• Visual and Performing Arts

    The Visual and Performing Arts Department at Worcester State University is home to a vibrant, collaborative community of artists and scholars.

  • As a Visual and Performing Arts student, you will receive interdisciplinary training in the visual and performing arts while pursuing your specific talents and interests in art, music, or theatre. Our distinctive, comprehensive approach not only fosters creative connections across disciplines, it also provides a solid grounding for careers in the arts—and a competitive edge.

    You’ll work alongside accomplished professors who exhibit and perform their works around the globe. They will personalize your education and enrich your learning experience with practical expertise and individualized guidance. Outside the classroom, you’ll present and perform your work on campus as well as in local galleries and performance venues. At the end of your studies, you’ll pull together everything you’ve learned in a capstone project that combines your art, music, and theatre knowledge and showcases your strongest talents.