Student Involvement and Leadership

  • Leadership Programs

    In the Student Involvement and Leadership Development Office at Worcester State University, we believe that the road to leadership travels through student activities. That’s why we encourage you to participate in campus clubs and organizations—it’s an excellent way to explore leadership roles and develop skills that will boost your career opportunities.

    Whether you are a seasoned leader or taking on your first leadership role, you’ll find programs throughout the year to match your skills and experience. We offer comprehensive leadership training and development for students involved in clubs and organizations as well as for students who want to develop their general leadership capabilities.

  • Leadership Getaway
    To support your development as a leader and promote bonding with other student leaders, we offer an off-campus weekend retreat each year. Although many schools hold off-campus retreats for student leaders, we believe our getaway stands out because of its dynamic life-skills component. Student leaders spend the weekend leaning about their strengths as a leader and how they can work together with others across campus.
    Helping Emerging Leaders Progress
    If you are a first-year student or sophomore and you are interested in leading a campus club or organization, the HELP program is designed for you. Over the course of eight weeks during the spring semester, you gain skills, insights, and practice in broad leadership topics like time management and team building.
    Art of Leadership
    If you are an experienced leader in your junior or senior year, you’ll want to participate in our Art of Leadership program during the fall semester. This six-week program covers ethics, leadership styles, gender issues, and career preparation skills like networking, resume critiquing, and interviewing.