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  • Shuttle Services

    Shuttle to Our Sagamore Studios

    We provide a free shuttle to students taking classes at Worcester State University's Sagamore Studios at the Worcester Center for Crafts during the fall and spring semesters. Located at 25 Sagamore Road in Worcester, these studios are only 7 minutes from the main campus. The shuttle picks up and drops off riders at a stop between the Shaughnessy Administration Building and the Sullivan Academic Center.

    Real-time: Sagamore Studios Shuttle

    Schedule: Sagamore Studios Shuttle

    Schedule updated: Jan 27, 2020

    City Bus Service

    Worcester State students taking classes at Assumption College and Holy Cross through the Higher Education Consortium of Central Massachusetts can take a city bus to get to those campuses. WRTA Route #10 supports this consortium transportation arrangement.

    Download the Route #10 Map and Schedule.

    Worcester State has WRTA bus stops right in front of the campus. Four lines stop at WSU:

    • Routes 6 (Tatnuck Square-Hub Line) and 10 stop at Chandler Street at the Tiffany Gates (and across the street at Chandler and Claridge Drive)
    • Routes 3 and 9 (WSU-Hub lines) stop at May Street (adjacent to May Street School and our South Parking lot exit)

    Please note that WRTA describes their route directions as follows: Inbound = towards downtown; Outbound = towards Worcester State

    Bus Fare information

    • Single Fare (One-Way Trip): $1.75, pay on the bus
    • One Day Pass (Unlimited): $4.50, pay on the bus
    • Charlie Card: Stored value is placed on this pass. A 20-cent introductory discount will be automatically deducted from a single fare.
    • If you do not have exact change, you will receive the remaining balance on a Stored Value Card, which can be used like a temporary bus pass.
    • Semester UPASS: Unlimited rides for $125 a semester
    • The Semester UPASS is available for purchase using your OneCard at the Parking and Transportation Office.
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