Continuing Education

  • 18th Annual Author Institute

    Discover the inside world of authors through presentations, roundtable discussions, and engaging activities.

    To learn more or to register, call 508-929-8125.

    Cost: $799

    Dates: June 25-29, 2018, from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

    Attendees qualify for graduate and professional development credits.

    Featured Authors

    • Lauren Wolk is the author of the 2017 Newbury Book Award winner "Wolf Hollow," a story of kindness, compassion, and honesty to overcome bullying. She has also authored "Beyond the Bright Sea" and "Those Who Favor Fire."
    • Java Steptoe is a contemporary author and illustrator of the 2017 Caldecott Award Winner "Radiant Child," a picture book biography of Jean-Michel Basquat. He has also authored "Jimi Sounds like a Rainbow."
    • Kate Hansom is a local author of "Literal Lily," "Fickle Fiona," "Imagination to the Rescue," and "Creative Christopher."
    • Ted Lewin is an author and Caldecott Award-winning illustrator drawing on his travels to exotic places and collaboration with his wife Betsey on over 100 books in the past 20 years. He has also authored "Tiger Trek," "Lost City," "Sacred River," "Storytellers," "Pennies in a Jar," "Puffing Patrol," and "The Longest Night."