MABusiness Administration
    Tory E. ZalauskasNorth Brookfield, MAPsychology
    Maria L. ZammarelliWorcester, MABiology
    Alexandra Z. ZapantisClinton, MAEnglish
    Carmen M. ZayasWorcester, MANursing
    Allison P. ZeenaJefferson, MAPsychology
    Nicholas P. ZekosShrewsbury, MABusiness Administration
    Nicolle M. ZenaroRutland, MAElementary Education
    Lixia ZhangWestborough, MANursing
    Polina A. ZhdanovaWorcester, MABiology
    Carly M. ZielinskiMonson, MAPsychology
    Jamie R. ZolkoskeCentral Point, ORCommunication Science & Disorders
    Zachary D. ZupkoLeominster, MACommunication
    Mandifadza M. ZuvaradokaDracut, MABusiness Administration