• Orientation

    We are thrilled that you’re joining the Worcester State University community! We’re here to welcome you to campus and help you learn the ropes—tips that will help you do well in class and build lasting friendships. During orientation you will:

    • Learn about our academic programs, policies, and procedures
    • Find out about the academic, administrative, and social services available to you
    • Develop a familiarity with the campus and facilities
    • Connect with other new students
    • Have a blast

    Our comprehensive orientation program includes sessions for transfer students and parents.

  • First-Year Student Orientation

    Prepare for your Worcester State experience by participating in our First Year Orientation program. Orientation is designed to introduce you to the Worcester State campus and educate you on the transition from high school to college. More details about First Year Orientation will be available in the spring.

      Transfer Orientation

      Virtual Transfer Orientation is an online program to help students be fully prepared for their arrival in the fall. Through informational videos and live chats throughout August, students will have the opportunity to learn more about everything that Worcester State has to offer. More details about Transfer Orientation will be available in June.

      Winter Orientation

      Our Virtual Winter Orientation program helps new students enrolling at Worcester State mid-year - both transfer students and new incoming students who have not yet attended college - to be fully prepared for the beginning of the spring semester.

      By attending this orientation session, you will have the opportunity to learn more about everything that Worcester State has to offer. The program will guide you through the specific requirements of Worcester State’s academic programs and provide information on campus services and commuter- and resident-student life.

      Registration for 2020's Winter Orientation has now closed.

      Parent Orientation

      Our comprehensive Parent Orientation program covers everything that you, as a parent, need to know to support the success of your student. More details about Parent Orientation will be available in the spring.