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    The Worcester State University OneCard is the official identification card for all WSU students and employees. It’s also a convenient, flexible way to purchase food and beverages, books, copies, printing, and other campus services. Your OneCard works like a debit card. Whenever you need to replenish the balance, just log into the OneCard website.

    OneCard performs all these functions:

    • Identification card
    • WSU Library card
    • Residence hall door access
    • On-campus purchases
    • Off-campus purchases
    • Payments
    • Student Accounts management
    • Online deposits
    • Student scholarship fund for book purchases
    • Discounts at participating local merchants—even after graduation

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  • OneCard FAQs

    How do I obtain a Guest Card?
    If you are a visitor on campus, you can purchase a Guest Card at the Student Accounts office (located on the first floor of the Shaughnessy Administration Building) or at one of the Card Management Center kiosks on campus (located in the Library, the Student Center, and Wasylean Hall, and Sheehan Hall). The fee for the Guest Card is $1. As soon as you purchase your Guest Card, you can add value at the point of purchase using cash or a credit card.

    How do I replace a card?
    You can replace broken, damaged, or lost cards for a $25 fee. If you need a replacement card, bring a valid alternative picture ID to the Student Accounts office during regular business hours. Your existing accounts and balances will carry over to your new OneCard.

    Don’t let this happen to you.
    You may damage your OneCard if you:

    • Mark or bend the card
    • Punch holes in the card
    • Scratch the magnetic strip
    • Pry open or scrape objects
    • Expose the card to magnets

    How do I get a refund of my Common Fund balance?
    If your relationship with Worcester State University ends (upon graduation or withdrawal, for example), balances greater than $25 are refundable by written request to the OneCard office. If, however, you have an outstanding balance with the university, your OneCard Common Funds will be used to pay that balance first. Any remaining OneCard funds will be refunded to you upon written request. A $25 processing fee will be deducted from your OneCard balance before your refund is calculated. For this reason, we encourage you to spend your OneCard balance on campus or at a local BbOne merchant if your balance is $25 or less. You’ll receive a refund check within 60 days of your written request.

    Please note that your OneCard Common Funds carry over from year-to-year.

    Why is my OneCard valuable?
    Your OneCard is valuable because it has cash value assigned to it from your Common Funds account and it costs $25 to replace. OneCards are not transferable. Unauthorized use of someone else’s OneCard constitutes theft and is subject to disciplinary action.

    Guest Deposits
    Even if you don’t own a OneCard, you can make deposits for the benefit of someone who does. To make a deposit to a OneCard account as a guest, you must know the last name and student ID number of the OneCard holder exactly as it appears in our OneCard system. Once you enter this information, you will be able to make a deposit to the cardholder's Common Fund account using a valid credit card. These funds will be available on the recipient’s card immediately.  
    Local BbOne Merchants

    The BbOne program is a partnership between Worcester State University, Blackboard, and local merchants who have agreed to accept the Worcester State University OneCard as a form of payment. Area merchants currently under contract to accept the Worcester State University OneCard include:

    Bushel N' Peck
    643 Chandler St.

    Papa Gino's
    645 Chandler St.
    Worcester, MA

    CVS (Store #657)
    400 Park Ave.
    Worcester, MA

    NU Cafe
    335 Chandler St.
    Worcester, MA

    318 Park Ave.
    Worcester, MA


    If your local business is interested in joining the BbOne program to accept the Worcester State University OneCard, please contact Jean Miller, Program Manager of Financial Services, Blackboard Inc., at jean.miller@blackboard.com or 617-342-4543.