• Strategic Plan Assessment

    Strategic Plan 2020-2025

    The 2020-2025 Strategic Plan builds upon the previous five-year plan and establishes quantitative measures for success. In reviewing the 2015-2020 plan, significant progress was made in retention and graduation rates, stronger academic programming and faculty investment, and engagement of students both inside and outside the classroom. The new plan builds upon that foundation by incorporating lessons learned during the rapid pivot to all-remote learning in the spring of 2020, and reaffirms our commitment to equity, so that all areas of our community can embrace it as their own responsibility.

    Strategic Planning Process

    The 2020 Strategic Planning materials will be housed on this page as they become available. The Strategic Planning Steering Committee will be co-chaired by Julie D. Frechette, Chair of the Department of Communication and Edgar A. Moros, Director of the Intensive English Language Institute. The planning process will be staffed by Assistant Vice President for Assessment and Planning Sarah L. Strout with guidance from Linda Campanella of SOS Consulting Group, LLC.

    Strategic Planning Steering Committee Membership


    Julie D. Frechette, Professor, Department of Communication
    Edgar A. Moros, Director, Intensive English Language Institute

    Committee Members

    Thomas E. Conroy, Associate Professor, Department of Urban Studies
    Stephen A. Morreale, Professor, Department of Criminal Justice
    Emily Soltano, Professor, Department of Psychology
    Tanya Trudell, Instructor, Department of Occupational Therapy
    Susan Mitroka Batsford, Associate Professor, Chemistry
    Adam Zahler, Professor, Department of Visual & Performing Arts
    Mary Dillon, Clerk IV, Department of Occupational Therapy
    Thomas Kelley, Director, Retention
    John W. Meany, Associate Director, Athletics
    Katey C. Palumbo, Director, International Programs
    Linda S. Larrivee, Dean, School of Science, Technology, and Health
    Russ Pottle, Dean, School of Humanities & Social Sciences
    Stacey A. Luster, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, Payroll & Affirmative Action
    Maribel Mateo, SGA President
    Michael J. Mills, Alumni Association representative
    David Tuttle, Board of Trustees representative

    The Strategic Planning Review Committee (SPRC)

    The Strategic Planning Review Committee (SPRC) is chaired by Dr. Strout and is comprised of faculty and staff from across all divisions and levels of the University.

    The Strategic Plan Review Committee collects and analyzes data and information to support the strategic plan and ensure alignment and integration of the plan across the institution. The Committee is a special committee, chaired by the Assistant Vice President for Assessment and Planning (ex-officio member, non-voting). Committee membership includes a least one member from each of the three unions (MSC representation will reflect both schools), and one member from each division.

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