• Housing Accommodations

    Worcester State University is dedicated to making its programs, services and activities accessible for students with disabilities. As such, reasonable accommodations are made to provide students with documented disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in on-campus housing.

    This Housing Accommodation procedure, which represents a collaborative effort between Residence Life and Housing, Student Accessibility Services, Counseling Services and Health Services, seeks to provide a student-focused process that allows students to apply for reasonable housing accommodations based on disability status. Housing Accommodations are based upon necessity, not a personal preference.


    Students requesting a housing-based accommodation are required to:

    1. If you haven't already, register with Student Accessibility Services and attend an intake meeting.
    2. Complete and submit the Housing Accommodations Student Request Form.
    3. Submit a completed Housing Accommodations Licensed Provider Form.


    All Housing Accommodations forms are now available online:

    Request Housing Accommodations


    For returning students the deadline to request housing-based accommodations for the upcoming school year is early February.

    For incoming first-year students, students returning from a leave of absence and transfers the deadline to request housing-based accommodations for the upcoming school year is late May or early June.

    While the University works to provide all students with disabilities access to University housing, please note that the University may be limited in its ability to implement approved housing accommodation requests submitted after the deadline.

    Please note:

    • Residential housing is not a distraction-free or reduced distraction environment.
    • A housing accommodation does not determine roommates or suitemates.
    • Students must submit a housing accommodation request each year that you wish to live on campus.