Student Services

  • Commuter Services

    Whether you live at home, rent an off-campus apartment with friends, or fit college classes into your busy work-and-family schedule, you are a valued member of the Worcester State University student body. You belong to the Worcester State family, and we want the campus to be your home away from home. In the Commuter Services Office, we are committed to keeping you connected to Worcester State—helping you stay informed about upcoming activities and events and facilitating connections with professors and staff members.

    Our programs and services give you many opportunities to:

    • Meet other commuter students
    • Plan events for commuter students
    • Study—and relax—in the Student Center between classes
    • Engage with the Worcester State campus community
    • Seek assistance from professors and staff members
  • Student Center Living Room

    When you have downtime between classes, you can hang out and meet with friends in the Student Center’s Living Room on the 2nd floor of the building. The lounge is fully equipped with couches and tables, flat-screen televisions with cable service, ping pong and billiards tables, refrigerator, microwave, charging station, and more. See the full range of Student Center offerings.


    Commuter Activities Board

    Our Commuter Activities Board (CAB) exists to encourage you and other commuting students to become involved in campus life. CAB plans student trips, pool tournaments, monthly breakfasts, socials, family-friendly events, and other programs. The board is open to all commuters. We invite you to join us and share your ideas. Join us for weekly CAB meetings; for more information, email CAB at


    Commuter Events

    Commuter Services offers a variety of programs throughout the year. These programs include commuter socials, Sweet Treat Tuesdays, novelty events, Commuter Coffee Stope, and Commuter Appreciation weeks.

    • Commuter Socials are your opportunity to meet other commuter students and speak with members of the Worcester State administration.
    • Sweet Treat Tuesdays provide a fun free snack once a month!
    • Novelty Events include everything from getting your picture on a mug to caricatures!
    • Commuter Coffee Stops provide free coffee for commuter students once a month!
    • Commuter Appreciation Week is planned with CAB and is a bi-annual event that provides a week of programming for commuter students.

    Note: The most updated event information can be found in the OSILD Weekly email newsletter and on Instagram at @WSU_OSILD.

    Commuter Student Handbook

    The entire staff of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development welcomes your suggestions and invites you to share any concerns you have while attending Worcester State. We’re here to assist and advocate for you.You're welcome to review our handbook for commuter students.


  • Life as a Commuter Student

    We know that being a commuter student can mean balancing many different responsibilities. Below you will find resources that will help you as you begin as a commuter at Worcester State.

  • Costs of Commuting | Transportation

    There are a variety of costs to consider when choosing to commute to campus. When reviewing your finances as they relate to your education, please keep the following in mind:

    • You will need a driver’s license if you do not already have one. More information about Massachusetts licenses can be found at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
    • If you are driving your own car, you will likely encounter additional gas, insurance, and car maintenance expenses.
    • Do you need to purchase a car? Are you going to buy a car or lease?
    • If you choose to utilize public transportation, consider the number of times you will be traveling back and forth to campus for classes, meetings, and events and review the updated bus fare information. If you take the bus, have additional funds in your budget in the event a bus is running late and you need to take a cab.
    • Will you be bringing food to campus for meals or purchasing food at one of the campus dining locations?

    In some cases, funds awarded through loans or scholarships can be used to cover transportation costs. We encourage you to contact Financial Aid to see if you can use your awarded funds for transportation.

    Parking on Campus

    Commuters receive a free parking pass for the academic year that will be mailed to you before classes begin. For information about parking on campus, please visit the parking web page.


    The WRTA

    The Worcester Regional Transit Authority is a regional transit system that services the City of Worcester and surrounding area. The WRTA offers reliable, comfortable, and safe transportation for traveling to school, work, shopping, appointments, and leisure activities. There are 2 bus stops located on Chandler Street (Route 3 and Route 6), right in front of campus. Visit the WRTA site for more information about bus routes. Students are eligible to purchase the UPASS for $125, which allows for unlimited rides each semester. The UPASS can be purchased on campus with University Police or at Union Station.


    Carpooling & Rideshare

    Ride share services including Uber and Lyft are available in the Worcester area.

    Students inquiring about carpooling with other students are encouraged to check out the Worcester State University class Facebook pages.

    Additional Local Public Transportation
    • Buses: Both Peter Pan and Greyhound offer inter-city bus service.
    • Commuter Rail: The MBTA Commuter Rail at Union Station provides daily and affordable service between Worcester and Boston.
    • Trains:Amtrak services the city of Worcester from Union Station to over 500 cities nationwide.
    • Taxi Services: Two taxi services provide transportation in the Worcester area: Yellow Cab (508-754-3211) and Red Cab (508-792-9999 or 508-756-9000).
    Costs of Commuting | Living Off Campus

    If you are living off-campus and on your own for the first time, consider the following when reviewing your expenses for the year:

    • Rent
    • Utilities
    • Transportation to and from campus
    • Groceries
    • General living expenses (laundry, funds for social activities, etc).

    Always have a contact for your landlord and know what to do and/or who to contact in an emergency.

    Off Campus Rentals

    If you own a rental property that you would like to rent to Worcester State students, or are a commuter student interested in renting in the area around Worcester State, please contact Linzy Martinez. We can also provide you with tips on renting, working with a landlord, and finding a roommate.


    Off Campus Utilities

    Visit “In My Area” to find out which service providers are in your area:

    Commuter Tips & Tricks
    • Keep extra pens, school supplies, and textbooks in your car for long class days
    • Have extra clothes and shoes to utilize the gym
    • Be prepared for bad weather - keep items like a spare pair of gloves and a snowbrush in your car
    • Stay on campus when your classes are over to attend events and meet other students
  • For Parents of New Commuters

    We are happy to answer any questions that parents and family members may have about their student’s life as a commuter. Questions can be directed to Linzy Martinez at

    Topics to discuss with your student:

    • Transportation to and from campus
    • Costs of commuting and/or living off campus
    • Time management as it relates to having time to commute to campus and walk to class
    • New expectations between members of the household (Are curfews changing? Is your student being dropped off at campus? etc.)
    • Eating on campus versus making meals at home to bring to school