• Introducing MajorPlus

    Double Your Skill Set, Expand Your Career Opportunities

    Worcester State University is known as the Home of MajorPlus, which gives every student the opportunity to graduate with two majors or a major and minor within four years. This advantage doubles the value of your education, puts you ahead of your peers by increasing your marketability after graduation, and opens the door to endless opportunities.

    A Stronger, Fulfilling Academic Experience

    With MajorPlus, you can learn, grow, and experience more, all within four years. By concentrating more on what you are interested in and not having to take classes that you don’t want, MajorPlus was designed to give you a much stronger and fulfilling academic experience, with flexibility too. With more than 30 majors, 47 minors and a wide variety of concentrations from which to choose, MajorPlus offers boundless opportunities to pair disciplines to achieve your ideal potential.



    Achieve What’s Most Important to You

    Our goal is to help you achieve what’s most important to you. MajorPlus delivers on that promise by allowing you to forge your own path with only those areas of study that are meaningful to you. Our students emerge from their academic experience ready to lead, to take on new challenges, and achieve their success.

    Double your skill set, expand your career options, and benefit from this unprecedented and affordable added value enhancement that will elevate your future.

    So…How Does It All Work?

    Learn how MajorPlus, Worcester State's new academic framework, allows you to pursue two programs of study to give you the competitive edge in the job marketplace.

    What Is MajorPlus?

    MajorPlus overview
    MajorPlus is Worcester State's new flexible academic framework which gives students the ability to focus on two areas of academic study without adding time to their degree.  

    How Does MajorPlus Work?

    MajorPlus with Matt Clark
    Academic Advisor Matt Clark describes how Major Plus works.  

    What’s It Like Pursuing Two Programs?

    MajorPlus with Isabella Diaz
    Student Isabella Diaz describes exploring two passions.  

    What Are the Benefits of MajorPlus?

    MajorPlus with Andrew Piazza
    Assistant Professor Andrew Piazza describes the benefits of MajorPlus.  

    How Do You Balance The Work?

    MajorPlus with Jennifer Morrissey
    Student Jennifer Morrissey describes how to balance two programs of study.