• Visual and Performing Arts

    Dancing with Demons

    Opening Night Thursday April 29, 2021 7:30 p.m.

    The Visual And Performing Arts department presents the dynamic virtual production "Dancing with Demons". Drawing on material from Worcester State's archive of Covid-related materials, "Dancing with Demons" combines theatre, music, and visual art to tell the tale of heroism, danger, and resurrection. Through use of real-life interviews and oral histories gathered by the Urban Studies Department, students and faculty of Visual and Performing Arts create a mythic tale about a journey to the kaleidoscopic world of COVID demons, to find an elixir that will heal the fractured world. "Dancing with Demons" is a CitySpeak production.

    Watch: From April 29, 7:30PM

    The Visual and Performing Arts Department at Worcester State University is home to a vibrant, collaborative community of visual artists, musicians, theatre artists, and scholars in the arts.

  • Visit our photo galleries of art, music, and theatre students in action to see how VPA students create and interact with the arts every day. Browse our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to gain insight into just how integrated the arts are on campus. 

    As a Visual and Performing Arts major, your coursework cultivates a deeper understanding of working in the arts. You learn what the arts means to you personally and what it means on the local, national, and global stage. That deeper understanding comes from working alongside our faculty in the classroom, on- and off- campus, and through local, national, and international exhibit and performance opportunities. These range from art exhibits to music performances to theatre productions.

    During your senior year, you’ll complete a capstone project that demonstrates your mastery of the skills gained in VPA.

    Students may double major in education and VPA or minor in art, music, technology and music composition, and theatre. VPA minors complement coursework in education, business administration, communication, urban studies, computer science, and more.