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  • Student Affairs

    In the Student Affairs Division at Worcester State University, we promote and enrich your education through a seamless learning environment that enhances your classroom experiences. We interact with you in your everyday life through teaching, mentoring, advising, and counseling. We encourage you to come to us for help with any situation or challenge. Whatever the crisis—financial, medical, or personal—we can advise and refer you to the appropriate support services.

    We believe that your success at WSU comes from rewarding experiences both in and out of the classroom. That’s why we offer a broad spectrum of learning and personal growth topics:

    • Adaptation skills
    • Appreciation for the arts
    • Character development
    • Civility
    • Coping with adversity
    • Ethical behavior
    • Health and wellness
    • Leadership skills
    • Problem-solving
    • Responsible choices
    • Responsible community living
    • Social intelligence
    • Spiritual growth
    • Valuing diversity
  • Student Emergency Fund

    If you find yourself facing a sudden, unexpected financial crisis that puts your schooling at risk, we encourage you to contact us about our Student Emergency Fund. The fund exists to quickly return you to financial stability so you can complete your degree. The Student Emergency Fund is sustained by the continual contributions of WSU students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, community members, and friends of the university. Distributions from the fund are subject to availability.

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    Fund the Future Grants

    As a Worcester State University student, the ultimate goal of your degree is for you to obtain a job after college, and finances should never be a reason not to achieve your dreams. Every Lancer deserves the chance to seize every opportunity handed to them, no matter the circumstances.

    There are countless internships, field work studies, and more taking up numerous hours in each students' day. Most of these roles come with an unpaid fine print.

    The Fund the Future Grant initiative was established in 2018 to help students in this situation. It provides an opportunity for students to apply for a grant based on their work outside of a Worcester State classroom.

    This initiative aims to motivate you to seek more real world experience and help get you financially though college.

    Applications are available from the Dean of Students, located in Office 325 in the Student Center.

    Financial support from alumni and other donors will sustain the Fund the Future Grants.

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    Our Offices

    The Student Affairs Division comprises the following offices: