Student Services

  • Retention Office

    In the Retention Office at Worcester State University, we coordinate academic, financial, health, and social services to help our students overcome unforeseen obstacles, get back on track academically, and continue on their path to complete a degree. Academic alerts from our Starfish monitoring software identify students facing challenges—enabling us to match vital services with each student’s unique needs.

    As a WSU student, you can use Starfish to schedule appointments online with professors, advisors, and student support services. It is accessible through WSU’s Blackboard learning management system. Members of the campus community also can use it to help give you real-time information that you need to stay on track to achieve your goals.

    A Rising Star
    WSU is one of the nation’s Rising Stars for student retention and support. We were 1 of only 3 schools to receive this designation from the Starfish 360 Awards Program in 2013. The honor is based on metrics like well-documented outcomes, how effectively the Starfish monitoring software is applied, and the variety of strategies used to promote student success.

    Succeed in 4
    Most U.S. college students need more than 4 years to complete their degrees. At WSU, we’re bucking the trend with our Succeed in 4 program. As a first-year student, several offices—including our Academic Success Center—will work with you to establish a framework for your entire collegiate career that connects you to professors, advisors, and all the digital and person-to-person resources WSU has to offer. Day-by-day, semester-by-semester, we’ll keep you on track to succeed in four.